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  1. Yup, I remember that the first draft was not approved because it looked too much like the Anovos Helmet.
  2. Of course, but I would like to be part of the conversation, so if there is any confusion, it would be clarified it at the moment.
  3. Actually No, it all comes down to the unit leader’s decision, Being a CO and a Merchandising and Branding officer I have spoken with both Lesley and Scott about this. The Only logo that cannot be changed or have a variation is the main 501st Legion Logo, every other logo can have an official Variation. Multiple Garrisons and Detachments have made variations of their logos and all are officially Recognized. Sith Lords Detachment recently (less than 2 years) have made all of their approved characters logos variations official, Pathfinders also. The main logo stands, but members are free to choose which one they’ll use. At the end of the day the important thing is the name of the unit being represented.
  4. You stated that when I came up with the proposal.
  5. Paul, the helmet was fixed, but I think it shouldn’t be limited to 200, all should have access to the patch, and as Harbinger said we can make every FISD costume variation, TKC, Femtrooper, etc
  6. I have a version Ready, but never got final approval. PM incoming.
  7. Proud to be part of this detachment!
  8. Yes it will, also replied to your PM, don't hesistate to ask questions!
  9. also, the guy on Jakku when they are chasing Rey and Finn that has a snowtrooper backpack
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