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  1. Is the MP40 the same as the one for Sandtroopers? Would the ones from Trooperbay work?
  2. Cool, can you send enough that I could do this on the sides of the chest to back as well? I'd like to not cut anything there if possible.
  3. I need to source some ABS for this, any suggestions as to thickness?
  4. Why don't you recommend them? If just because of price that's ok as I have a window of opportunity to work on this in the next few days and I'd be willing to pay to have them now. If it's because they actually aren't very good magnets then I'll wait and order from the other suggested places. Thanks!
  5. Seems like a great idea. <br><br> I'd already thought about wearing my vest with my shield, but it didn't seem right. Clairification on accessory combinations would be great.
  6. Thank you so much for this thread. It was my main source of instruction for my build, I don't know how I'd have done it without this.
  7. I finished my shield but since my baton just arrived today I don't think I'm going to get to it before the movie.
  8. I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of with the legs. I've literally spent 3-4 hours working on them. That's why I assume I'm just an idiot because I can't figure out why they won't work well for me. I have no more clearance in the gaskets so the shins can't be any farther away from the thighs than they are now, and the thighs can't move any further down on they will be over my knees. If I had 3-4 more inches on the gaskets everything would be great.
  9. Did you talk specifically somewhere about how you've attached your knee gaskets? I'm having the hardest time with my legs. Everything above the torso feels perfect but I just can't get my legs to work right. I know it's probably a pretty simple thing, maybe I just have abnormally long shins, but could you show how you've got everything attached down there? I think we are about the same size. Are you currently using Anovos gaskets?
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