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  1. Hello and welcome aboard, a great info thread is here For clonetroopers head to https://501stclonetroopers.com/forum/index.php Good luck with the research and look forward to seeing a build from you soon
  2. For Level 3, all ear screws must be "..slotted, flat-topped, countersunk and painted white". Note: The recommended screw head size is #6/32 (7mm), with a length between 3/4" to 1" (17 to 25mm). You will find you also need to trim the length when fitted so they don't take your ears off every time you put your helmet on and off
  3. That's very weird, I'm wondering could that E-6000 be a knock off brand, there was some circling the globe a while ago. I've trooped events over 39deg C and never encountered the glue melting or parts coming apart.
  4. POST 99 Marco A Herrera TK1622 & Florida Garrison The Attack of the Clones Premier at Channelside 2002 Tampa Florida 1. 2. 3. Marco Enterprises Armor/Helmets
  5. For the Incinerator trooper the CRL specifies MP40 pouches which do not have the straps BUT the MP38 look closer to the reference images You can find a how to if you want to try to make your own, they aren't too hard
  6. When trimming/sanding try to do this over a sheet or tarp then you can save the shavings/filings which you will be able to use for ABS paste
  7. Hello and welcome aboard, good luck with approval, hope we see you with a TKID soon
  8. Most of us use a free online image host, upload your photos there and copy the "direct links" into your post. A how to thread here
  9. Looking good. You may be able to bring your ab plate up a little more, this would give you a little more room between the cod and the top of the thighs. If not you may have to trim the top of the thighs to give you a gap so you aren't rubbing when moving.
  10. Good luck and hope to see you approved very soon
  11. Personally I would go for a white if possible otherwise if you scrape anything against the painted surface it may rub off showing black.
  12. There's a thread here about @ sizing I ended up purchasing some from @sskunky as he supplies with his ROTJ kits
  13. The LMO team use a single email lmo@501st.com. but our DL Andrew is the go between for Stormtrooper enquiries so perhaps PM Andrew first as he may be able to get a quicker response, after all he has been conversing with them throughout this project.
  14. My personal take would for realistic would be following on from the TLJ-E which is a matt black which gives the appearance of a grey against gloss and satin black, BUT I guess it is ultimately up to the LMO's interpretation of what references you supply for comparison. No doubt Andrew will weigh in and perhaps approach the LMO's.
  15. Hello and welcome aboard, good luck with the researching, hope to see a build thread from you soon Here's a great thread full of info which should help you on your way
  16. Great to hear you are well being looked after, been hard for a lot of new builders with the covid and lack of armor build days and events. At least you know you have local support if needed, onward and upwards
  17. It was just a piece of furniture foam about 2 inches thick, about a hand size in width, just takes up any slack behind the ab when you tighten the belt.
  18. Nice work trooper, could you also add the link to your EIB application May need a D ring photo too and a front on sniper plate Good luck with approval
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