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  1. Hi Tyler, just sent you a PM with some info! Welcome to the FISD!
  2. Based on the timing and the layout, it looks like it's most likely from the Art of book for TROS.
  3. My impression is that your kidney plate is not overlapping your ab plate, it's just not perfectly flush with it because of curvature. You can do a few things to line these up like adding a tab made out of ABS and a slot to slide it into, or even putting velcro on the tab, which keeps the two parts nice and level with each other. As Joseph said, minimal gap between ABS belt and drop boxes. I think if you should a photo of the inside of the thighs, they may ease back on this request. You may need to sand them just a bit to ensure they don't poke you and stand out a little less.
  4. I think you should be okay for basic but here are a few suggestions to help improve your overall look: The biggest thing is to make sure that your chest plate stays overlapping on your ab. This is a requirement for basic. When you submit your final photos, ensure that no gap is visible here and that even after moving around, your chest overlaps your ab. I agree with Mark above that your thigh ammo pack is riveted very close to the edge of the pack however I'm not sure what you can do about this without getting a new one. Making a hole and filling the old one will probably not be a good option because they would be very close together but it's something to watch for. Watch out for sniper knee lock. Wear your thighs as high as you can and consider adding some foam to help push out the left knee and avoiding it getting caught in the thigh. I would suggest reinforcing this area as well to prevent cracking. In your action photo, it looks like you have some strapping sticking out of your thigh, so make sure your connections are all secure. In the same photo, your left bicep looks like it's rotating. If you don't have strapping between shoulder bells and biceps, it's a good idea to help keep your look more consistent. Your shoulder straps look like they may not be quite touching your back plate, so you may want to curve them a little more with a hot water bath and/or adding the optional elastic straps to help hold them down. Mostly minor stuff! You'll be trooping in no time!
  5. Looks great, good job on all the suggested changes! Should be an easy approval! (Biceps could use some adjusting as mentioned but that's minor!)
  6. Heat it to boiling and then remove from the heat. (I would just put them in for 30 seconds and see if that's sufficient, then increase the time you heat them up for if needed). Yes, wear gloves as the straps will get quite hot. They can stay attached, it just might get a little awkward. I would submerge the whole strap minus the part attached to the chest, though admittedly I have never done that myself and would heat bend them before attaching.
  7. Agreed with comments above. Your shoulder bells seem to be twisting towards the back, leaving a lot of black showing in the front between the chest plate and shoulder bell. Make sure when you suit up that your kidney/butt/ab plate are straight and hiked up as high as possible. You can see on the right side that the kidney is not aligning with the ab, which is why it's sitting crooked (most visible in your back shot). I think you mostly have some small adjustments to make, which is good news!
  8. Hello and welcome to the FISD, Kyle! As was pointed out to you on our forums and here as well, your local garrison is the Canadian Garrison.
  9. Hi Jeremy and welcome to the FISD! Not sure that the Jet Trooper will end up here. It seems likely that it will fall to Spec Ops, so it is probably worthwhile for you to create an account and post up over there! https://specops501st.com/
  10. Your geographical location determines which garrison/outpost will be evaluating your costume. Edit: Sorry Brian for highjacking your thread a little. Daniel, if you have more questions, please feel free to PM me.
  11. It is more or less the same for everyone. GMLs' job is to verify that applicants' costume meets the standard of the CRL. Some are sticklers more than others. Even if we were to centralize costume approval at the detachment level, unless only a single person is approving costumes, there will be some small variation in what one approver finds acceptable to another.
  12. Yes, that's right. If you're the same size and proportions as on screen, stick to those. Adjust as required. Brian, I'd recommend bringing your GML in on the discussion to see what they would accept as well.
  13. I would imagine it would be required since the only one seen has it on. An example that is similar would be the FO Flametrooper. Backpack is listed as a requirement and the flamethrower is listed as optional, like all weapons at L1 (but it seems like almost everyone would have both in this case).
  14. Hello and welcome to the FISD!
  15. Agreed with Glen's comments! Minor thing that won't affect approval but you see on your right side how the ab and kidney aren't vertically lined up, and they should, ideally. You could add something here to help them line up. Don't think you'll encounter any issues with approval once you address those minor issues. Good luck!
  16. Love this comparison shot! Can we perhaps get it added to the gallery for future reference?
  17. I agree with the feedback provided by others. Elastic at the back of the straps are not required at basic. Definitely watch out for that knee to make sure you don't crack it!
  18. Looks like an easy pass for basic to me (assuming helmet is good, which is hard to tell without close-up photos)! Some small adjustments, as recommended above and you should be ready to apply for EIB as well!
  19. Hello and welcome to the FISD, Wayne! You're in good hands in the Badlands Garrison!
  20. Hello and welcome to the FISD, Wayne! Which part of Canada are you in? You should join the forums for your local unit too!
  21. I do recall painted ears bars being a display of rank but I don't think I've seen a definitive reference as to which bars would represent which rank.
  22. Hi Cheryl, welcome to the FISD! Many have already pointed you to the CTD. I would also suggest you join your local unit's forums depending on where you live to connect with some of your local 501st folks! Handling at troops is so helpful and it's a great way to meet folks and ask questions!
  23. Hi Cody, I agree with Mason's points above. You should wear your belt higher, ideally sitting right at or slightly overlapping the ab button plates. Your back plate could definitely be worn a bit high to minimize overlap with the kidney. Ideally, the top of your kidney plate should align with the top of your ab/cod plate. For your helmet, you could do with extending the frown paint further (reference photos below) and your tube stripes are sitting quite low (far away from the "cheeks"). Your canvas belt is a bit too long and ideally should end behind the TD. Your holster could also be moved closer as it should sit more on your left side, but I find it a bit difficult to see how far away from the ABS belt it is attached. Some small adjustments to make and nothing critical! Hope this advice is helpful to you!
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