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Rogue One another new TK photo


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I was just about to say.. Coverstrips do look very thick. But, I am going to be happy to see them in a new movie again. :duim:

Aaw yeh, 99.9% of the public won't be able to tell the difference between an ANH oufit and the Rogue One version.

Good times :)

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Just a few observations from the attached photos of the new "Hawaii" Trooper.....sorry, it has that look to me :)


Looks to be some sort of grey or black connection between chest and back pieces.


More of a pronounced raised area on the hand guards, near the wrist end.


Thigh/Knee ammo pack looks to be in a different fixed position.


The belt now looks to be attached or fixed along the break line between chest and cod piece.


Of course all of these observations could be wrong, one cleaner photos arrive.

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On 6/26/2016 at 3:56 AM, T K said:

Are we sure? It could just be the lighting.

Tweaking exposure and colour saturation, they look different, although some are in shadow


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Notice the belt has the smaller boxes in the front and it's wide above the drop boxes.


The adjusted photo shows two colors on the ab dots.


Looks like a strap from the chest to back on the sides under the arm

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Here's a higher res pic.


Looks like their E-11s have flashlights on the side of the barrel.



rogue one stormtrooper.jpg

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I think the biggest change here is how they modified the helmet. The height of the teeth has been reduced a lot compared to the OT and it now looks like a Master Replica helmet. I know it's something R. McQuarrie wanted but I think he was wrong on that point.

It also looks like they recessed the tubestripes.

The chest plate looks also bad. It seems very narrow, a bit like the AP chest plate.

The thighs... They butchered them. They're totally lacking the amazing aesthetic lines they had.


Side note, the gloves appear to be FOTK gloves but in all black.


Overall, I'm still very disappointed by these new stormtroopers. However, I don't think they would spoil me the film. I'm actually far more concerned about everything else, script, characters, and such...

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