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  3. You will find that a lot of armor kits are not the same on both sides, just the way they are made. I must admit I've never noticed the slight angle on the ab/cod, but that wouldn't really make a lot of difference to the gap, it's not only at the cod you appear to have a gap, it also looks like at the top of the ab as it's pushing the chest out quite a lot. I have build an ATA for someone and did cut the sides down a little so it fitted better on the front. Try to overlap the ab and kidney when you have someone to assist then take another look.
  4. Looks like you have done some great research and have things well in hand, looking forward to seeing the progress, good luck
  5. Someone has started on a build, I believe there are some 3d files for the pack and flamethrower although I've not checked their accuracy
  6. Looking good so far, you do have quite a bit of space between your cod and body which also pushes your chest out so it ends up on an angle, you may want to try to overlap the sides and tape up again and just to see if it improves the look. Here's just a quick compare with a random EIB applicant
  7. Congrats on your first build, hopefully one of many. Some great info available on this forum, looks like you have already been doing some research which his a great start. Good luck with the build
  8. Congratulations trooper and welcome to the ranks, look forward to seeing you at EIB
  9. New name and a few more images of the Hot Toys Artillery Trooper
  10. Many of the helmets were ANH repainted for ESB, here are some references, notice the long last painted tooth
  11. Good to see you back at this
  12. Square detail is on the left side above the trigger and between the magazine and counter as shown below
  13. Off to a good start, here are some measurements for the detonator which may be of help
  14. At this stage discussion has stalled, perhaps the bump to the thread will get it going again. With regards to the positioning of these well that comes down to research, there are quite a few images in this thread showing positioning and you can't just say one position is for one particular trooper, we see many holding different blasters with differently placed details in many scenes if not the same scene, take Han for example. Research is the key, you can find some great stills from the movies here if you'd like to research further.
  15. On both inside sides of each thigh, I found I didn't need any on the front as the thigh elastic holds it nicely.
  16. Congratulations on your first official troop you look great, but just mention to that FOTK to straighten their drop boxes, pull up their left forearm (and also put the forearms on the correct arms, small black square goes to the inside)
  17. Looks just like mine, I have foam on both insides of the thighs to keep them central and evens out the gap, you will find the strapping on the thigh at the front will keep them nicely positioned, I think go with what you have and and get an overall look once fully kitted up, you can always take some more off later (if using E6000), but very hard to put material back on
  18. Nice work, just a couple of things, you could bring your belt up at the back as it is angling down. You could remove the excess clip material sticking out under your belt. I would also add some foam behind your sniper plate to hopefully push it forward away from your knee, it could catch on your thigh. Good luck with approval
  19. I have a couple of different balaclavas, I don't wear them all the time and it depends on which helmet and which costume. I do find the thinner material type do keep you a lot cooler.
  20. So you have full belt Angled belt and thinner side, does not appear to have drop box overhang Shorter belt sides, no cut corner, or bent behind, with drop box overhang, cod wider than center belt section But also angled belt behind the last center belt boxes so much shorter than the above image and overhang of drop box. This shorter front center belt section could have been cut this way to follow the sides of the cod as the cod height appears a lot shorter than on other troopers. Cod shorter than center belt section And another shorter sides of the belt, drop box overhang and shorter center belt area with angled cut under last box. Cod larger than center belt section.
  21. Here's an image from The Mandalorian, which used the same R1 armor, could even be the same one as we see pictured above as it also has the missing or bent corner of the center belt. You can see the cod behind is right up against the thinner cut belt. Looks like some tape was added on the sides of the belt too just behind the drop box, the belt itself would have taken a pounding due to many troopers seen running in R1, thigh thighs smashing into the belt I guess something has to give
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