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  1. Besides the helmet the small cylinder on the side of the TD is a little longer and all black.
  2. I have a WTF and it's abs with resin side panel inserts.
  3. If you haven't signed up on the SCG forums, do so. We have monthly armor parties in all squads. LA, OC, CI, IE, SJ.
  4. Most of them have been at my place. Lol.
  5. It took me 18 hours of welding and grinding just to get it back into it's original form. And then there was the conversion. I still have yet to do the power cylinders and counter but I have sound and a laser in the barrel.
  6. Welcome. Join the SCG forums and LA Squad, EPIC on FB. SCG has tons of armor parties between LA, OC, CI, IE. We have plenty of Anovos builds going on in the area. There are dedicated ANovos builds days as well.
  7. I paid $1400 for a display MG34. I went that route because it was cheaper than a demilled parts kit and saved me the trouble of welding one back together.
  8. Hey, if you haven't signed up on the Southern California Garrison forums yet do so. There is a huge Anovos TK build day in Brea Sunday. We have regular armor parties and LA Squad is having the next meeting/AP on the 20th.
  9. I'll have to edit the pictures when I get to a pc at home.
  10. Hey, all. This will be my first thread here. I bought Mike's (Trooperbay) pauldron and wanted the ability to do all three rank/colors without having to buy 3 pauldrons. So, I came up with this idea. <br><br> I used a piece of 22 gauge sheet metal and made a base for the black color. I shaped it as close as possible over my leg. Painted it black and glued it to the pauldron. Then I used magnetic vinyl sheet to do the white and red. As it already came in white that was simple enough to trace and cut. Done. Made a second one and painted it with the Colonial Red Rustoleum. Now it's a simple matter of attaching the white or red over the black and you have all the in one. And I'm using a simple velcro strap to hold it in place on the shoulder. If the weight is a little too much I will add a small strap to the pauldron at the front of the neck and connect it to the inside of the chest armor.
  11. Not sure where you're finding the approved stats but in case I didn't post somewhere I'm approved. Btw, do you mean FOTK and not FOKT?
  12. It's based on the Fab Defense kit. I've ordered one already and will be modding the kit with a Glock 17. I need to figure out the scope/sight. I've already got what that's supposed to be.
  13. I mentioned this on the FB page but the pistol base I believe should be a Glock 17. I ordered the real kit and will be building it soon. The kits available are only for Glock 17, 18, 20, 21. Nothing for a 19.
  14. I'm glad you liked my idea about the pouches. I always have to try and make things functional. I need to figure out where and how I'll mount my aker and my external mic hearing system.
  15. How is the lens on your helmet? I have a bad distortion in the very middle.
  16. Slight correction needed in the Knee Gasket. In the second line you refer to it as the "elbow gasket".
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