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  1. The trooper on the left doesn't appear to have the cut corners on the center belt, but this may have just been bent under, the thinner section appears to go all the way behind the center belt area, which could have been made this was so the cod was brought up higher, for shorter people, it then goes wider at the start or behind the drop boxes and is the same width of the back of the belt.
  2. I found with my skinny legs I had to add some foam into my thigh armor, you can only go so small until the armor starts looking too skinny, there is a balance between look and fit. Definitely suit up before committing to trimming too much, easier to trim more off later but hard to put back on
  3. I find these brackets and position does restrict how much pull the elastic has, adding some stronger elastic (or doubled over) and snaps may help but I don't think it will help your backplate unless you can get your cod/butt lifted. Unfortunately a lot of armor is not made to fit those above 6' and it's very difficult to make it fit, if you can't get any upward movement from you cod/butt you may have to look at selling this kit and going for one which does accommodate the taller trooper, RT mod and AM would suit you better.
  4. Oh happy days, that excited feeling, then the panic sets in, "Where do I start", looking forward to seeing your build, good luck
  5. Compare these two images and you will see the biceps sit a lot lower in ESB Some cool info here on some of the other differences
  6. Looking forward to seeing you back at it soon
  7. Also when it comes to adding your shoulder straps, screen suits on the front are spaced 1 large tab and 4 to 5 smaller tabs on the chest plate, (some makers of armor won't allow for this though). On the rear they didn't actually have a large tab, (although you can leave the large tab for all levels of approval), it's just more screen accurate. Some cut the rear large tab in half or cut the whole tab off, many just leave it there as is.
  8. You may be able to come up a bit on the back plate as it is overlapping in this image, you also have a big gap between the neck and backplate, a lot of the time it comes down to tweaking the strapping
  9. I doubled over the mesh, one piece didn't seem enough to me. I taped in place and added a few dabs of black silicon in places to hold it, hasn't come loose as yet
  10. ESB do have slightly lower biceps than ANH, if you think your strapping is tight enough you can leave were they are, I only mention as they can get jammed together if they come out and overlap.
  11. I'm 5 11" and found I'm just in the comfort zone for gaps, anything over things get harder. If possible can you pull the ab and butt plates up or is it snug around your frank and beans (pillar and stones) , if you do any any room there to come up it would help.
  12. Nice work, looking the part now. You could pull up your biceps just a little as they are just on the edge of popping out, also watch the heights of the thighs, they should match. Not long now
  13. Rebel scum, I mean, that sounds great a rebel costume You do find was you enter this costuming lark you can get bitten by the bug, looking forward to seeing the progress, good luck
  14. Soldering iron definitely helps to stop fraying around the hole too.
  15. I mainly use 3 different tips, I use 3 dremels as I hate swapping them out when I'm in the groove Drum roller Deburring Quick change cutting disk I used all 3 when trimming a resin helmet BUT I also had to use some small files and sandpaper in harder to get in cormers
  16. With most versions of Stormtrooper there can be some on screen oddities, this could be because of fit or size of someone or Stunt/Hero versions, some of the details you mentioned have been noticed but since they are not the generally overall look of most of the onscreen seen Stormtroopers those details would not have been taken as normal, it's a bit like "Mr No Stripes" in ANH. It's entirely up to our DO's if they would allow these differences in the higher levels @justjoseph63 @TKSpartan, who may jump in on this thread
  17. Hello and welcome aboard, Luke is a "Hero" version of Stormtrooper, you can find the costume reference library here https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_anh_hero There are some specific differences between the "Hero" and general "Stunt" versions of Stormtrooper, this sheet shows the differences https://drive.google.com/file/d/10tEVteIreh6AHMogW010cuH_Bf8TBfU6/view Here is a great resource thread to help you on your way
  18. If you do a small section it may be seen, you don't have to do the whole belt, I have some plastic which sits just behind the plastic belt section (hits the snap so it can't move) then runs to under the detonator so you can't see that plastic is actually there.
  19. Getting very close now, amazing how much quicker the second build can be
  20. Looking forward to seeing your build progress, good luck
  21. I ran across this while doing some other researching, thought it was quite interesting. "So, my mate Jack made this video. It's great but hasn't had as many views as I think it deserves. Jack's grandparents were prolific film extras and featured in Return of the Jedi. This short documentary tells the tale of Jack's legacy as he also seeks to become a film extra." Meet Peter and Hazel Allen, my Grandparents! They've been in over 600 films and have passed down the legacy of being a fuzzy blur in the background to their kids...and to their kids' kids and even their kids' kids' kids. They were in Return Of The Jedi! Here's their story. Peter Allen was born in Tenterfield, Australia. He played a stormtrooper, Geezum, Imperial Navy Trooper and a Endor Rebel in Return of the Jedi. Peter Allens wife Hazel Allen played Yoxgit and a Rebel Technician in the Briefing room and so did their daughter Wendy.
  22. The hovi tips were indeed white inside and out and painted black outside, it is believed the white rims are because of wear and tear, looking at some references you can see they are not a consistent fully painted rim.
  23. T-Jay was selling kits, although I've not seen anyone purchase of late
  24. I try not to use any electrical buffers as you can burn the plastic if too fast or heavy, normally for hard scratches I'd use a automotive cutting compound and hand rub, for lighter scratches or dull surfaces Novus works the best
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