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  1. I trooped with my Anovos for 2,5 years and it still is in good shape. It has some cracks and chips, but that’s normal and can easily be fixed. you should check, with what the armor was glued together. If it was E6000 or similar you can still refit the parts if they don’t fit you. if super glue was used, it could be a bigger problem refitting stuff.
  2. 16.02.2019 X-Wing Turnier in 76149 Karlsruhe-Nordstadt 23.09.2017 SPEYER X - Das Jubiläum 09.07.2017 Geburtstag zum 6ten Geburtstag in Karlsruhe 01.07.2017 Comic Con Stuttgart Samstag 01.07.2017 Hochzeit eines Mitgliedes in Bad Rappenau 25.06.2017 Die GG beim Sonntagsumzug der Stadt Bulach/Karlsruhe 17.06.2017 Legoland 13.05.2017 Gratis Comic Tag Esslingen 19.03.2017 DKMS Event für Haily 22.12.2016 Event Stuttgart Patch Barracks 22.12.2016 Promoaktion für ZKM im Ettlinger Tor Center Karlsruhe 21.12.2016 Promoaktion für ZKM im Ettlinger Tor Center Karlsruhe 18.12.2016 Rogue One im Filmpalast Karlsruhe 15.12.2016 Rogue One im Filmpapalast Karlsruhe (RL) 19.11.2016 Spielemesse Stuttgart 21.10.2016 80er Party des Radiosender 08.10.2016 Star Wars Treffen in der Bücherrei Ispringen 24.09.2016 24.9.16: Speyer IX - Samstag 25.06.2016 Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart 28.05.2016 Legoland 27.05.2016 Legoland 07.05.2016 Müller Karlsruhe 05.02.2016 18. Geburtstag in 76684 Östringen 21.01.2016 Letzte Ehre für Pedram 09.01.2016 Müller Event Karlsruhe 17.12.2015 Cinestar Karlsruhe - TFA 21.11.2015 Spielemesse Stuttgart 17.10.2015 Star Wars Party Kinderhospiz Sternenbrücke Pforzheim 26.09.2015 Fiktion trifft Realität - Speyer VIII
  3. Thank you so much Tony. This update made my day..... I'll work on the "issues" and be back soon for Centurion.... ;-)
  4. Thank you. My ESB TK is centurion level, this is my ANH Stunt Version ;-) and a stunt should look battle damaged :-) Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  5. Personal Information Name: Kai TKID: TK-71715 User: TK-71715 501st Pofile: http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=19364&costumeID=124 Garrison: German Garrison Mandatory Information Armor = Anovos Helmet= Dan Laws Blaster= DoopyDoo Optional Height = 166cm / 5'5" Weight = 68 kg / 150 lbs Boots = TK Boots Canvas belt = Felice (GG) Hand Plates = Sonnenschein TD = Anovos Hovi Mic Tips = CFO Electronics= Aker plus WTS (Wireless Trooper System) Neck Seal = Handmade (GG) Holster = Friedel (GG) Undersuit = functional sports underwear Application Photos Armor Photos Full Body Front: Full Body Right Arms down: Full Body Right Arms up: Full Body Left Arms down: Full Body Left Arms up: Full Body Back: Action Shot: Armor Details Ab Buttons: Ab Split Rivets Interior (I hope they are visible): Kidney Split Rivets Interior (I hope they are visible): Ab Kidney Left with Notch: Ab Kidney Right with Notch: Ab Top Right Snap: Butt Kidney not Fixed: Hand Plates: Shoulder Bridge (Front): Shoulder Bridge (Back): Shoulder connection: Thigh Ammo Pack Left: Thigh Ammo Pack Right: Thighs Front: Thighs Back: Thigh strapping: Knee Plate Left: Knee Plate Right: Greaves Front: Greaves Back: Belt Front: Belt Back with closed Back on Drop Boxes: Cod Butt Connection Outside: Cod Butt Connection Inside and Kidney Ab Strapping: Posterior Inside: Posterior Outside: Interior "lower" Strapping: Forearm strapping: Forearm Left Front: Forearm Left Back: Forearm Right Front: Forearm Right Back: Forearms: Forearms Wrist: Accessories Details: Thermal Detonator Front: Thermal Detonator Back: Neckseal: Helmet Details: Helmet Front: Helmet Back: Helmet Left: Helmet Right: Helmet Lens: Helmet S-Trim: Boots: Blaster Details Blaster Left: Blaster Right: Blaster Back (D-Ring): Thank you for your time and consideration! kai
  6. Happy birthday. Awesome build, awesome WIP. And please keep the kidney notches the way they are ;-) http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/uploads/gallery/album_16/med_gallery_12157_16_598.jpg
  7. Kai Bartels 71715 Centurion A4 Tony http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/71715-centurion.png
  8. Kai Bartels 71715 EIB A4 Andrew http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/71715-eib.png
  9. Looks like an anovos. They have a "issue" with wide calves. Just follow ukswrath WIP on his anovos armor. You get all the details you need to know. <br> Something else I noticed , pull up your belt a little more, till it's flush with the abdomen button box. It should be right at the bottom of it.<br> And you put your hand plates on the wrong way, they should be vice versa, left on the right and right on the left hand ;-) <br> But that is easy to fix ;-)<br> And not to forget the sniper knee should be over the thigh armor. Easy to fix too ;-) keep it up, nice build besides the points I mentioned.
  10. Following with interest ;-) keep it up.... sent from a galaxy, far, far away...
  11. Hi Andi, Hier ist der nette Trooper aus Karlsruhe ;-) Herzlich willkommen. Hier bist du an der richtigen Stelle, wenn du Hilfe und Rat benötigst. Auf bald Kai sent from a galaxy, far, far away...
  12. As far as I know, they are only a different revision. Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  13. Yes you can, depends on your code ;-) just remove the LED triggering routines or exclude them in the code... Sent from a galaxy, far, far away...
  14. Keep it up. Your doing an awesome job on that FX. <br> Looking forward to see it completed and put on. ;-)
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