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  1. Yeah, it has been a pain. For me the linked pictures would work if I payed their fees, but they are blurred because I don't: But it looks like in this thread the pictures are not linked at all. The best bet would to redo this thread with updated pictures–which would be a lot of work. I loved this thread when I started here; it was the main guide I used to build my kit.
  2. The problem is that when the thread was created Photobucket was used as the image hosting site. Since then they have changed their policies and whatnot. Thus pictures linked from there are now missing or blurred if you do not pay their fees.
  3. This looks great! I will be following this project.
  4. Sorry for the late reply. I used a brass and a satin black spray paint to achieve this look. I'll be posting a guide here on how I got the weathered look.
  5. Finally got it finished. Took too long. Here it is.
  6. Hello everybody! I recently purchased real M38 scope off ebay for a good price. As I learn more about this hobby I know that the best way to get better is through practice. Therefore I decided I would try my hand at molding and casting replicas of the scope. Here is the scope: It is a 1943 version and it is in very good nick. I began by cleaning the scope and building a little box for it out of foam core. Then I used my pottery knowledge from middle school It wasn't the smoothest, but it'll work. One thing I wish I did was add escapes for air bubbles at this point, but I didn't think about that until after I cast. Here are some pics. The mold itself is not the prettiest, but the detail of the scope was great! One thing that always bugged me about resin copies of scopes is that to make them believable you had to drill and clean the insides out and then add lenses. I have seen others here do this wonderfully, but I lacked the skill and patience when I first started out here. Tino will remember this. So what I decided to do in this case was to cast in clear resin. This way all you have to do is mask the lenses before painting and then pull them off afterwards. Here is the first cast: This is where I learned I needed to cut in some escapes for air and whatnot. But to prove this concept I painted this scope today to see how it would look. Note I didn't bother cleaning this casting up much as it was so defective. Here are the pictures: Let me know what you think! For my first ever silicone mold I am pretty happy, but I will probably make a new one eventually. Cheers!
  7. Absolutely fantastic! This must have taken you some time to get this level of detail. Great job again!
  8. Ah, the Princess Bride! This was very informational! I had no clue you had part in so many wonderful films.
  9. Awesome! I appreciate your attention to detail. It looks like all you need now are some T tracks and then paint. This is a quality blaster! Oh, and I like your stand for it too!
  10. Quick question: if this Trooper is the main infantry they wouldn’t really be Special Operations would they? If they were say Kylo’s special guard then I would say they are spec ops, if not, then I think they would stay here like the rest of the Stormtroopers. Just my two cents.
  11. Fantastic work there! If you hadn't shown the pictures of the process I would not have known you modded it. Keep it up! I am loving this stuff.
  12. T K

    My E11 Build

    You can totally fix the screws permanently! I just used some glue in the threads of the screws to secure them. For a better looking blaster I would recommend painting the various parts separately and then attaching them. When I built my first blaster I painted after I had assembled it and it was tough getting paint into some crevices. Good luck on the build, this is going to be a great build!
  13. Awesome! I will be following for sure. I have dreams of doing this too. Best of luck to you!
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