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  1. Compression suit is what I wear and it's great for those really hot troops
  2. I have black satin acrylic spray in mine, doesn't stop approval at any level, it does help reduce any light reflection and makes the inside a lot darker so you can't be seen through the lenses.
  3. Hello and welcome to the forum, what a great gift, very lucky indeed. The 501st has a base for costume approval, these are called the CRL's (costume reference library) there are several versions of Stormtrooper which you can find here most common is the ANH Stunt version A lot of the information for building comes from following others builds, here is a great build from Tony @ukswrath, definitely jam packed full of info Also when in doubt head to the gallery sections Some great info also in this thread Once you have finished building
  4. Hello and welcome aboard, obtaining Expert Infantry and Centurion are achievements in themselves and something to be very proud of, even if you aren't part of the first 500, but you may be part of the first 1,000
  5. Hi Richard and welcome aboard, I am also from down under but opposite side. Getting started section is where you can find some great information, especially in regards to obtaining armor . RS props do commission builds, here's a recent thread on the subject A sizing thread Unboxing thread Hope those help get you on your way Here's a Google search for other RS commission info https://www.google.com/search?q=rs+commission+whitearmor+site:www.whitearmor.net&sxsrf=ALeKk03AnoMii-3MnJTiEVUz9QQfuAw9PA:1617090067454&sa=X
  6. I edited one of the photos for part of the march to 1000 EIB campaign. I'm also using part of this image as background on the newsletter headers
  7. It's unfortunate that nobody can help locally, as I've mentioned in the past a lot of garrisons hold armor workshops but with covid the way it is there is not a lot of troop movement let alone armor workshops. I'm in Australia so can't help as shipping would cost you an arm and a leg and also I'm out of action due to some medical stuff. The First Order Stormtrooper is a little more challenging compared to a lot of other armor, the Original Trilogy armor does not need filling and painting where the First Order does. I think you will have issues finding an armor maker who can supply
  8. I normally use one and 1/2 tubes of E6000, but that's after building a few sets of armor over the years
  9. Glad to see you back at this build. You can recess the snaps into the plates with a little heat.
  10. Nice work, just an FYI the swoop on the shoulder bells should go forward and not backwards <--- Front Teeth and eyes are looking great, well done
  11. Someone posted about them here A trooper has received centurion approval The only thing is the counter appears a little low.
  12. Nice work, just on the helmet there are a couple of things, your tube stripes ideally should be a pencil width away from the cheek, yours are angling and have a large gap on the front. Make sure there is no paint on the gums, little hard to see in the photo Frown is painted gray and does not leave the teeth area.. Mic tip rims could be white. Could also remove a little paint from the top of the vocoder, some appears to be outside the curves. Trimming a little more of the top portion of the ears (they are a little thick) should reduce the gaps on the lower section of the
  13. Great news on your BBB, exciting times ahead. I've seen both satin and gloss black used so you should be ok, satin is the preferred color. Spraying is ok as long as you were to make sure you take everything so there were no runs or seeping under the masking, personally I just find it easier to just brush. You can find satin clear coat at most hardware stores so perhaps this could be an option after you have used the gloss black. Normally hovi's come as white and the outer is painted black (leave the rim white), again I've seen gloss and satin black used but satin is pre
  14. I would just advise to use a high fill in areas that could take a lot of strain, thinking of the length of some pieces and weight, you may very well want to do a combined print/pipe build and replace some of the 3D printed pieces, but see how you go. Be looking forward to seeing your progress, good luck
  15. Well apart from the covid it sounds like you have run into all the normal issues of armor and assembly You can never have enough magnets, clamps and tape
  16. Nice work trooper, a couple of things mentioned in your previous EI feedback: The size and shape of your large ab button plate is as close to screen accurate as you can get, but the 4 button plate could use some trimming. I would also think about cleaning up the paint on the buttons a little bit to give you a more polished look. A few other suggestions before the DO's get here: You could trim the larger rear tab off your shoulder straps. This is not specifically mentioned in the CRL, but removing them is highly recommended if possible
  17. You need to post in this request thread
  18. Some armor makers form their ABS with the protective film on, some don't so just depends who you purchase from
  19. True as do the TFA/TLJ/TROS Stormtroopers, but back in 2009 (when this thread was posted) there wasn't even a hint of new movies or troopers
  20. Coming along nicely. You may find the abs gives a grey/white appearance where ever it has been trimmed, I found a black colored polish at the local automotive shop, you may have something similar in your neck of the woods, there are also revitalizer polishes for black bumpers which may also work.
  21. Mos Eisley Police Detachment home of Sandroopers http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?act=idx
  22. Hello and welcome aboard, I think there have been very little builds on 3D T21's on the forum so far, I think perhaps MEPD may be the place to search. You may be able to use some reference build material from the T21 blaster section https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/120-minimag-ptl-missile-launcher-t-21-rt-97c-mg-15/
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