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  1. Personally, I don't like the rubber gloves and have used Mechanix M-pact gloves for the past 14 years, but my 2nd pair is getting worn out. I like the fact I can pick up objects with this type of glove. <br> So now am searching for another good tactical or mechanic glove with little luck. Mechanix no longer makes the M-Pact MMP-05 but instead has replaced it with 12 newer versions and thus has writing or rubber guards on the fingers so it does not give the outer appearance of Stormtrooper gloves. <br> Any suggestions?
  2. Is there a tutorial on assembling the canvas belt to replace the plastic belt?
  3. Same. If you do a run, am interested as well.
  4. Looking forward to seeing the results.
  5. Thanks! When my AP helmet project begins, I will look for this type of padding.
  6. For those of you who used knee pads, how many pads did you have to purchase? What is D-MAC padding and where does one get it? Thanks.
  7. Use rocker switches. I bought mine from the local Radio Shack. They hold up better than push buttons.
  8. After you troop a few times, you may hear the all too familiar sound of plastic beating plastic. After a year of troops I figured out how to beat most of this. Buy the 8 x 11" sheets of white sticky back felt sheets. Cut to fit and apply to the underside of your armor that rubs the layer below it. Most specifically the Chest and Upper Back armor and the shoulder bells. Just apply to the areas that actually make contact and do not go past the edges so that it does not show from the outside of the armor. This will reduce or remove the "clanging " noise and protect the armor underneath from nasty scratches.
  9. If these button are the same as a snap head, once you get them through the Ab armor, use the snap flare tool and widen the inside. Then put a dab of hot glue on them to protect your undersuit from gettin grabbed, shredded, ripped, etc.
  10. Might want to try the squirrel cage fans instead since they move air sideways inside the helmet. I bought two from Radio Shack for about $10 each. They are 12 volt fans but run great with a 9 volt battery.
  11. Provide a reference on what the actual material is you used and where to obtain it. So you are using velcro to hold it together? How about mounting the Thermal Detonator to the back and keeping it centered?
  12. Thank you, I appreciate that. Hopefully the text write up will help other troopers in putting the Armor FX kit together. One day...dare I say...I will get around to adding the pics.
  13. Yes, I wrote an entire tutorial to add to the instruction set that came with the Armor FX kit. As I continued to write it, I quit saying in addition to and just wrote it out step by step. So some parts I say refer to the instruction kit. The only thing I never completed was adding the pictures. http://www.tk487.com/Armor/Armorbuild/Armorbuild.html And for the email listed on that page, don't use it, or I will miss it in SPAM. Use this tk487@tk487.com Thanks.
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