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  1. The OT armor doesn't restrict my movement, but it certainly restricted the movement of the TKs on screen. I'm hoping they won't be such easy targets and terrible shots now that they can actually move like a soldier should.
  2. Looks screen accurate to me.
  3. Here is a few quick shots of the 2 different helmets Anovos has offered side by side. I don't see any good reasons why the cheaper one wouldn't be approved and it's likely the one I will be going for my approval with.
  4. I got mine sometime before Xmas. I'm really happy with it and it'll likely be my trooping helmet while the other Anovos lid stays on shelf duty. I didn't pour over every little minute detail looking for issues, but there were no problems that I noticed.
  5. I think this is the best way to handle it. No reason to have multiple CRLs when they are all just different loadouts of the same base armor. I know there are some people that want to collect approved costumes and would like to see as many different CRLs as possible, but I there were just too many on screen variations to do this. Of course there are some of us that will just grab whatever accessories we want to carry on a particular day and not care at all about if it's in a CRL.
  6. Great pics, but a few of the blasters look like they were never meant to be seen in that detail.
  7. Made it halfway through printing all the white parts and the power supply on my printer burnt up. Came home to a stopped printer that was only halfway through the main body and muzzle. What did print looked great. I've got it back up and running and I'll try the parts again over night. Thanks again for sharing these.
  8. I'd love to print this out. Email is TK64666@gmail.com. Thanks. Nate
  9. ----------- This guy looks fairly close. Although it's doesn't say it'll work with a Glock, with the 5 different adapters it comes with it might be able to be easily adapted.
  10. I thought about making a mold of my Glock but I tracked down an airsoft to use as a base. Would love to see someone come up with a reasonable representation of the carbine kit as I can't really see myself spending $600 on something I can't legally install on my real gun, I could almost justify it if I could since it would probably be a fun range toy. One of these days I'm going to try to take my 3d modeling skills beyond Cube and Sphere.
  11. Stormtroopers are always exactly as accurate as the plot needs them to be.
  12. At that price, even knowing the wait will likely be much longer than they are saying, I don't think I can resist. If I don't blow my whole hobby wad at celebration this week I'll probably be pulling the trigger on one of these kits.
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