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  1. lol they cut the crouch off the abdominal plate
  2. he has 2 ebay accounts this is his other hikoninhelmets
  3. me also Jason i like the vintage look... but i hear the AP is larger in size? and the eye curves are a bit different
  4. which bucket would you say is best and why ?? i have the MTK now and i love it but im interested in the AP does anyone know more about the AP >>? the ATA is nice also alot of troopers have the ATA
  5. Thank you to my Mentor Tony Jobe meeting you was a blessing! again thank you for all your guidance you continue to provide me on this epic journey!! Great work on my armor!!
  6. Name = Carlos Quezada TK ID = 52713 FISD Forum Name = Carlos_Tk Garrison = Golden Gate Garrison Armor= AM 1.0 / ATA (Chest, Back, Ammo Belts, Drop Boxes) Helmet= MTK Blaster= Hyperfirm Height = 5'7" Weight = 205 lbs Boots = Imperial Canvas Belt = TrooperBay Hand Plates/Gloves = TrooperBay / Sonnenchein Inside Brackets = ukswrath Inner Drop Boxes = ATA Holster = n/a Neck Seal = n/a Electronics = ukswrath audio system (not illustrated) Build Thread: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/31920-ukswraths-am-10-ata-bucket-build/ Front Back Left Right Action Helmet Front Helmet Right Helmet Left Helmet Back Helmet Lens "S" Seal Left Side Rivets Right Side Rivet Ab Belt Cod & Posterior Thigh Shins & Sniper Arms TD Gloves Neck Seal Boots Strapping E-11
  7. lol all excited and forgot the link http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=19291
  8. TK 52713 Requesting access for 501st Legion Status Sir! "The Death Star plans are not in the main computer" !!
  9. Words cannot express how amazing my mentor did on my armor !! i thank you very much Tony!! heres to our armor! Livin the dream!!!
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