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  1. Welcome aboard to the FISD! You are about to embark on a very fun and lengthy journey. Remember to have fun and post lots and lots of pictures of your progress! Good Luck cadet!
  2. Congratulations Andrew! Well deserved. I know you will do great things here on the FISD. Good Luck next term and I will be cheering you on the sideline!
  3. Hey @Easy PM me your address for your prize bud! Choose between prize pack 1 or 2
  4. Congratulations @Freduster , @Harbinger will be in touch when the coins are ready. @Easy and @Hotel Congratulations on placing 2nd and 3rd. Easy, you placed 2nd, choose your prize pack and PM me your address. Hotel, you will receive whatever Easy doesn't choose, please provide me your address via PM!
  5. Adding this to our reference links, and may be the Attache Tip for next month. Joseph, thank you for continuing to be an incredible source for so many trooper hopefuls. edit; I see that it has been done already! Nice!
  6. Hey Jonathan! Welcome to the FISD. Many members receive their armor on vetted armor makers. A list of those makers can be found here. Take your time, and do your research. What area/garrison are you part of?
  7. Welcome to the FISD! You are getting plenty of sources from great members here. Keep asking questions, and follow along, and you will be a trooper before ya know it.
  8. Happy to see you finally received the goods! Good Luck!
  9. Sorry to hear! Please take the time to recover. Health over all. Thanks for the update Panda. [emoji209] Sent from my HTC U11 using Tapatalk
  10. Please see this post, as RT-Mod has a new maker in the works. Follow it for updates.
  11. Pinning this, as members are asking questions of why Rob is not answering
  12. Larry, You are doing magnificent work. Looking forward to your progress!
  13. Looking fantastic! Well done trooper!
  14. Congratulations again Kev! As mentioned in our conversations prior, Trooperbay has a great selection of items that you will need. HfX is a great blaster resource as well.
  15. UKG is usually pretty good at assisting new troopers. @CableGuy @CTID @themaninthesuitcase can you assist?
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