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  1. Welcome back! Whatever your going through I will send prayers your way .
  2. Hey Marc! Welcome! Great introduction of yourself. Thanks for posting my build thread also. My goal is to help as many members as I can, with that being said if you interested I can see what the cost would be for me to ship to Germany. Feel free to contact me if you have any more question. I also apologize for the late delay on reply back to you. I have been busy with work and the holidays. Merry Christmas Kevin
  3. Hey Terry! Below is the link if you want to look at what i have made and sold. I hope your project goes well, and if you can post a final product picture I would like to see how it turns out .
  4. Hey Terry! I hope you don't mind me "piggy baking' on this topic. I have made several 3D printed E-11 Blasters (ANH) from Bryan's @trooper96 files on Thingiverse (as stated above like @justjoseph63 mentioned). I try to give both these guys as much credit as I can since they both are extremity informative and huge supporters of the FISD. I can understand wanting to own a realistic, functional, life like blaster for our trooping events. If you have your own 3D printer feel free to hit me up and I can give you some advice that I found was helpful in making mine. I also sell kits on here if that something you are interested for the future, feel free to contact me also. Good luck with your project and excited to to see the final product!
  5. You did an AMAZING job! You truly are a master at your craft. Thank you for letting me part of your work, and please do not hesitate to contact me in the future for other charity events. It was fun to watch you work through the steps.
  6. WOW! Looking awesome Joe. I enjoy seeing the progress come to life and enjoy the tips and trick you share . Keep up the good work!
  7. Looking great Joe! Let me know if there is anymore I can do to help out, I will be sending out those 3D printed spare parts you asked for later this week, sorry got busy at work and have not had time, lol. Thanks again for putting your time, energy and effort into this project, cant wait to see the final product
  8. i totally agree, the print lines are the biggest pain in my A$$ right now, lol but the more I make the better i get at their quality On a side note, look at that, i did my minimum 5 post so i can start selling the blaster, lol
  9. Right on! Well i did indeed speak with him and he is a totally upstanding guy. He mentioned I could make and sell them under a few rules of his which are easy to follow so it looks like I will be starting to make a batch and see where it goes. Thanks for all the great communication. Everyone here ROCKS!
  10. MaskedVengence, that's a really good point you brought up about the creator. I have made 4 successful blaster using this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4003566 and this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3989097 and all the credit for the files goes to this guy https://www.thingiverse.com/tk14082/designs . Would i need his permission if i was to keep using his files and sell the blasters I make on the side? I want to make sure he gets credit, but I also want to help out and make some decent blaster for people who want them also :). Thanks again you guys rock!
  11. Since I have you here, I plan on making some 3D printed E11 blasters (i love the motto "troopers helping troopers"), is there a big need for that type of prop gun? Thanks again!
  12. ohhhhhhh, gotcha, in that case we can have a short conversation back and forth , lol. That actually help out allot, thanks!
  13. Hey there, i was just wondering, do you have to have special permission to post in the "Imperial Commissary" "Ongoing Sales & Projects"? Thanks!, Kevin
  14. First off NICE JOB!!! Im so new to electronics and coding that i am lost, so here i am asking for help , lol, however i want to learn this stuff because it is fascinating. Do you happen to have the wiring schematic for the Arduino Uno with the DFPlayer Mini and the code? Trying to make something similar where I push a button, lights up an LED and plays a sound from the MP3 player, nothing fancy, yet, lol.
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