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    Tyne & Wear, UK
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    Collecting Comic book Original Artwork, trying to teach myself Sketchup, trying to write a screenplay, it's only been three years...so far.

    Trying to build a Doopy E-11 Blaster.
    Trying to build a deactivated Sterling Blaster.
    Trying to build a printable 3d model of the Z6 Riot Baton.

    Oh, and trying to finish putting my armor together.

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  1. Over 5 years and still not finished, life and laziness have a habit of delaying things. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/31912-artshots-anh-stunt-build-am-20/ Im thinking.......723
  2. Acck, just noticed that Photobucket has helpfully blurred my early photos........nuts Looks like I have some work to do before I get back at my build....sigh.
  3. I think I need one of these to add to my stockpile of projects, is there a website or facebook page out there ?
  4. I had been thinking about using a similar setup when I get to attaching my belt, don't want anymore holes in my armor
  5. I know your pain. I have had many moments of wanting to test the aerodynamics of a back plate as I skim it out of a window, it was slowing me down so much that I had to move on to something else. Soon as I think I am finished I will revisit those troublesome corners/wings or as I came to know them, devils horns. You solution is going to come in very handy
  6. Quick question. I've just glued the elastic into my shoulder bells to secure around the bicep clip, when looking at it I'm wondering how long it will be before the elastic pulls away from the inside of the shoulder bell. Has anybody glued squares of surplus plastic over the ends to secure them better or is it just overkill ? And will it affect clearance if I do it?
  7. It's been raining, so it's build time. So far I have reduced a lot of return edges, totally forgot to reduce the edges under the shoulder bridges, found that out as I did a test fit and noticed quite a lot of digging in, I'm hoping to deal with annoying bites and edges before I get to eventually troop, although I suspect even then there will be ongoing tweaks. After trying on the main torso and lining up the biceps, after another bit of a boil to reshape them, hopefully to stop them popping out from under the shoulder bells, I've been trying to figure out strapping placement on my newly installed snaps (incidentally, don't expect e6000 to remain fluid in a tube that was last opened about 3 years ago, was nearly a Hulk Smash moment). I am guessing strap from the top down? With that in mind, is there a trick to strapping the shoulder bells to the shoulder bridge elastic strap?, Is it best to try to get the edge of the shoulder bell to touch the white strap?, or should there be a small gap? Oh, and while I'm here, is there a trick to placement to avoid the shoulder bells showing too much gap between them and chest plate?, I've noticed that's a common issue in submission photos. Typically and being a genious, I forgot to charge my camera battery, so no photos (imgur still the best option?) Busy waiting for the glue on the shoulder bell elastic to dry, gave it a little bit of tension......and way too much glue......sigh, it's amazing what you forget, a rookie mistake. Anyway, if there's anybody out there reading this babble, all comments welcome
  8. Okay then, I am back, I have freed up a few deadlines and decided that I am going to finish this thing before the end of the month, I know, with my track record its a challenge, but here we go. I am currently reducing some of the return edges to free up some wriggle room, caught myself with a scalpel, bled a little...…..just like old times. Oh, and I have noticed talk of CRL changes, hope by the time I finish, there not going to get in the way, aiming for Centurion
  9. I think I better look through a few builds and submission photos to jog my memory of what exactly I am doing and more importantly, how to do it, it's amazing how much a person can forget when not being obsessive.
  10. Blimey!! Nearly another year has passed and still not finished (or done anything since my last post...sigh) Such a slacker
  11. Since it's now many months after the announcement, has anybody in the UK any experience of the new formula?, that's if it's available yet. Yup, I am ready to get back to my build...….unfortunately the tube of E6000 I had has suffered from somebody not putting the top back on the tube properly......Phooey.
  12. Good Point. It is unlikely they would want there dirty laundry aired in public.
  13. I've been reading the posts and continuing fiasco that is Anovos and there false promises and delivery dates for what feels like years now, and one question keeps popping up in my head. "why is Disney not doing/looking into this?" After granting Anovos the license, surely this has got to be an embarrassment to them on how there treating dedicated fans of there property, or is it such a small blip, it's not even on there radar. I should say, I don't own, have anything on order, or plan to order anything from Anovos, but that was initially down to there unrealistic shipping prices.
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