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  1. Hey troopers. With the recent FOTK build I have done and also seeing Disney kits up close. I am unsure if the new Anovos kits will be like this. The yoke is two piece's with the front and back attaching via magnets. The Disney kits are molded and made for universal fiment and easier to get on the actors. They are not screen accurate for TFA as we all know the yoke should be seamless.. either way having the split on the yoke does make it easier to get the costume on. .
  2. Jim kits are not accurate and heavy made from fiberglass. Anovos is slimmer design sharper detail. But the wait can be forever. KB kit is a bit larger sized for bigger people, but his latest version is not accurate, he also will forget to send certain prices out so your stuck without a full kit and trying to contact him over and over for shipping info or missing parts. Good luck on the build. I have seen all the FOTK kits and approved in the first KB kit which was more accurate.
  3. thanks for the input guys. right now this is what it says on the main web page. First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment (Pending) been like this since last voting season.
  4. Plz move or message admin for placement or info on this post. I'm trying to get affiliation from this detachment on the main 501st web page. Last year during voteing I requested this be added and still has not been updated.
  5. Good job, same here. Gonna be nice to add this to the FO accessories.
  6. I am actually working on the red decals for this armor. Just contact me for info.
  7. Does anyone have a photo of this so called peter O tool guy? It would help eliminating to pointing fingers and get straight to the point if this so called armor is recasted of KB's.<br><br> I can tell in some of the armor pics the armor does look pretty similar.
  8. Kool aid smash.. OHhh Yaaa.<br> Plz post link when Aval....
  9. Unfortunately these have been put on hold, and other projects have started.<br> We did happen to paint and finish the first prototype and I do troop with it.<br> Pretty flashy with lights and all.
  10. Please update my status. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=19247&costumeID=326 i cant seem to access.... Detachment Only - General Discussion 501st Members with an active Legion TK designation thank you
  11. Always gotta frost the cake before it's done. Lol
  12. Been looking at this since day one and Agreed. Same snowtrooper backpack is used.<br> Also think connecting it to the vest is a good idea.<br> No reason to wear the back pack without the vest anyway.<br> Now we wait to see the master of TFA Modifications, to make this happen. :-)
  13. Nice job, cannot seem to find these listed on trooperbays website.<br> Been waiting on imperial gaskets for awhile now. To get my hands on set of there gaskets and pauldron.
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