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  1. Got a tracking number !! BBB expected next tuesday !! Exciting !
  2. Another question : https://imgur.com/a/UUVaQcU I checked the episode again and I am a little confused about the pipes that link up to the front valves (below the mesh / nested part). They look like hardtubing in most scenes, and also on the hot toys figurine. But there is one clip where the trooper holds his gun (wrong, btw) by that part instead of using the grip, and the pipes don't seem to be in the same place. What do you guys think, is this supposed to be soft tubing or hardtubing ? Even then I wonder if they didn't use 2 different guns when shooting those scenes.
  3. Another question : there is currently only a CRL for the videogame, how does that work for the mandalorian version of the incinerator in that case ?
  4. I will pop my cherry on 3D printing, it's a first for me. Slightly scary. But Steve is here to the rescue hopefully You gotta have to make an amazon list for me lol. Sanding, I hate sand
  5. So... since I have STL files, better get the hardware to print it out Just ordered an artillery sidewinder x1. Pretty excited to get into 3D printing, not that stevechewbacca pushed me heavily somewhat
  6. After a quick mail exchange with Jim, paid the rest of my order and it should ship soon enough. Exciting. Hopefully customs are more lenient this time around (one can dream).
  7. Customs caught up on me, 43 euros for the boots :/ Darn TNT
  8. Boots received They feel fantastic, and they have a zipper this time around. Thanks to vincent from IB for fixing the problem very fast.
  9. Gloves received too No mistake this time it seems. They feel perfect !
  10. Got my boots today, they look fantastic Also updated 1st message with euro prices (once paypal has scammed me with it's USD / EUR rates :D). EDIT : After checking with @stevechewbacca (and taking my morning coffee) it seems there has been a mistake in the order, I got good old TK boots, not R1 Ones. Messaged Vincent at once to see what can be done.
  11. My first armor was from a guy costume junkie, how appropriate Email sent to Jim !
  12. Thanks for the help, I guess it's settled then. Now I gotta find how to contact that guy, he is everywhere and nowhere at the same time it seems ^^ he has an etsy but with decals only, RPF profile but no R1TK thread... hum. Jim where are you ? EDIT : silly me, there is his email adress in the "where to get stuff" topic. NVM I am tired ^^
  13. I went through your thread and I commend your dedication. The amount of work is a bit daunting I gotta admit. Another issue is that the products you use are not readily available in France, that's a big concern for me to figure out what to use to paint.
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