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  1. The hand guard is glued to 2 elastic bands. One that goes around my wrist and the other around my palm. My undershirt sleeves are long enough so it covers the yellow stripe at the bottom edge of the glove.
  2. You won't get approved in the Gorilla gloves, i just use them for troops. Your handguard covers most of the top of your hand anyway. Nobody notices your hands when your wearing white shiny armor! Next to the armor they look full black. But hey if you don't like no worries. What works for some may not work for others. Being as comfortable as you can is the key.
  3. I thought I'd share my Halloween costume this year. I can't believe it's November already.
  4. Got mine last night too. I love the fact that you can control how loud you need to talk into the microphone before it picks up anything. So I can lightly cough, clear my throat and it won't pick any of the up, until I start talking. My iComm system picked up every noise. Loud music, excited people, PA systems all would trigger my iComm. So when I was at Star Wars night at a local baseball game I basically walked around with constant static bursts popping on and off. I eventually turned it off. Last night I tested my Rom/FX around my dogs barking and not once did it trigger the microphone. Also I love the fact that I can easily put my helmet on now too. I don't mind that it doesn't have an audio in port. I rarely play TK chatter or music anyway. I love all the customization options. Don't get me wrong the iComm system definitely works. But there is situations where it may not work the best.
  5. I love this Racing Shirt!!!! Thank you, Thank you for doing this Joseph!
  6. I did this to mine. Left them silver. The original props were probably painted over black. I liked the way they looked silver though.
  7. Drop boxes seem to be attached with a black elastic/webbing. Larger gap between belt and drop boxes too. There doesn't seem to be a seam at the front of the thighs by the knee.
  8. I don't think glue would be a good idea. Zap a gap will make the area glued rigid and hard. Sewing is your best option. Go to a sewing/alterations shop and have them make some. 3/4 of an inch to 1 inch sizes. Maybe even a few at 1.5 inches.
  9. Participating in a Weird Al concert this Friday! I'm really looking forward to it!

  10. I have 2mm ABS with my ATA armor and it feels extremely durable to me. I also use the bracket and loop system, without a problem.
  11. Some of the elastic loops will be sewn a little smaller then others. The butt to kidney attachments can be pretty small so as to help avoid some of the butt sides flair (mine are 3/4 of an inch wide). So yes they can have some different sizing depending on your body and positioning. Most of my other ones are approximately 1 inch wide, looped. That measurment is based off of if you sew your loop lay it flat and measure its height. Hope that helps. You will have enough elastic leftover to make more if you need to make adjustments.
  12. Oh, that would be great news! I didn't hear or see that. I would love to have that option. Guess we'll find out in a couple of weeks!
  13. I have an iComm system too. It does a great job! But like you, I wanted to try out the RomFx. I have heard so may good things about it. The only downside is that with the RomFx, you don't have an audio in for TK chatter. But I've only used it a couple times on my iComm system anyway. Just keep an eye out for when the RomFx website comes back online. Like someone mentioned above he only does 2-4 batches a year. I have been wanting one for quite some time. I just got lucky and got in contact with him a couple weeks before he was starting a new run.
  14. I have a current order placed also. It seems that the website being down coincides with when he is fully booked with his current orders. Maybe it's possible that he takes the website down so that he doesn't end up with a backlog of emails and order requests?
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