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  1. What size oil drain pan did you use yours is square the crl pics have a triangular frame 

  2. I bought those tool. They seem nice, although I haven't had time to change over from my original [painted] canvas ones. I need to figure out how to make the stitches black without looking like I took a Sharpie and drew on them. As for the loops, I've tried 2 different method; Chicago screws for the loops and glued Velcro for attaching a strap to the pauldron.
  3. I was using a ski bag, but it was too long, so I finally just made this.
  4. What did you use for the hinge, and how did you fasten it? It looks like you used screws, but they would need to be awfully small, wouldn't they?
  5. Did you use the 3" on the outside pieces as well? Would you mind showing a close up of how you did the magnets, please. What glue did you use?
  6. I find the Disney binders difficult to operate because of the clasps. They are difficult event without the helmet on. I may try making some PVC ones with the magnet; much easier to operate!
  7. Any chance you could give us a parts list and detailed build instructions when your finished?
  8. How did you cover the white stitching?
  9. I've stayed clean. I do a lot of library events with Vader and it's easier indoors without the pack and I think Vader needs a regular TK by his side. I save the HWT for outdoor events (including the antenna)
  10. I appreciate the help guys. I'm sending all the various parts to Tony to see if he can troubleshoot it as a system.
  11. Ok, I've done some troubleshooting and can explain the symptoms a little better now: I have the following equipment - Tony's Hovi tip speakers - ROM F/X I received last summer - Microphone included with the ROM F/X kit - Duracell 9V battery measuring 8.9 volts (or others that are up to 9.1) - Tony's hearing assist which doesn't appear to affect anything; I tested everything outside of the helmet (except the Hovi speakers). - fans with a USB power supply (but again the battery wasn't installed, and I tested everything outside the helmet anyway) What I found: 1. Using the hovi speakers, and 9V battery, if I turn the volume more than about half way up, it says the "ROM F/X" boot up phrase every time after I speak. 2. If i change to the larger speaker that came with the ROM F/X kit, it works fine with the 9V battery even at the highest volume. 3. If I use the hovi speakers and the 12V 8AA battery pack I received with the ROM F/X kit, it seems to work fine. 4. I've changed microphones from the ROM F/X one to Tony's and there doesn't appear to be a difference in the outcome; still the same as noted above with each option. Therefore, it appears to be the combination of the 9V battery and the Hovi speakers. But... it used to work fine with this combination. It just started doing that re-boot phrase one time when I was trooping after each time I talked. Strange thing that it worked fine before. I didn't change anything or move anything around that would have caused this to happen. It just "happened" one day. I love having everything contained in the helmet, so mounting the larger speaker and power supply into the chest is not my favorite option. Putting the large battery pack in the helmet might be an option, but not my favorite idea because of the weight, and my big head... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the details John. I use regular Duracell and have measured batteries as soon as it starts rebooting; they are measuring 8.8 to 8.7V compared to 9 or 9.1 when they are brand new. It worked fine for a while and this is a recent issue. I'll do some trouble shooting and get some photos as soon as I can and post them here. I appreciate the help.
  13. Yes. Just with your hovi speakers. Could there be some kind of electrical leakage between the wires all crammed in the helmet? (I have fans and your hearing assist; but when this happens those of turned off) When I test the big speaker and battery pack they are obviously outside the helmet. I haves tried pulling the other pieces out yet.
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