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  1. All righty, power cylinder time. I have been working on plans for a couple a months now in Illustrator. The work Andy has done has been such a huge help. Go read his research here: E11 Stormtrooper Blaster Power Cylinders Resource: History & Analysis I wish that we could ID this part that seems to poke it's little head up everywhere in ANH yet we have no exact ID for it. Here are my drawings: And then I used Tinkercad to make the 3D models. This is most definitely not the best 3d model out there for power cylinders, but the point of this build is to source original parts or make them myself. Tinkercad worked pretty well, but it is very spartan. I would love a 3d modeling program that ran like Adobe Illustrator. Oh well, a free program is free, so I cannot complain much. I just found out that one of my cousin's recently bought a 3d printer so I'll try to print these files out to see if they actually turn out. I may also scratch-build the power cylinders too from items that I can find at the hardware store. Time will tell.
  2. During this time I began to do research into this gun and the history about it. I have decided that I am going to restore it to the look of it as it was originally, but I can dress it up as an E-11. My castings will be used to make full time E-11s. So the magazine will remain as it is and I will get another to modify it to match what we see in Star Wars. Though it is not directly related to the E-11 I bought an original sling and a reproduction bayonet. I need to clean up some of the holes on the barrel and then will need to blue(?) the metal. I may have read it somewhere, but I cannot remember; it the metal blued or is there some other process that was used?
  3. Thank you! It has been fun and full of learning. Next up was more practice with molding and casting. I want to make it clear here that I will never recast anything that has been made by another member or maker. The only items I will mold and cast are either original parts or parts that I will fabricate myself. On to the molding: As seen above I used legos this time to create a mold wall and then I used one of smooth-on's trial kits. After making this and other molds I see that I will need to use a hardier silicone next time. But here are the results: Not the best, haha. I still have not painted them yet, but when I do I'll put the pictures up here. Casting is still very new to me and knowing which resin to use and the method to do so is something I need to figure out. After these castings, as well as the castings of the scope, I see how a de-gassing chamber would help immensely. I had some extra resin and silicone so I practiced with the bolt lever. I still have a lot to do and learn.
  4. The Hengstler Counter I was able to obtain an original Hengstler counter from Dennis. Just love the brass. I also bought some power cylinders from him which are lovely, but I will be fabricating my own down the road. All original (besides the power cylinders).
  5. So next came the welding. I have a friend whose father has access to a machinist shop and we planned to go there and get my gun welded together. Now before this point I had never welded anything in my life, but when we got there he told me that he wanted me to do it. So he showed me how and I went on my way. Due to this it is not the best job and it is not aligned 100% like I would have hoped, but I did it by myself (kinda ). How we achieved the weld—I do not have any pictures of the process—we machined some aluminum parts that would fit inside snugly and then I would weld the parts together and then bang the aluminum parts out and moved to the next section that needed to be welded. After it was welded and the welds ground down we sandblasted the gun. Here are some pictures: On a CNC machine, my friends father used it to clean up some of my sloppy welds. Notice the holes... I know not perfect, but hey! I am proud.
  6. All righty! It has been a long time. Roger I do still plan on showing how I paint and weather the scope, but I have not done it yet. I still have the resin scope that needs to be painted, so it will be here eventually. ____________________ E-11 time! I love to create and there was a project that I wanted to do and I felt that I could accomplish, build an E-11 and make some for my friends and fellow 501st members. This meant that I needed to get original parts to recreate the E-11. So I found a demilled sterling to use as a starting point. Here are some pictures: Here it is next to my DoopyDoos build: Damage that needed to be repaired:
  7. Here is how you can resize the file size on Mac Computers. 1) Open the picture in Preview 2) Select File on top bar 3) Select Export... 4) Move Quality Slider until file size is appropriate 5) Then Save! I hope this helps.
  8. Welcome to FISD Jake! I am glad to find you here! Feel free to ask any questions you have; everyone here is happy to help out.
  9. Looks great! I love what you did for the bolt.
  10. For higher levels—if you are doing A New Hope trooper—you will need the counter, power cylinders, and T tracks like you alluded being absent. Moreover it should be noted that the listing on Amazon doesn't seem to have a magazine?? So if you get this kit you will have to find one. There are plenty of options: I know Fieldmarshal has some, you can also find some excellent 3D files here for 3D printing as well (but if you are doing an all metal build, I'd recommend a real or metal replica magazine).
  11. Yeah, it has been a pain. For me the linked pictures would work if I payed their fees, but they are blurred because I don't: But it looks like in this thread the pictures are not linked at all. The best bet would to redo this thread with updated pictures–which would be a lot of work. I loved this thread when I started here; it was the main guide I used to build my kit.
  12. The problem is that when the thread was created Photobucket was used as the image hosting site. Since then they have changed their policies and whatnot. Thus pictures linked from there are now missing or blurred if you do not pay their fees.
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