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  1. Ok. I'm back. LOL. Since I was out "cheating" on the FISD, I got two other costumes approved and will be submitting a third next week. Unfortunately, as I said in the Artillery Stormtrooper forum a couple minutes ago, I'm packing up the printers for the time being and will not be able to finish the fourth costume I intended on knocking out before returning to my "home detachment." Candidly, I'm getting ready to pick up my family and move into a little apartment for a few months while we wait for our new house to get built. So, while my Shoretrooper is now on hold, I get to return to my priority build. Yeah, I know. I use the word "priority" loosely, but with the creation of the new Remnant/ Anthology forum, I've decided to move this build thread to it's new home. This is definitely back to being my priority build. So, with that said, let me throw up the first couple pictures that indicate my desire to create a Remnant TK: LOL! Whoa! I've read about asymmetrical OT helmets a thousand times, but nothing prepared me for this. I even had to reach out to @TheRascalKing to make sure I didn't receive a dud. LOL. Regardless, I love it. Ok. So with all that said, I'm going to continue this build as if it were a ROTK, but when I get towards the end, there's definitely going to be some modifications. Also, though I'd love to finish this quickly, building TKs in an apartment might slow down progress, but we'll see. Anyways, thanks again for viewing.
  2. Hey all. Currently my entire ICAT costume (picture in signature block) is an Empire3D remix and I've printed a few of their items over the last couple months. The stuff is legit. We've actually had a conversation regarding the "Mortartrooper" over on one of the FB pages, but it was short lived. Regardless, I wanted to throw up the Artillery Stormtrooper backpack that one of the members came up with. Unfortunately, I'm going to be without my printers for a few months, but definitely want to get your thoughts on this piece. I can reach out to the designer for any insight he may have. Jason
  3. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! Congrats Justin.
  4. All, I can't express how happy I am to see this section up and running. For those of you who have previously engaged in the conversation... welcome back. As many of you can attest, I'm typically long winded, but now's not the time for that. All I want to say is if you haven't had the opportunity to see how this conversation started and what it's become, please take a look at this thread: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/48305-new-anthology-tk-crl/ So, I'd like to get started, but I'm not sure if we need to create a Remnant CRL development thread, or if we can turn this one into it. Regardless, I look forward to getting going on this build and engaging with all of you in the new Anthology/ Remnant forum.
  5. @Sly11, thanks for the comments. So, if I'm understanding this correctly, Rogue One TK would remain the same. However, due to the other variants coming forward in movies and shows, "Anthology Stormtrooper" would be created as a separate CRL. The only problem I foresee is when we encounter shiny white TKs in the Anthology movies and Disney+ shows, which other than the weathered guys, is the same costume as the ROTK. Additionally, Rogue One is an Anthology Movie. This is why I was in favor of a new name and agree with Jeff's comment below. Remnant Stormtroopers: I don't recall any instances of weathered R1 style helmets in the show. If they're out there, I couldn't find them. However, in the Mandalorian, we see two variants of TKs, which I suppose could all be called Remnants, but thus far, we haven't seen Disney/ Lucasfilm market them that way. They have intentionally referred to one as Imperial Stormtrooper and the other as Remnant. Again, figures shouldn't be used as a basis for a CRL, I use this only to illustrate the direction they've gone with marketing, product development and apparently canon reference. If someone picked up a copy of Pablo Hidalgo's "The Mandalorian, The Ultimate Visual Guide" before it was yanked off the shelves, please let us know how this was handled. Were Remnants referenced? I agree with both of these comments entirely. Ultimately, I feel "Stormtrooper: Anthology" is sufficient. The CRL "Context" would likely read "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Solo: A Star Wars Story, The Mandalorian: Disney+ Originals, or you can remove "The Mandalorian" and leave it as "Disney+ Originals." Also, if the remnant costumes show up in a BBY era show such as "Andor," I'm curious what they will be called. Ok, so last comment. I'm willing to finish my Jimi kit and put it up for the Remnant CRL. Now, I've been doing a lot of "crazy" stuff to it in order to get it as accurate to the screen used costume as I can and my intent is to bring it up to Centurion. But, I'm supposed to be receiving an OT helmet in the near distant future and am willing to go forward with it. I'll continue building to the Centurion standard, but now thinking this could help in establishing a level 2 and 3 CRL later down the road.
  6. Concur 100%. I've been a little disconnected from the FISD for a few weeks as I've been "cheating" with ICAT, Mudtrooper and Shoretrooper builds. However, I'm definitely ready to jump in on this again. So nothing new, but I've mentioned several times that I think we're going to get a healthy dose of the New Generation TK armor in future Disney+ shows. I'm not sure why I didn't pick up on this previously, but I think the Andor teaser gave us a little something. First, look at this healthy stack of E-11b blasters: Then there's the concept art: Yes, it's art, but make what you will about the TKs in this picture. Ready to get back into this conversation.
  7. So, no update for a while. Please forgive me as I "cheat on the FISD." I got in a little over my head on three simultaneous builds. However, for your consideration, please see the following pics of my abdominal armor and let me know your thoughts. I'll provide another update soon, but am looking for some feedback on my hack and slash. Pretty sure I'm the first to do this to a Jimi kit and I'll explain it later. Long story short... extremely comfortable. I'll explain the soft belt later. Also, that's primer on the armor; it hasn't been painted yet. But this thing's going to be smoooooth when it's finished. Thanks again, Jason
  8. LOL! This is great. I'll probably be doing this all day.
  9. David, Thanks. I finally finished modeling my tears and traps and will probably print them in resin this week. I discovered as I was doing this that there's small differences on either side because of the fiberglass casting, so I ended up making a separate file for each part. After I was done I realized that I probably could have just printed each one a little oversized and file the resin down to fit. Oh well.
  10. Jason, That should work for you. Also, if you want to take a look at Paul's video to understand how the bungee system works, it can be found here: https://fb.watch/56G5h8Wcd_/
  11. Jeff, I didn't see this response a few days ago. I guess that means I was busy all weekend. Also, I slowed down on the ROTK over the last couple days because I'm getting very close on the ICAT build and started a Mudtrooper. For the ROTK, all I did this weekend was finish my suspenders and started the chest and back, but the TK should pick up again pretty quick in the next couple nights. So, regarding your second quote first, I already opened that can-o-worms. I need to look closer at the biceps and thighs, because I haven't seen any good reference photos of the cordage in these parts, but I'm confident you're correct about the forearms and shins. The forearms are actually what started me down this path. Paul shared a video on FB of his forearm closure system and I was sold. Also, after digging up some good reference pics, this is the direction I've decided to go with those pieces. I posted these pics back in January, but I'm almost treating this build thread as if I just started; so here they are again. Please ignore the dirty armor, I used a rather beat up 3D print forearm as my guinea pig. Also, that reminds me about this pic. and specifically the gap in the trim up at the top. Is that worth filling? Now, the left knee will be covered by the sniper knee, plus that has to be modified a little bit to open at the front with the knee attached. The CRL doesn't specify that this has to be seamless, but if I can't get this closed tighter, is it worth creating a "block" to fill in that gap? Getting back to the arms, I created the little shoulder tie points, but this weekend when I was on the Mudtrooper site, I saw that Empire3D created some small files for their piece. If anyone wants to try this out, and they have a 3d printer handy, you can grab the shoulder fasteners at https://mudtrooper.co.uk/. This is what they look like: Functionally it's pretty much the same exact design as mine, but theirs is actually modeled a little better because they beveled the bottom edge so it sits nicer in the shoulder bells. Honestly, I just don't feel like going into fusion and fixing mine, so I'll use the ones they created. If anyone wants to try the forearm system, I'll add the little blocks to my drop box for download. If you don't have a 3d printer and still want to try it, just DM me and I can make some pretty quick for you.
  12. This should never have happened in the first place. I agree 100%. This should not have happened. The reason I bring up the Black Series figures is to show Disney/ Lucasfilm intent through their marketing/ merchandising. What was explained to me is that they intended to put Mountain Troopers in Galaxy's Edge, but haven't as of yet. However, Lucasfilm blessed off on the character itself as a Hasbro Galaxy's Edge exclusive (that later found its way to Target). Additionally, I just read that the character was mentioned in Pablo Hidalgo's "The Star Wars Book"??? I don't have the book, so someone will have to confirm this for me. Regardless, the character now lives as a genuine member of the First Order. Though I love the costume and the Pathfinders, I agree that it should never have found its way into the databank or detachment. Ultimately, Lucasfilm intended for it to exist as a stand alone character. I assume the same is true for the Remnant Stormtrooper. Thanks Jeff. Curious if anyone here was able to grab The Mandalorian: The Ultimate Visual Guide before they pulled it off the shelves? That was another Pablo Hidalgo creation and I'm wondering if they did anything on the Stormtroopers in there. I also agree with your assessment here. I didn't put this pic up, but I did find it funny that in season 2 (Chapter 15) that they reintroduced the Remnants, but also had a few shiny guys (ROTK) mixed in. But, rather than scatter the ROTKs throughout the crowd, they had them standing off to the side in a pseudo "formation" kind of talking amongst themselves while everyone else flailed about celebrating. If it were this pic alone that told the story, I think it says a lot, but again, I imagine it's simply the producers doing what they could, with what they had. It will be interesting to see what they do with the seemingly unlimited resources they've been given for season 3. This question came up during the draft of the Scout CRL. Detachment staff decided to forgo higher level requirements for a year. This gives the community additional opportunities to find additional information pertaining to the costume. For a heavily weathered trooper, I agree that identifying EIB and Centurion requirements would be challenging, but I also don't think we should deviate from what's been established in the current CRL. I know I've said this before, but I really appreciate the great work you did on it.
  13. Thanks Justin. I will cover Solo tomorrow, but I can get people's gears turning now... Is it still a Jedha Patrol Trooper or Crystal Patrol Duty Trooper if they're not patrolling Jedha or on Crystal Patrol Duty???? That may be a case for the MEPD...Just saying.
  14. I think it's fair to recap the discussion before I jump straight in to the good stuff. @Parquetteinitiated this conversation back in November 2019 with a simple idea: "I would like to propose a new CRL specifically for the Mandalorian TK." Reese did a good job in the initial post of pointing out the new series' use of both the ROTK costume, or "Anthology" as it's sometimes referred to, as well as a hybrid version consisting of ROTK armor and the OT helmet. This character, we have since learned, is referred to in the series and Disney marketing as the "Remnant Stormtrooper." Additionally, Reese drew comparisons to the FISD's use of multiple CRLs for OT costumes which have seemingly few differences. This initial post appeared to gain adequate interest early on, likely throughout the run of the first season, then lost a little steam. I attempted to resurrect the thread in September 2020, but like several other posts, it went off the rails a little and then fizzled out. Last week, @TheRascalKingasked a fun little question on the FISD FB page about "getting the SE-14R added as an optional blaster" for the ROTK costume. Justin prefaced this question by stating the popular opinion is that the costume presumably "isn't different enough from the Rogue One CRL to warrant its own," but then questioned that thought. We carried the discussion back over here in order to facilitate a back-and-forth in the appropriate forum, but after @Sly11 suggested providing side-by-side comparisons of the costumes, I felt it was about time to start busting out the screen shots I've been collecting and "hoarding" for the last year. Here we go... First, I want to preface everything with the understanding that costume designers probably don't expect people to look at things frame-by-frame and pic their work apart. That's not the intent here. Yes, it's possible that a lot of these things i.e. TKs in gray boots (Chapter 15), were thrown on the actors because it was what the department had on hand. Hence the terms stunt and hero. Many of these things were likely items that were expected to remain in the background; that's why I only try to point out things that are either "front and center" or used multiple times. Andrew laid out a few criterion for the costume to receive a closer look: 1. They should be different in several ways from the R1 TK, not just in carry. 2. If the SE-14R wasn't seen on screen in Rogue One, then it shouldn't be added to the CRL (which can be presumed for any weapon). 3. Add side-by-side images to help the staff make a determination. With those ideas laid out, I would like to officially second @Parquette's 'motion' to add a CRL for the Remnant Stormtrooper, but also introduce the idea of either renaming the ROTK costume to reflect its greater usage in the Star Wars universe, or add an additional CRL for the New Generation Stormtrooper. In this post, I intend to show how the Remnant is an entirely different costume than the ROTK. I will cover the New Generation/ Anthology at another time. I used the Pathfinder Detachment's inclusion of the Scout Trooper: The Mandalorian CRL, as justification for the addition of the Remnant Stormtrooper CRL. I would like to point out all the differences they discovered to show the similarities in what we're doing, but this post will be long enough without that. If anyone wants to look at this, I encourage you to view their CRL drafting thread found here: http://forum.501stpathfinders.com/index.php?/topic/21087-tb-scout-trooper-the-mandalorian-crl-drafting/ Yes, there are differences, but most are details such as weathering and wear, or the inclusion/ exclusion of parts such as a neck seal, different flight suit, vest and boots. The Remnant TK is very similar in that regard. I will point out the major differences, but since this should be a "crowd sourced" effort, I would like to ask others to join in as they identify other nuances. Remnant Stormtrooper: Let's identify what a Remnant Stormtrooper is. This will help to distinguish between the heavily weathered Remnants seen in service of The Client through season 1, those found on planet Morak in Chapter 15, "The Believer" and the clean shiny white TKs scattered throughout the two seasons working with Moff Gideon, and those potentially in the service of Grand Admiral Thrawn. One could argue this last point since canon has shown us the oft rocky relationship Thrawn has with his political peers. Whether Moff Gideon and Thrawn are allies remains to be seen, but I digress. However, Ahsoka name-dropping Thrawn in Chapter 13 "The Jedi" leads us down this path. The show has presented a distinct difference between the rag-tag Remnants and the more organized forces, but regardless, they're all Remnant Stormtroopers. Wookiepeedia breaks down several Remnant elements presented in both canon and legends. This info can be found here: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Imperial_remnants Since all TKs remaining after the Battle of Endor are essentially Remnants, a new CRL would have to delineate which ones we're specifically talking about. But since the term remnant has been used both in the show, and in licensed products, the term Remnant Stormtrooper should be easy to distinguish. I've mentioned it previously, but toys are typically a good indication of LFL motives. To understand this, one should browse through the Lucasfilm/ Hasbro license which is neatly outlined here: https://www.jeditemplearchives.com/2018-09-16-the-cost-of-hasbros-star-wars-license/ Of particular note, one requirement for Hasbro prior to releasing toys, is that Disney/ Lucasfilm needs to approve everything. So, when Hasbro released BOTH an Imperial Stormtrooper and a Remnant Stormtrooper as part of their Mandalorian Black Series line, this followed Disney/ Lucasfilm approval of the characters and naming. FOR THE REMAINDER OF THIS POST, THE TERM REMNANT OR REMNANT STORMTROOPER ONLY REFERS TO THE HEAVILY WEATHERED VERSION AS SEEN IN THE BELOW PICTURES. First the toys: As a reminder, we've seen CRLs approved off of less: So, with it established that Remnant Stormtroopers are a real thing, we have to turn our attention to the differences not only as they appear on the approved figures, but more importantly, in their on screen usage. Again, as was the case in developing the Scout Trooper: Mandalorian CRL, there's likely several other pieces that aren't immediately noticeable and we need the community's assistance in finding the finer details. These are some of the bigger items that immediately jump out. Credit for these pictures go to their respective photographer. Overall Appearance & Weathering. ROTK and Remnant: The Helmet: First, for safe measure, please refer to @11b30b4's post for a OT vs. ROTK comparison: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/48617-rogue-one-tk-vs-ot-tk-comparison/ Here's a few pics from Jeff's analysis of the two costumes: Now for the remnant comparison: Missing/ Broken Parts: Of course, there's scenes in Rogue One where the Stormtrooper's TD came off, but the Mandalorian was the first Star Wars production that clearly showed a TK using thermal detonators as a weapon. Additionally, there's multiple TKs with the same parts missing: Look at the wear on the rear belt. Unless this trooper sustained additional damage following the previous picture, this is a different TK with the same part missing. Drop Boxes, a major element of every TK belt. Missing Drop Boxes were seen on multiple troopers in season 1. Boots: Again, the costume designers likely used what they had on hand, but basic approval for ROTK states: "Boots are above ankle height and the same style as the First Order TK. Chelsea type boots in the style of OT TK are not acceptable." If not for the portion in bold, I would overlook this scene, however, the heeled Chelsea boots worn by the Remnant in the above picture stands as a big element. Accessories: The Mandalorian has shown the Remnant in possession of several weapons unused by TKs in the past. Most notably are the SE-14R and the E-22 blaster: As I stated in a previous post, I agree that if the weapon was not used by the trooper in production, then it shouldn't be carried as an optional costume accessory. But, if this is deemed to not warrant a separate CRL, we now have examples of the ROTK carrying these weapons on screen. I desperately want to carry a SE-14R and E-22 in my ROTK costume, but won't until it's approved to do so. However, that may come with a renaming of the New Generation costume. I'll cover that in my next post. I did this post just to get the ball rolling. These are some of the major items I've noticed, but when others jump in, I'm sure we'll start finding more.
  15. Matt, Good catch on both. Not sure if you saw our continued conversation over at the FISD Facebook page today or not, but I posted a few screenshots from The Dutchess. Love it. So, I had an awesome post going and unfortunately I closed the page or something. So, I will provide my "analysis" of the Remnants and New Generation/ Anthology TKs tomorrow. Until then, I leave you with this: Good night.
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