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  1. Following, hoping the files will be made available again
  2. Hi Collin you're blaster turned out amazing! I have a question, so what was the graphic that you ended up using? It doesn't look like either of the 2 that Glen posted
  3. Awesome post Joseph!! I also would've loved having this during my build, but you answered most of my return edges and trimming questions anyway, so all great advice from the same source. Thank you for being such a great resource of knowledge and help!!
  4. Oh that's a bummer! I must've gotten lucky maybe with minimal glue? Idk. Well at least you got it worked out in the end
  5. fixed my strapping so my cover strips line up pulled the belt up to the bottom of the buttons If anybody sees anything else that needs adjustment to get EIB let me know
  6. Very carefully! Lol So basically I took an exacto blade and carefully ran it along the inside between the mesh and the plastic to try to break up the glue a bit. Slightly wiggly it towards the center to help separate it from the plastic and continued that until they came loose, pretty intact. They're a tiny bit bent, but nothing noticable once I got them back in
  7. Ok. I think that's good advice. I'll look it over and start small and make minor adjustments as I go. I'm so glad I asked first before just moving forward!
  8. Thanks Joseph! Good to know. That's exactly why I'm asking before I make cuts. In the references I've seen it looked like they were cutting all the way down to the cover strip leaving no lip, so I'm glad I asked. As of now I can walk ok, but the backs of the shins push into the backs of my knees, so I wanted to make some comfort cuts. I'm wondering if I should I wait to get approved for higher levels before I start trooping then make comfort fixes after that?
  9. What do you all think of these trim lines? Just want to get some feedback before I make any real cuts
  10. Yeah for sure! I've been working on it. But I could definitely use some advice and a different perspective!!
  11. Thanks Joseph! I definitely will pass on what I've learned to as many future troopers as possible!! Stoked to be part of the FISD family!!
  12. Thanks Tony!! I couldn't have done it without your build post!! It was definitely my main go to assembly manual!! Oh and thank you for always being so quick to reply when I posted a question on it! Glad to be part of the legion with such a great group of Stormtroopers!!
  13. Yeah those are exactly what I was gonna go for! Yeah my illustration is a bit squared off, I'll definitely give it more of an angle. But I did want to make sure to make it look more an intentional part of the armor rather than big chunk broken or taken out as I've seen on some armor.
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