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  1. I just built both my DLT and E-11 from the real steel.
  2. Besides the helmet the small cylinder on the side of the TD is a little longer and all black.
  3. Got mine Tuesday. It's pretty awesome.
  4. Black series is usually pretty close to scale. This is more the collector line like the lightsabers and helmets are 1:1.
  5. I have a WTF and it's abs with resin side panel inserts.
  6. I'm interested for the pistol and blaster. As far as the stock version it's larger in scale than the non-stock version if that hasn't been mentioned.
  7. Most of them have been at my place. Lol.
  8. It took me 18 hours of welding and grinding just to get it back into it's original form. And then there was the conversion. I still have yet to do the power cylinders and counter but I have sound and a laser in the barrel.
  9. Welcome. Join the SCG forums and LA Squad, EPIC on FB. SCG has tons of armor parties between LA, OC, CI, IE. We have plenty of Anovos builds going on in the area. There are dedicated ANovos builds days as well.
  10. Hey, if you haven't signed up on the Southern California Garrison forums yet do so. There is a huge Anovos TK build day in Brea Sunday. We have regular armor parties and LA Squad is having the next meeting/AP on the 20th.
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