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  1. Correct there are some changes needed in quite a few areas which we'll be addressing down the road Here is an updated thread
  2. The issue is merch spots with only 6 allotted to detachments now, in the past you could do how many you liked. I missed the last run myself and I've asked several times for another but to date no luck. I will pose the question in staff.
  3. Its working for me so it could be an access issue, hopefully @Sly11can have a look into it
  4. CONGRATULATIONS WE HAVE OUR 500th CENTURION Coming out of hyperdrive and crossing the finish line in first place, congratulations Trina "Architect18112" TK18112 our 500th Centurion and also congratulations to each and everyone one of our 500 approved Centurions, without you we would never have won this race. From some of the staff Congratulations trooper, welcome to Centurion It's been my honor and pleasure since 2015 to encourage troopers like yourself to shoot for the higher levels of accuracy. That said you're the FISD's 500th app
  5. NEW In Memoriam Detachment Leader Executive Officer Centurion500 Merchandise Update Your Threads FISD 15th Anniversary Coin Design Contest Hall of Fame Just For Laughs In the Media Costume Totals E-11 Extra Detailing INFORMATION & AWARD PROGRAMS Common FISD Acronyms and TK Glossary Pre Approval Forum 3D Section Field Exercise Award Imperial Attaché Program Fire Teams EIB & Centurion: What do these terms mean? Advanced Tactics Awards Public Relations Staff List 2020
  6. Congratulations trooper and welcome to the Centurion ranks and the 500th approved
  7. Doubling up on magnets can increase there power. When you want to build quickly there are no "too many" clamps, magnets and even painters tape. I also use small strips of ABS to help hold snaps so you only need to use one clamp or set of magnets. I ordered more magnets after this image was taken.
  8. Unfortunately the only images we have are in the gallery sections, as well as the Rogue One section there are Mandalorian and Solo images which are based on the R1 armor, only screen captures though.
  9. Great news looking forward to seeing those BBB photos soon
  10. Very nice, the padding is awesome
  11. Congratulations trooper and welcome to the Centurion ranks
  12. Congratulations trooper and welcome to the Centurion ranks
  13. Here's a couple of ANH references which may help. There is no specific size of return edge mentioned in the CRL's so I don't think you would have any issues
  14. Could very well be lighting, here's a couple and they do appear to have a shine
  15. Although there are some inaccuracy's with SDS they can be upgraded and reworked to gain approval (even for L3) But RS is ready to go right out of the box
  16. I would doubt it very much as to date I haven't seen a Shadow R1 trooper.
  17. Coming along nicely, a Dremmel can certainly be your friend, it's just makes a mess, made the mistake of wearing a sweater that all the fine trimmings stuck too, that was fun picking them all off. Great to see you are using the reference library
  18. Hello and welcome to the forums, you can find a great info thread here
  19. Your counter should go a little further forward
  20. You need to post a link to your 501st legion membership profile, check others posts in this thread
  21. Thigh ammo strip pack was not always aligned with the coverstrip, but rivets and end of strip were aligned with the ends or the thigh ridges
  22. Both can be 501st approved, depends which version you want to look like, there are a few differences, you can compare the CRLs ANH https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_anh_stunt ESB https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_esb
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