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  1. Schaut doch soweit schon mal gut aus
  2. Nice work! Do you ship also to Nürnberg ? :-) What is the Cost of such a board. For my blasters e11, dlt19, e22 i used the arduino ano and the WT1000 MP3 Player incl amplifier. Is there a amplifier on the board also?
  3. I got my e22 from 3dPropsNl and now 2 e11. I got one as kit and one complet build and weathred. I will add Light and Sound in both Here the Pics of the comlete blaster fromProps-NL: http:\\www.haui.eu/userfiles/images/e11_3dprops/e11_komplett2.jpg http:\\www.haui.eu/userfiles/images/e11_3dprops/e11_komplett3.jpg And here the Kit, it is a 3d Print and i thnik you will need about 1 hour for smoothing http:\\www.haui.eu/userfiles/images/e11_3dprops/e11_teile1.jpg http:\\www.haui.eu/userfiles/images/e11_3dprops/e11_teile2.jpg http:\\www.haui.eu/userfiles/images/e11_3dprops/foldingstock_parts1.jpg http:\\www.haui.eu/userfiles/images/e11_3dprops/foldingstock_parts2.jpg Building the scope http:\\www.haui.eu/userfiles/images/e11_3dprops/e11_scope.jpg And Weathering Drilling al openings for the wires http:\\www.haui.eu/userfiles/images/e11_3dprops/e11_holes1.jpg http:\\www.haui.eu/userfiles/images/e11_3dprops/e11_holes2.jpg Here the batterie-clip which i have attached to the endcap http:\\www.haui.eu/userfiles/images/e11_3dprops/e11_batteriehalter.jpg Now the Trigger. The Kit is ready for installing a micro-Switch. The Spring is from a ballpen http:\\www.haui.eu/userfiles/images/e11_3dprops/e11_trigger1.jpg http:\\www.haui.eu/userfiles/images/e11_3dprops/e11_trigger2.jpg http:\\www.haui.eu/userfiles/images/e11_3dprops/e11_trigger3.jpg http:\\www.haui.eu/userfiles/images/e11_3dprops/e11_trigger4.jpg The On7Off switch haui.eu/userfiles/images/e11_3dprops/e11_on_off1.jpg The Selector / Reload-Button http:\\www.haui.eu/userfiles/images/e11_3dprops/e11_selector_button.jpg The arduino will be placed in the tube The MP3 Player in the Magazin The Hengstler is the place for the speaker and a bar-graph. http:\\www.haui.eu/userfiles/images/e11_3dprops/e11_hengstler_speaker.jpg http:\\www.haui.eu/userfiles/images/e11_3dprops/hengstler_3leds.jpg http:\\www.haui.eu/userfiles/images/e11_3dprops/hengstler_barspeaker.jpg Hengstler is ready but not glued complete http:\\www.haui.eu/userfiles/images/e11_3dprops/hengstler_zu.jpg Mounting the hengstler to the blaster http:\\www.haui.eu/userfiles/images/e11_3dprops/hengstler_montiert.jpg Here the MP3 Player http:\\www.haui.eu/userfiles/images/e11_3dprops/mp3_magazin.jpg The Red and blue LED's are glued to the front. http:\\www.haui.eu/userfiles/images/e11_3dprops/led_frontteil.jpg Soldering all wired to the arduino http:\\www.haui.eu/userfiles/images/e11_3dprops/ardunio_verdrahtet.jpg More Pics here http://haui.eu/?Starwars___E11-Blaster_3dProps-NL
  4. We should ask him for his TK number :-)
  5. Hi the right value is 1K ohm Sorry for the late answer
  6. Nice work but it will look much better when you add some return edges :-)
  7. Haa i have to laugh!! Ok the Material is not so expensive, i Made the shirt for my shoretrooper by myself. The material costs are about 50 Euro but you have to sew 1000 of 4mm wide ribs. For one arm i need 2 hours. So you need about 10-12 hours to seew this shirt!!!!!
  8. The costumes are terrible but the spot is great
  9. Handschuhe bei ebay, nomex flight gloves. Neckseal bekommst du hier oder selbermachen Unteranzug: Schwarze Ski oder Motorrad-Unterwäsche OHNE Logo
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