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TFA Trooper Battle/Riot Shield Interest?


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Alright Guys, (UPDATE)

WE HAVE REACHED THE RUN LIMIT OF 20..  sorry if you missed this one, another run will be done in the future. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE INTEREST AND SUPPORT...


A Que of orders and shipping will be posted later today. We are now working hard in the Grind shop to get all shields pulled< trimmed< and ready to go...


Hello and good day Troopers. 

This is a thread started to see who would be interested in a trooper battle / riot shield that has been seen with the action figure. I have been working with the local armor / prop maker in my area to design and offer these to fellow troopers. This will be a black friday special sales events and limited numbered run only available to FISD members.<br>
What's included would be a 3 piece vacuum formed thick ABS plastic shield kit. Front shield, back piece with arm brace, acrylic lens and four electro points. <br>
Since there is no movie trailer images we have based the design off the action figure toy and the shield has been closely made to replica size. Please comment below if you would be intrested. Price will be released on Friday sales thread. These would be delivered before the premiere guaranteed in the USA and other countries are welcome to join but do not guarantee delivery before the movie. Thanks for looking and any interest.


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[quote name="Trooper Kaden"<br>

Yes please. Interested in 2 if you can ship to the UK?<br>

I'm sure my build partner will add his name to the list shortly (Heatshock)<br>

Yes willing to ship to UK. Cannot guarantee delivery before movie.

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