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  1. I think you will find your cod needs to come up more, you shouldn't have to trim the thighs at this stage. Also run an elastic strap between the cod and butt plate, will help stop the butt plate flaring backwards.
  2. Most just had the black appearance on the rim, but during filming some black was rubbed of as you seen in different scenes. The inside of the hovi's should be black with a white nipple. Black inner walls clearly evident below. From Joseph our DL I have no issue if the interior sides are not painted white, but the rear "nipple" should be white, as should the rim (at least a little). I also see no problem with the screen being painted black.
  3. There where quite a few differences with the Mandalorian bikerscout hence the need for a new CRL. A good question for you @Sly11
  4. Looks like you may have overdone the trimming of your larger ab plate, should be ok for basic but will be picked for higher levels. Two work arounds is either get a new one from the supplier, or glue a piece of ABS behind and fill the join seam with ABS paste. The velcro on the shims won't stay completely flat and you will end up with a gap because of the thickness of the velcro.
  5. Added mesh definitely helps keep you a little cooler, I have an intergraded set for my Sithtrooper and find it easy to wear compared to a separate undersuit and gaskets on armor with my FOTK
  6. Yes I have that on one of my helmets, just depends on the rubber, the shape of the lip and also how tight the rubber is (length, having too much pressure)
  7. Hard to believe it's made from foam, nice work, applaud your patience and skills
  8. Hello and welcome aboard, good to see you've been doing some research, looking forward to seeing a build from you soon
  9. Helmet looks good, looking forward to seeing your armor in hand.
  10. How much easier it is on your second build Coming along nicely
  11. I always sand both pieces before applying E6000, can take longer than 24 hours to dry fully too, I normally leave for 48 hours before applying any pressure to glued areas.
  12. Anovos are no longer supplying Star Wars costumes due to the license being taken away by Disney. Non supply of orders from over 4 years ago. You will find that many of the black series helmets will not meet 501st legion costume approval, check out the CRL's for costume requirements https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:FISD_CRL You can find the vetted sellers list here
  13. Have a read of the Getting Started section, there is some research required with this hobby. Legion has a base requirement for costume approval (CRL's), for Stormtroopers you can find them here Also some more information on becoming a member is here. Good luck and hope to see a build thread from you soon.
  14. Nice work trooper, just a couple of suggestions before the DO's review: Watch the gaps match on both sides, you can see one arm the forearm is touching the handplate the other has a gap. Also different gaps between the thighs and cod. You also have quite a bit of black showing between your shoulder bells and chest, the original shoulder bells had a curve to them, you could also bring the bells in closer at the top, they appear to have a gap under them to the top of the shoulders as well. You may want to bring your thighs down a little or try move the whol
  15. Soft goods try Geeky Pink (SoulArt) Vendors list is here Ammo vest I'm not aware anyone is making them at the moment. Weapons vendors Shorts need a shine to them, Unfortunately Lycra won't do, it's more of a coating, plastic look, I found a pair on ebay but it was quite some time ago so I don't have a link.
  16. If you haven't 3D printed before I would suggest adding slightly thicker walls when printing, helps with strength of pieces, I find printed parts can be easily cracked.
  17. Gaps are looking very nice, your butt plate appears to be pushing backwards, may need some tighter strapping. I also came up with a V tab system which helps keep them in alignment. With a heat gun you bend strips of ABS plastic into the shape of a V, only glue one side and the other remains free to allow movement when you bend. Just helps stop the butt plate from pushing back from the back plate.
  18. Real life has to come first, you know the build and all of us will still be there when you are ready to continue.
  19. Nice work, just check your dimensions on the detonator as you don't seem to have much of a gap between the endcaps and panel Teeth area looks much better Using a hot water bath should help to flatten the rear strip, a common issue on most kits Cod reference, I left mine slightly pointy
  20. On hold currently, Andrew is taking a short break and I am working on a few other projects BUT we will be getting back to this soon. Did you have an issue with a thread?
  21. Hello and welcome to the forums, from the other side of down under, I'm sure you'll get a lot of help from local guys of SCG, good luck with the build
  22. A very in depth and honest review, well done. I find it is a common problem with so many prop suppliers in regard to poor communication which is a shame especially when their products are so good. My response to those with poor communication is, "I would rather receive bad news in a communication rather than no communication at all, at least I know you will still be fulfilling the order, although now somewhat delayed"
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