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  1. Having skinny arms they can look large, having some foam inside to centralise them can help to even out gaps so they don't look as big. As my first ATA kit had one oval and one round I heated the round one a little to make it more oval again helping the overall appearance. I would wait until you have the rest of the armor on and check the look, you don't want to make them too thin or they may not match the overall appearance. Here are a few references showing the forearms.are larger then the biceps at the elbow.
  2. Ab plate fix looking good. You could trim your smaller ab plate a little more, yours looks curved on the sides and overhangs the raised area, references below
  3. Correct, I tried one once and it felt really uncomfortable on the neck because of the angle of the mounted straps. Here is a better image I believe TM uses them on his commisions
  4. I use a thin piece of foam inside the top, maple leaf like original helmets, than a small block of foam each side of the head to stop any wobbling. The side foam has some Velcro glued on so I can remove and wash and the top piece is held in by the side foam. It's a basic setup but does me just fine. I see others buying generic black foam pad kits which normally come with Velcro so you place them anywhere.
  5. NEW In Memoriam Detachment Leader Merchandise FISD 15th Anniversary Coin Design Contest Hall of Fame Just For Laughs In the Media Member Support INFORMATION & AWARD PROGRAMS Common FISD Acronyms and TK Glossary Pre Approval Forum 3D Section Field Exercise Award Imperial Attaché Program
  6. Nice positioning of the snap plates to the ends of the butt plate, many position these too short and the butt plate can flare out. Nice work, coming along great
  7. Nice work trooper, you have hit your first milestone, you can request a trooping award here
  8. Most of us use an online image host like Imgur, upload your images there then copy and paste directly into your thread. I don't know of anyone currently supplying a kit with snaps (RS do a kit with brackets) A nice thread on strapping here RS strapping video
  9. Nice work with the teeth, you could just match up the two center teeth, one is trimmed out a little more than the other
  10. FISD Patch Run, April 24, 2007 (can be found here) note it had the words “2007 Inaugural” in Aurebesh along the top. Only 100 were ever made Organizer ED TK4878 "Exodus"
  11. Since nobody else took up the challenge 1) Who was the first person to receive an "expert infantry" award from FISD? The first "expert infantry" John TK2036 (although EIB was not in the thread title ) , the first "Elite" Joey TK2126, the first "Mark IV" Scott TK4149 2) On the (now broken) EI listing page, what is the significance of the background images? Each costume version had background from the movie it was from, command staff had millennium falcon in death star landing bay 3) Who was the only person to be approved with an FX helmet? I thought a few did, Scott TK4149, als
  12. You have to be careful doing this as you can run the risk on the front of trimming too close to the inset squares on the sides. If you look at this image you can see exactly how far it would bring the front down so I'd stick with trimming the rear.
  13. Yes you can, here is one of Joseph's images from his return edge thread
  14. Looks like you have done some research there Looking forward to seeing the progress, good luck
  15. If you have spare ABS I would replace, if not they may be ok though for basic approval but could be picked on for higher levels, entirely up to the deployment officers
  16. Just watch your angle trimmed corners, they are a touch on the large side A lot of people actually remove this higher section, mainly so it doesn't catch but it is screen accurate to leave it
  17. Found lots of them on Aliexpress but haven't looked for a while A great thread on the RPF with some scope research https://www.therpf.com/forums/threads/se-14r-rexim-trooper-blaster-pistol-scope-prop-discovery.299904/
  18. Nice work trooper and congrats on your first troop
  19. Hello and welcome to the forum, we only look after Stormtroopers for clone troopers the home is https://501stclonetroopers.com/forum/index.php
  20. Image above is incorrect, should be right in the middle of the coverstrip
  21. Nice work with the comparisons, I managed to purchase a couple of scopes for my hand build blaster some years ago so I think I will integrate one once I get around to finally printing this, always some project on the printer line
  22. Congratulations and welcome to the ranks trooper. You can request higher access here
  23. Also works with "may the forth be with you" "may the 4th be with you"
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