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  1. Welcome aboard Terry. You can't go wrong if your goal is to make kids smile. Keep us all updated.
  2. This is the exact issue I had with the thighs. However, rather than scale the armor on the entire axis, I actually sliced the file into three different sections, printed each at a different scale, then spliced them together. This required me to fill the gaps with resin, back it with fiberglass, and sand like h3!!. When I was working with the legs, I also realized that Akira's walls are designed to be extremely thick. I decreased the shell thickness in some areas, but ultimately the wall thickness is too much to provide any sort of flex or give in some of the most stressed areas. I may have mentioned it my build thread, but I printed those thighs four times. Steve, you've worked real hard on this kit and I'd encourage you to submit your pictures. Again, anything I tell you now will be geared towards higher level approval, which would require significant restructuring. Your kit currently looks better than some of the ones I've seen approved for ROTK. I know I warned you not to go down this road, but you did an outstanding job disregarding my warnings.
  3. Tons of good comments/ suggestions here. Honestly, I'm not seeing anything that should stand in the way of basic approval; you did a great job Steve. I think I've mentioned a couple hundred times now that my 3D project has been a never-ending story. I could start listing items that should be corrected, mostly because I'm familiar with Akira's design, but anything I say would be nit-picky and not beneficial for someone seeking basic approval. However, since it's been brought up already, I do want to address the legs. Again, what we're seeing in yours is no different than what I was approved in, they're consistent with other makers, and look way better than other not to be named designers. The pictures below are from Celebration 2022 and while they are reflective of the current batch of costumes (Mando S2, Kenobi, and Andor), the legs are the same as they were during the release of Rogue One. First, the front view. You're running into the same issue with your shin armor that I did; that's why I asked Akira to make a few design changes. However, while he was willing to make the calf area larger to facilitate bigger legs, he wouldn't adjust the "bell-bottom" flare beyond what he gave me initially. That's what's throwing off the overall shape of the design. If you compare the views others provided along with the ones below to your front pic, you'll notice that the Akira files are extraordinarily narrow at the ankles and don't taper correctly down to the bells. However, I would rather deal with this than the overly bulky design we've seen elsewhere. Honestly, while I absolutely love the Jimmiroquai armor, even Jim's is off on the overall shape of the shins and Akira's is more similar to Jim's than the actual screen used prop. Please see below for a few SBS pics of the screen used armor, Akira Yuning (yours), Jimmiroquai, and Mr Paul's: First, on the screen used armor, the flat front of the trim piece and cover strip form a "T" that's fairly symetrical while Akira's takes a slightly angular approach before tapering to the rear of the leg. Next, these are taken at different angles so they look slightly different, but they still give you a good idea at how the calf, ankle and bell follow much different paths from top to bottom. Akira and Jimi's are both "bulbous" in the upper portion with a very sharp angle and small bell-bottom. I know a few people have attempted to widen Jim's bell bottom and they've had good results, but it's a lot of work. In Akira's first design, the bell-bottom was non-existent; after some prodding, he added it, but wouldn't adjust it further. Candidly, I'm fine with what he did because most designers would have told me to go away. The big thing for me is that the screen used armor does not have that gap in the front of the top trim. I know this is hard for makers to emulate, but with the MPSB you can actually leave the top trim off as a separate piece that fastens with magnets, Velcro, etc. giving it the same clean appearance as the screen used prop. Again, this isn't anything that's been held against people for basic approval, but it annoys me almost as much as the missing trim around the back box. Next, take a look at the side view and particularly the angle of the top trim. Akira's does stop a lot shorter in the back, but the angles are also off. On a positive note, Akira nearly nailed the front and rear slope angle, which is almost identical to the screen used prop and Paul's design: Finally, you're not going to be able to do much about the cover strips because they're modeled into the shin armor, but Akria's are off. Again, this isn't anything that should impair basic approval, but some of us that have worked with Akira in the past should start making a list of update requests. Finally, one other note for anyone else out there building a ROTK kit: There are no reference photos other than the Rogue One Promotional photos that show the rear belt overlapping the front. I know what the CRL says, but I really think this is an error. Also, if you really zoom into the other TKs in the promo shot, their belts overlap front over rear. The promo shot I'm referencing is seen here, but if you want to zoom into the other guys, go check out the gallery: But that also shows the large front tab below the belt boxes which was removed, likely for comfort, prior to filming. The only place we see that large tab show up again is in The Mandalorian Season 1 Remnant TKs. However, with regards to the overlap, every screen cap and reference photo apart from this one show the front overlapping the back. Here's a few: On screen in RO Celebration 2016 This year. Ultimately, this needs to be debated for future CRL updates, but since your GML (@Anzo) is viewing this thread you might want to discuss.
  4. Colin, This is amazing work. Thank you for detailing this so clearly for anyone looking to do a BS Helmet Conversion. Also, thank you for sharing the tears and traps on Thingiverse. This is true for the Kenobi series helmets and likely several other helmets being used on set today. So kudos for including in in your build. However, I know you and I discussed this previously on FB, but for anyone thinking about cutting up their helmet, just be aware that the vented traps weren't the case for all the helmets during the filming of the Anthology movies or even The Mandalorian series. Several of us vented the traps as you've detailed (which was is a pain in the butt) but I'm still trying to put my finger on when the prop designers made this feature "standard issue." Here's Mr. Missing Trap from The Mandalorian. Notice the solid white piece where we should be seeing vents: Personally, I think it's because several scenes from Kenobi were filmed on location which may have required additional comfort. Regardless, if done correctly, like you've done, either way should be acceptable. Overall, great job on the conversion. This is awesome work.
  5. Oh... and I just realized that @jhpeyto posted this back in 2018: So I'm seeing some support for the costume, but nothing new.
  6. First, let me start by saying that I love @CrookKnight's build thread. Shawn, everything looks incredible thus far. Ok. So I'm doing a little research which always leads me back here and now I have a couple questions. First, Shawn, have you sourced a cape yet? I have a pattern for the Phasma cape and intend on working on it soon, but I was curious to know if you've made any progress on this? Next, a quick google search for Captain Cardinal brought up these pictures, which... surprise... were on Shawn's build thread. So my question is this: if Hal has been rocking a Cardinal suit since at least August 2020, has anyone reached out to him about potentially modeling for the CRL, or are there discrepancies I'm overlooking in these two pics? If Hal's build isn't a candidate... do we have any volunteers for the CRL? @CrookKnight??? Maybe??? You seem to be the furthest along. Finally, having read what's been put up on the public threads, can we just do a cut and paste of the TFA CRL and add the cape? It sounds like that's what the LMOs were asking for. Please keep in mind that I'm an absolute FOTK noob. If this were a red ROTK, I'd be all in, but right now, I'm kind of following everyone else's lead before I start spraying red stuff all over a brand new set of armor. Anyways, I was just curious to see if there was any progress on this before I start butchering up my own kit and wanted to know if the CRL has been started yet? Thanks as always
  7. Jason, You'll have to look at a couple of the build threads for complete strapping, but this will get you started: Next, here's a good look at the screen used thigh strap. Just imagine it like this: top of 1" webbing attaches to abdomen, or a belt, then there's a tri-glide mid thigh for adjustment, then a side release (or preferable top release buckle) hidden behind the sleeve that covers everything (or behind the thigh) armor, then the bottom section of webbing attaches to the thigh armor. I'm about to do a tutorial on my Remnant Stormtrooper build thread this weekend, so you can look there once it's up, but here's the pic: It's from a Mimban, but the same system is used on the ROTK; this picture's just a lot more clear than the others. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  8. Logan, Great job so far; you nailed the paint color and scheme. Yes, maybe a couple more nicks and dings, but you're looking good so far. I do want to reiterate what Glen said about the belt boxes though: I'm not saying this because I designed those files, but rather because the ROTK CRL is pretty clear with this one basic requirement: The ammunition belt is accurate in detail and proportion to official references. So, in the absence of an artillery/ mortar stormtrooper CRL, we really need to emulate what we see in the ROTK CRL pics and the screen references. Also, since the artillery stormtrooper comes from the Disney+ (New Generation) armor pics, those armor sets need to be emulated carefully, and yes, there are differences. Here's a few pics: Ok, these two are a little blurry, but you can see the triangular/ prism shaped detail on top of the mid sized box. Additionally, you can see how it's lined up with the top of the belt and the large box is approximately 1/8" below the top. Here's a good pic of the trooper who got blasted in the belly by Boba. And here's a picture that was taken at celebration; it's probably the most clear picture of the top of the New Generation belt we have. Also, please note in all these pics how the edges have a pretty deliberate chamfer. Finally, here's a picture of the belt boxes I designed. These ones are printed in resin and are going to be used to create molds so I can start casting them. I am going to slightly alter the file in order to flatten the mid box detail, but not by much. Hope this helps.
  9. Welcome aboard Jason. It looks like you're well on your way, but I did want to hit on this thought: Glen's post regarding the BS helmet conversion is the "near definitive" resource for getting this project done. But, if you're looking for alternatives I'd push you towards purchasing the Jimmiroquai bucket, or doing the thing you don't want to do. Or do you? I only ask because I was a little thrown off my the "I can do that myself" quote. If you have the ability to 3D print a helmet, I'd encourage you to look into the Nico Henderson (DesertFareCosplay on Etsy) bucket; it's an incredible file and the most accurate ROTK helmet out there. Additionally, if you print carefully in something like a carbon fiber PLA filament, you wont have to suffer through the excruciating task of fill, sand, repeat, repeat, repeat. You'll still have to do some sanding, but I've had resin cast helmets that required more attention than the carbon fiber Nico bucket I printed recently. Additionally, though the CF filament is PLA based, it's not susceptible to heat warping like typical PLA or PLA+. Regardless, look up some of the pics of BS helmet conversions, but also take a look at these. The first is my Jimi bucket right after I did the initial spray, and the next few are pieces of the Nico bucket that just showcase their accuracy and how smooth the CF filament prints. I had to sand the face on this one because I had a loose carriage when I printed. But, I wanted to show you this so you can see the details Nico added, including the very subtle "bump" in the eye socket. Additionally, painting this helmet is incredibly easy due to the way that pieces such as the "teeth," tears and traps are accurately left separate from the main body. This is as bad as it got with the layer lines which sand out with one pass of 120grit. From there, it's just a light coat of filler primer. This is what most of the layers look like. And here's the chin lightly sanded and coated with a light coat of SEM filler primer. So I know you said you don't want to print, but it's actually an incredible option for this costume. Please let us know if you have any questions about the rest of the build.
  10. Deymian, Welcome aboard! All I can do is double down on what Glen and Andrew said. When I first got started, I linked up with my local garrison and went to a couple events where I got to assist as a handler, take pictures, and just lend a helping hand. This also gave me the opportunity to speak to others and formulate a game plan for how I wanted to proceed with my costumes. Though some kits can get rather expensive, you don't have to drop a ton of money to get a quality costume. Keep your eyes and ears open and you may be surprised at what you find. For the time being, you've come to the right place. There's tons of people here willing to help.
  11. Oh yeah… Thank you eBay. I’ll get started in a couple days.
  12. Ugh. Well, hopefully they are able to get this all sorted out. I haven't started trimming yet, but per my initial glance, everything seems to be in order. However, I am a FOTK novice, so I'll be leaning pretty heavily on you guys. Also, I'm already following @TheRascalKing's lead through most of this and letting Justin make all the mistakes so I don't have to. Also, if I do start finding off-color pieces, they're all going to end up red in the end, so I'll let it slide. I will say this though... who in the flying QA circus allowed the DN team to sew the gaskets inside out??? Honestly, I wouldn't have even thought about it, but Justin pointed it out to me about a week ago. I don't get this at all. In this pic, I turned the knee gasket inside out so the difference can be seen. SHINY SIDE OUT DENUO NOVO... Fortunately, Dave from Sheev's Emporium gave me a lesson on sewing ribbed fabric a few months ago, so I'm either going to right this wrong, order a new set, or make one myself. Actually, I have a bunch of fabric left over from my DT kidney gaskets, so I might just try to make some gaskets this weekend. Ok, I'll post more pics later. Regardless, I'll be finishing up my new ROTK/ New Generation TK in a couple weeks and I'm sliding the Deathtrooper to the side to finish this one first. My Anovos TFA bucket is getting here tomorrow, so I'll be set soon.
  13. And... TIME! Officially, it ended up being 18 days from placing my order to BBB Day. Not bad... Not bad at all. Here's what Denuo Novo's About Us page says: denuo (dē-nuō) -once more, a second time novo (noh'-vō) -to make anew, revive, change, alter, invent. I think it's fair to say that Denuo Novo has lived up to their name. I also know that there's a lot of people out there who are still jaded by Anovos, but I think the new company is doing a good job at putting that stigma aside. Regardless, I have another TK kit I'm finishing up, then I need to prioritize a few builds. Anybody have an extra TFA bucket they want to get rid of???
  14. —UPDATE— I just received this notification yesterday: Yup! Denuo Novo is living up to its word thus far. I’ll post pics on BBB day
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