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  1. Where did you get the plastic for your shims? Surely thats not from scraps.


  2. http://www.amazon.com/Disney-Star-Wars-Imperial-Binders/dp/B015EUOPGK If you look around you can even find cheaper. They have a nice foam padding on the inside too. Sent from a galaxy far far away
  3. Here's a photo of us using them on the right. As ANH we really shouldn't have these type but they just work so well. I have brass binders I use for my ANH that is accurate for ANH. Here's pics also Sent from a galaxy far far away
  4. Disney sells a pair that are great now. Only $15 also. Sent from a galaxy far far away
  5. I'm spoiled with the foam now. I had heard someone was making them. Wanted to see if it's true and I can find that person. Sent from a galaxy far far away
  6. Anyone know if anyone is selling it makes the foam ring that came in our premium helmets? Or one similar ? Want to add one to my second helmet.<br><br> Thanks
  7. There was two mentions of TKs in the movie too. Maybe they were guys who were in the empire too Sent from a galaxy far far away
  8. Nice, considering our armor being .060 the shield being thicker is ideal. This is good stuff. Can't wait to put it together. Looking forward to the sales thread, you already have me sold! Thanks ! Sent from a galaxy far far away
  9. TFA Porn Curious are you using .090 or .060? Looking Great! Are you going to be selling as finished or unfinished ? Curious what the plan was. Thank you for what you are doing here. Sent from a galaxy far far away
  10. Spilled milk man, don't sweat it. I've been watching your build and its great. I would wait for the level 2&3 CRL to be available to make the changes and meet them at that point. Other things like this may come up by then or after the movie is out. Sent from a galaxy far far away
  11. I would recommend drawing the line and using a dremel or thin sanding wheel engrave the groove in lieu of cutting the entire piece off. Then reinforcing the rear. Just seems to make more sense to me. It would also ultimately be stronger and more sturdy. That armor isn't the thickest to begin with. Would practice on a scrap piece to start with of course and only cut off if that's what I must do unless you have already tried that. Sent from a galaxy far far away
  12. So here you go, after searching all close ups I am not convinced all of them had this. Some look perfectly seamless with clear photos. Could either be some have better seam work than others or just the photo angles are making it appear the seam is not there. I'm leaning they all have this seam. Sent from a galaxy far far away
  13. With all due respect I would wait to see screen shots from the movie verifying this. Maybe there was multiple versions used with and without. Sent from a galaxy far far away
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