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  1. The SLA master is done. Now it just needs to get shipped to me :-)
  2. Hey guys, the resin print started and I hope to get it this month. This is also an information for the pre ordering. I totally understand that you want to wait until the final casts are done. Though I want to say, that I have to add 19% VAT on my stuff (at least for people within the EU). Again, its totally up to you, the resin master is paid but I thought that its a good idea to mention the VAT stuff. I hate it but Germany wants to cash as well. :-/ All the best Dino
  3. I had the opportunity to give Dan the prototype to compare it with his Anovos TFA and Sideshow TLJ helmet. It seems that my helmet is slightly bigger but proportionwise it is pretty good All the best Dino
  4. Thats totally fine! :-) Today I'll meet Dan and will compare my prototype with his Gentle Giant TLJ 1:1 helmet and will post comparison pictures :-)
  5. Got the PLA prototype. The model is absolutely great. Size and shape wise it is to me very very accurate. I may get the small ear greeblies a bit changed. (the bottom part a bit larger, the top greeblie a bit closer to the middle detail. But overall Im very happy with it. Next step is getting all parts SLA printed.
  6. Hey guys! I decided to open a pre-ordering. All the time I wanted to prevent pre-orderings. I simply dont like taking money when I dont have something in hand but sometimes it is necessary. For transpareny: I ordered the 3d print in PLA, which was a mistake. It would take me months to sand and prep for molding. I need to buy a new print in ABS which is a lot easier to sand and finish. Furthermore the insert piece need to be printed in SLA, which will cost me about 500 Euro alone. To cover these costs Im opening 10 spots in total for 175 Euro. For that, you'll receive a kit that includes the main helmet, insert, all greebs, visor and nose plate. If you want a finished helmet, you can order one for sure but the finishing fee will be collected once everything is done. If you want the kit only, shipping fees will be also collected once everything is done. I do take payments via PayPal invoices only, you're protected through PayPal but have to cover the PP fees. If you want to send via F&F, thats also possible, I will send out the invoice without PP fees, you'll have to send the money via friends manually and I will mark the invoice as paid. If you're interested, please send me a PM with your PayPal / EMail address, full name and shipping address. #1: #2: #3: #4: #5: #6: #7: #8: #9: #10: All the best Dino
  7. No, I won't share the files. The helmet will be available either as a kit or as a finished helmet
  8. Thank you guys. The print takes a bit longer than expected. But the goal is to have the main master done by the end of November since Im flying over the the UK to meet with Luke from JJ Industries and I'll bring the master for molding and some other stuff
  9. Good evening fellow builders :-) I want to share my latest project. I really love the TLJ Stormtrooper design and wanted to create my own version. But due to the fact that there are literally SO many out there already, I thought about what I can add to make it more unique. I thought about making it a 3 piece helmet. Main helmet, black insert and nose plate + the additional greeblies. This would result in very sharp lines between the black and white. The black insert will we SLA printed, molded and cast in deep black resin. I got the 3D model from Die 3D Schmide and want to share 2 pictures. :-) The parts are getting printed at the moment, I will post more pictures when I have the physical prop in hand All the best Dino
  10. Sano

    Thoughts on this helmet?

    I have finished a lot of Derreks helmets for costumers. His helmets are great quality and he's still making them :-)
  11. Done! Finally my helmet arrived and I was able to build the last parts. :-) More pics to come, when my Blaster is printed, painted and electronic installed. :-) Note: I chose the holster variant without the wedge so that I can put my blaster on the holster. :-) A big thanks to Axel Ligon, Dan Sczudlik, Markus Rau, Peter Nuthall and all the others, who were involved with this build and gave excellent tips! Without you I wouldnt be able to finish the costume like that
  12. Sano

    The Force Awakens Stormtrooper CRL

    Where do you see the active button for the lac-light? Just need to know for my blaster
  13. Strapping system. Here we go! I decided to copy most of the strapping system from my Clone Trooper Costume Velcro in the thighs. Suspender system in the ab plate. Snap / velcro system for the codpiec3. Textile tape is attached to the snaps, which are velcroed to the codpiece. This allows perfect mobility. Just snaps are not "safe" from my point of view The counterpart of the snap is hided by the boxes, which are not mounted in the pic. Chest is mounted with snaps on the back armor
  14. Built nearly done! The boxes are fixed with screws. :-) Back Armor Detonator: Chestplate with Greeblies The full set! Just the spats, the belt boxes and the strapping are missing. When the helmet arrives I can start painting! :-)
  15. Arms and legs are done! :-) :-)