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  1. As promised, here's a hell ton of pictures First of all: My mood during sanding, filling and more sanding: Flashbacks when I did the Captain Phasma Armor Anyways.. Arms: The shoulders were kinda simple. Just trimming the excess ABS and glueing the tabs on. Bicep armor: Here my perfectionism hit me with a bat. I didnt like the soft details that happen due to the bac forming process, so I filled it and carefully filed the new details in. I used 2 part epoxy glue to glue and fill.
  2. Hey guys, happy new year! Little progress over here Thighs are done with Dans holster. I 3d scanned the leg bars and 3d printed them in 0.1mm ABS with my Raise3D Printer. Although I noticed something: On the galaxys edge figure it appears, that the 2 bars on the right leg are on the inside? While the new Target version has only the left bars, right is regular TFA style. Resistance has the bars on each outer side so I will go that route. It's a little confusing and leaves a lot room for interpretation but since the bars are "outstanding" for Pyre,
  3. Havent posted here for a while, but the project is still going. Finished parts for gloss painting are: Shoulders, Bicep, Forearm, Cod, Butt, Abdomen, Knees Currently Im working on the thighs and lower legs. The thighs are basically done, just need to screw on the metal holster from Dan. For the lower leg armor, I will 3d scan the 2 bars, to be able to mirror them. I will print both versions in high quality ABS to have sharper edges. I did some accuracy mods on the biceps and thighs already. The chest is almost done, just need some fine
  4. Okay, that helps So I can work with the Imperial Surplus kit. Today I finished the shoulder bells and bicep. Will start working on the forearms this week. No black details on the forearm triggers so much in me. Im pretty sure they reused the Pyre molds for the stand alone figure from the Galaxys Edge 3er pack. Well, I wont add the black details without talking to the LMOs first but I feel for a true realistic version, they should be applied, otherwise it looks naked. But well. before it arrives back home chrome golded, it will take some more weeks, but definetly
  5. HAvent the LMOs asked yet regarding the helmet. Need your imput tho. Im working on shoulders, bicep, forearm and handguards. Do you see anything not "regularly FO TK" style? Before I finish the parts and getting all to the paintshop I ask for opinions first I'm planning to post the next major update once parts are painted / chromed. Colorwise, what do you think is the bicep etc? To me it doesnt look just black, more like a blueish grey.
  6. So apparently this came up in the wild .. Still.. helmet has no brow but on the packaging the brow looks black. Looks like they just used the old mold or so ? Side details are also black on the artwork Dont worry, this build is just veeery long going. I trimmed all arm parts now and need to build. I'm just drowning in paint commissions and I dont find motivation
  7. Aye! Like Im in no rush, I need to loose 10kg of body mass anyhow for fitting nicely again in the Anovos suit so it will definetly by a long term project. Theres a rumor that there will be a Commander Pyre black series soon ( a newer one ), so fingers crossed, that they use the regular TFA molds with black markings. I personally would hate redoing the helmet. Not because its pricy, but I just think without the black bands and the brow it looks .. unfinished? But well.. if thats the ref.. For now I'll leave it like that. Having a golden TK helmet here on display is damn co
  8. Hey everyone! Today I want to introduce a kinda different WIP. Realistic Commander Pyre I dont know yet, if this will ever be CRL ready, but I still want to do it. After doing a damn nice Captain Phasma last year, I need a chrome dome for myself. There is actually a „deeper“ meaning behind that project. I mean, a freakin gold chrome Stormtrooper is damn cool on its own. But when I found out, that Mr. Liam McIntyte voiced him, I NEEDED to do that costume. I’m a huge fan of Liam’s work, his role in Spartacus in particular. When we first back in 2013 and I had th
  9. Good evening all! Good evening all! I am thinking about offering the TFA Stormtrooper helmets again. I have the opportunity to get the master model from Phoenix Props which is (from my point of view) one of the best fan made helmets out there. If there is enough interest, I will start collecting funds to get the project started asap. The good thing is, the master is already done and is basically ready to mold so that process shouldn't take too long. Anticipated price for the kit is 130 Euro + shipping. EU citizens will be charged additionally 19% VAT
  10. So the leaked promo pic indeed confirmed the look somehow. Good thing is, I probably just need a new black insert piece and a new nose plate to make the red E9 helmet
  11. Its done :-) Kit: How it looks roughly assembled (not painted) Pre Orders will ship out next week, as I am waiting on the first batch of lenses. To place an order click the link below, where we will collect your information, when we are ready we will raise a PayPal Invoice and get your order underway! www.bit.ly/TLJStormtrooper All the best, Dino
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