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  1. Good evening all! Good evening all! I am thinking about offering the TFA Stormtrooper helmets again. I have the opportunity to get the master model from Phoenix Props which is (from my point of view) one of the best fan made helmets out there. If there is enough interest, I will start collecting funds to get the project started asap. The good thing is, the master is already done and is basically ready to mold so that process shouldn't take too long. Anticipated price for the kit is 130 Euro + shipping. EU citizens will be charged additionally 19% VAT If you are interested, please fill out the google form :-) bit.ly/TFATKhelmet
  2. So the leaked promo pic indeed confirmed the look somehow. Good thing is, I probably just need a new black insert piece and a new nose plate to make the red E9 helmet
  3. Its done :-) Kit: How it looks roughly assembled (not painted) Pre Orders will ship out next week, as I am waiting on the first batch of lenses. To place an order click the link below, where we will collect your information, when we are ready we will raise a PayPal Invoice and get your order underway! www.bit.ly/TLJStormtrooper All the best, Dino
  4. Words cannot decribe how excited I am! After many setbacks, a lot of frustration, it is finally working! This is my personal cast with a test insert piece that I just did after I modified the mold Next week, I expect to get a lens test. If that fits, shipping out kits will follow immediately I learned a lot during this project, made (expensive) mistakes (note to myself: When Luke says "it will not work" , it will not work) but as always, the result matters in the end :) I want to thank @sni9er for the constant support, @Mr Mold Maker for giving tips as well and all the supporters who helped, bringing this project to life!
  5. Hey guys So I just finished the new nose mold and injection molding works perfectly on that part now. I just need to modify the mold for the insert piece, then everything is done on my end. Next week I will get a lens for fitting. If that fits, I will get more lenses and will ship the kits out. That being said, I will cast more helmets this weekend to have them in hand. Apologies that this project takes longer than expected. All the best Dino
  6. Hey guys. So the new support shell works and is rotating in the rotocaster. New problem occured. The noseplate support shell broke as well -.- Im going to order new silicone today and will simply to a block mold and injection mold the noseplate. I did that with the old mold and it was completly bubble free. So yea.. again a little step backwards but we are still close. :-)
  7. I made the first cast yesterday but unfortunately the mothermold broke into pieces. I dont know why, I ordered new material and will do the new support shell on Tuesday / Wednesday. However this is the first cast. I still wait for the lenses, so I will preparing the first kits and will assemble the first as my own to show the final prop as well
  8. Moldmaking done :-) I will cast the first helmet tomorrow. I need some practice to make the black insert piece, though. I just made one, the mesh itself came out perfect but it was a mess lol I still expect to ship the first kits out next week
  9. Update time! We are close! Actually so close, that I plan to cast the first kits next week. Today I did the first half of the helmet mold. Insert piece and nose plate are already molded :-) All the best, Dino
  10. Hey guys, small update here. I managed to mold the insert piece. My buddy polished the nose plate and helmet to perfection. We did not manage to mold the helmet itself. I found out that the area for the clip greeblies are 1 or 2 mm to small. Therefore I will mod these parts this week. I dont know if its possible to post videos here. This is my facebook page with the video update post. We are very close and I appreciate the patience of everyone, who pre ordered this helmet. I want to make everything as accurate and perfect as possible to make everyone happy
  11. Hey all! It has been very silent here but some stuff happened. I shipped the helmet to Luke for mold prepping. The original plan was, that I fly over to him and mold the project with him. Basically because he is a wizard in prop making and I wanted to look over his shoulders so to say. Unfortunately that didnt happen but still Luke prepped the helmet and closed the face front. Thanks buddy !! 2 days ago I got the helmet back and immediately started on some mods. As pointed out earlier, the vent slots on the sides were too small. Dan compared the helmet with the Gentle Giant helmet. Mine were 9mm in length, the Gentle Giant 12mm. So I decided to make them a little bigger. I opened the slots from the inside to make sanding easier with a file. The results are pretty good imho :-) I measured all slots and drew lines for reference. Result: I will sand down a little more material from the inside, because right now, the slots are too deep imho and it may affect the lifespan of the mold, if the slots are too deep. Also I will make the slots for the clip greeblies a little bigger. Molding is definetly planned for the next weekend. :-) All the best Dino
  12. Not. Hyped. At. All! They shipped the helmet on Thursday or Friday and it just got delivered!!! oO Thats service! Just a little clean up work and then its ready for molding! Remember that I have to add 19% VAT from the beginning of next year for all european customers. If you want to pre order, now is the time! :-D
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