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  1. Okay. The other day I submitted for approval. They came back and said they want some other pics. Front, back, sides. Here they are. Does anyone see anything that would limit basic approval? Thanks.
  2. My goodness has it been over 3 years? Does anyone look at ROTJ anymore? As before, I have to get this approved. Worse, I have to get it finished by next Friday as I’ve volunteered/been cast in a fan film for Make a Wish. I guess they must need as many TKs as they can muster, so I’ve been enlisted. Here’s where I am now. These pics were shot today: Since I’m going with an endor-themed ROTJ TK, I need to weather the boots some more. They are WAY too white. Also, the bottoms are black and I’ve always had to change that. So today, I changed them to white
  3. Any chance of getting this updated moving the pics to imgur or the like? Stupid Photobucket ruining great tutorials.
  4. Since the Photobucket change in July, I haven’t updated this. Worse, PB has stolen most of my pictures. I’ll have to take some new pics,if I can remember what the pics were, and update the posts. I also need to finish this eventually. Now that winter is here, I hope to do this sooner than later. Damn you Photobucket.
  5. Thanks Paul. That is a CFO helmet I think, though I'm sure it's a crap recast. I got it from a Garrison member who got it off Craigslist from a guy who likely got it from makerofthings on eBay. Made the best of it. The small of the back suggestion is great. I'll have to take a look at some references. When you spend all your time working to get the front looking correct, other stuff gets neglected. Hmmm. There was a reason I needed to mount the biceps/shoulders in that configuration, but I can't remember it now. I'll have to experiment. I wish I could lowe
  6. Am I the first to move the Rubies knee ammo belt? Hmm. After I get my TD worked up, I think I'll be ready to submit. Let me know if that's the case or if you see something I should change. So today I cut the holes and riveted the knee ammo belt in place. I love the look of it. I know others have flipped the belt, as I had, but I hadn't seen anyone actually move the ammo belt to the correct spot. Next I addressed the greaves and their tendency to show too much black at the knees. I put Velcro on the inside of the greaves
  7. Thanks for the help! Honestly, that's as far up as it'll go. The ab piece on the rubies just isn't that tall. I have to strap it in place so that the chest doesn't go too high and flip over and end up behind the ab plate. More work today. Some new snaps in place to cut down the black area in the groin and moving up my shins with Velcro on the legs of my suit to keep it in place. This is about as good as it's going to get with this suit. Pics from today's suit up. How's that for submittal? What shots do I need
  8. And your TK number will be 5 digits. 4 and 3 digit numbers were taken long ago.
  9. So I spent today adding longer elastic to my stirrups and new thumb loops for my one piece. It's nearly comfortable now. I decided to get dressed up... Here's my first effort after doing all the padding yesterday. I didn't like how much black is showing around the groin area. This is because of the padding in the thighs. My thighs barely fit, so I tore out all the padding and adjusted the strap system to bring them up. Here it is after raising the thighs up much higher. It looks much better IMO. Unfortunate
  10. I was going to go to Walmart tomorrow to pick up some compression gear, but I'm too worried about the sides. Then I remembered that since I started this build, I've become somewhat competent with a sewing machine. So I'm going to try to mod my current suit first. I've been trying to wrap my head around moving the knee ammo band. The moving isn't the hard part, it's filling the holes left behind and somewhat color-matching it. I think I'm going to do it. If worse comes to worst, I'll just have a few holes. Though I should point out, Toddo got EIB with his Rubie's suit and only flipped the
  11. ESB MK2 was white Velcro and not riveted. Some pics from one of the suits on display looks to be snaps underneath with what seems like no rivet on top. BUT, is there any guarantee that suit is anything more than a tour suit? Same molds, I'm sure, but probably setup differently than screen used suits.
  12. You look great!<br><br> Just need to glue some abs into the backs of the drop boxes and paint the soles white and I'd think you'd be well on your way to EIB and Centurion.<br><br> Well done.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I don't know if I want to move it. It's such a big hole. And as you mention, color matching to the armor when it needs to be painted will be tough. Will most likely have to go Endor and dirty up most everything. Also, what are most ROTJ using for undersuits? I've gone with a one-piece suit due to significant gapping on both sides of the armor. With a "shirt/pants" UA setup, I'd be scared the shirt might ride up and expose skin in those gaps. Is that actually a concern or not? Is there a preferred vendor for a 1-piece suit now? Mine is way too tight and uncomf
  14. You're getting there Greg! Nice build. How long did you make your thermal detonator, end to end, and what pipe did you use? Thanks.
  15. I got a little bit more work done on this. I flipped the knee ammo belt and replaced with rivets and painted the rivets white. I also riveted on the shoulder straps and painted the rivets white. Always more to do, but I am inching closer and closer to the finish line, submittal, and possible EIB. Question, if anyone actually reads this.... Knee ammo belt rivets are supposed to be in the upper left on each side. Any idea on how to fill the previous, incorrect, rivet hole and rivet correctly? I could back the hole with something, fill it with
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