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  1. I’m still rockin’ the SDS I bought in 2005. Long before we had the choices we do now and before we got to the bottom of AA’s deception. Sold the battle spec helmet and wear an RS helmet. Also, there’s an ANOVOS trimmed in a box waiting to be put together.
  2. True, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't or can't talk/complain about this thing that we love so dearly.
  3. Those TK's are falling apart! Someone from the UKG needs to be allowed up there to piece those splitting seams back together. I'm loving the Death Troopers and Shore Troopers. Nice to see the E-11 back again along with lots of cool new boasters.
  4. These new TK costumes remind me of how, with each new superhero movie, they have to change the costume just because they can. Spiderman has a different suit in each movie, Batman and Superman are the same. Heck, even the new Star Trek movies have subtly different costumes in each one. Why? They have huge budgets and a costume designer that wants to show off a little.<br><br> Having said that, I have no problem with making the new TK armor look more 'real' or 'functional.' Make the ab buttons look like they do something, rather than just having the vac formed bumps with a bit of Testors slapped on 'em. Make the tube stripes look like they actually provide a breathing filter or something. Etc.<br><br> My only complaint is changing the design or adding a detail for no apparent, as of yet, reason. The angled join between the ab and the kidney armor...why? The big ugly black plastic girdle joining the chest and the back armor. Why? Rogue One takes place so close to ANH that it seems a design change like these shouldn't be there.<br><br> Does the helmet look like an eFX helmet? In my opinion, yes, and I don't like it. However, 99% of the viewing public, as I've encountered with the general public when I troop, don't notice these differences. They can't tell an RS from an FX! But that doesn't mean that we can't discuss it here. Heck, were stormtrooper professionals boys and girls! It's our job to discuss this minutiae!
  5. I'm just not sure about those detached codpieces...amongst other things. Hmmm...
  6. I found a tiny red spot just like yours in my front ab piece. Tiny, but it seems to be embedded in the plastic. Most likely dust from some other plastic project when the ABS was made.
  7. When I reglued my thigh pieces, I worked a dull, flat edged putty knife under the pieces and slowly pried them apart. They came apart pretty easily with no damage, then I cleaned off the E6000 by pulling it up like dried rubber cement.
  8. Named for the TK that was supposed to be at his post and the year of my birth, 1970.
  9. The armor is going to be on display starting tomorrow, along with a few more Ep 7 props and costumes. Can't wait for people to start sending back close ups of the new armor. I like it!
  10. They shipped tons of Trek stuff. So there's that.
  11. Nah, looks like too much is going on. Too many add-ons and greeblies, too busy. Plus, the shoulder and bicep armor is too reminiscent of Robocop for me. I love the leaked helmet photos though. We'll see.
  12. If this is real: I LOVE it! That looks so dang cool. I'm not much for change, but this looks so cool. I hope this is right, but at the same time, why would stormtroopers evolve after the fall of the Empire?
  13. It was an honor to stand next to the casket and hear the stories of a life well lived and a man well loved by his family and friends.
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