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  1. Requesting detachment access. Just got my TK approved today! :-) TK-42042 http://501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=15513&costumeID=124
  2. I suspect "SP" has to do with them being stationed on Sullust. On Rebels, the TIE Pilots stationed on Lothal had the designation "LS". I'm not sure if this has been confirmed or not, but I know people have been talking about it.
  3. Yeah, I did too. It's being prepped for transfer at O'Hare. Which means it's close. Which means I'm going to go crazy with anticipation!
  4. Has anyone received tracking info or notification that the item has shipped? The status for my order is "Complete & Dispatched", but I haven't gotten any e-mails regarding shipment. Since I've never ordered from this company before, I just want to know what to expect.
  5. I have mine ordered. This was the one piece I thought I'd never acquire (or it would be a super long time until an alternative came out). Thanks for the heads up!
  6. Assuming Finn is a good guy, the Rebel Legion should get any Finn costumes. But I highly doubt they will approve a "Stormtrooper Finn" since last I heard they will not approve "Stormtrooper Luke" or "Stormtrooper Han". From my understanding, the logic is that the person would have to resemble Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford for people to know it's not just a guy not wearing his stormtrooper helmet. You may have better luck if the bucket stays on, but he has distinct markings on the armor. But I'm not a costume judge, so I couldn't say for sure.
  7. Are the boots true to size? And am I seeing that they have the correct pattern along the edge of the rubber (just not all the way around)???
  8. I am in the Beta group of the ANOVOS TFAs, but haven't been able to start working on my kit until now. I finally got the nerve to start cutting, and rough cut my first piece: the front thigh. I apparently forgot to take a picture of the cut piece, so here is a pic before the cutting, with my cutting lines drawn in with pencil. Now that I've made my first cuts, I'm feeling better about not mutilating the armor and should have more updates soon.
  9. So, am I understanding correctly that this kit has pretty much one size for girth? I've been losing weight, and was holding off a bit to build this, but if it's only one girth, I can go ahead and build now.
  10. If the chrome can take that kind of beating, this would be great for Phasma armor or a protocol droid!
  11. I have a feeling they were referencing the ebay kits that FISD tells everyone not to buy when they were talking about "bootlegs". Some of those are PVC.
  12. Yes, thank you for this information. I want to make sure my kit doesn't crack, so would the ABS slurry be the top choice to use with this armor? Or is there something that would work even better?
  13. When I got my husband to join the 501st, I told him that I would have first dibs on any costume.
  14. I'm currently working on my ATA, but still ordered one for myself and one for my husband. It was just too good of a deal not to get one.
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