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  1. I was thinking about using mustard, but toothpaste probably has better adhesive power
  2. So a bit of progress was made, although at this point I am mostly waiting for the CRL and nicker updates because I have no idea how to put together the armor strapping Anyway primed the helmet, it needs more sanding though. Also I bought some small drills for my dremel to cut through the nose, I am quite proud of myself because it's quite good looking https://imgur.com/a/4HSaYnI I also painted the flamethrower, only to see the printing lines show up quite badly, so I sanded again and put some modelling putty to fix this. It's pretty smooth now. Needs to be painted again. Last but not least : bought some montana cans in black shock, white shock and Shock Kent Blood Red, with some dark undercoat it looks pretty good IMO. Quick questions : I will have to paint the helmet white (obviously), then mask off the areas for the red painting. I plan on painting white first when I mask so that the paint fills the small gaps under the masking tape. Then I need to paint black, then red. How should I go about the weathering ? Paintjob is missing some red, which visible white here and there. How can I achieve that considering I need a black layer betwee, my white and my red ? Also : what should I use to topcoat all that paint ?
  3. Quick pictures of today's work, my friends steve & steve showed up for emotional support and guidance in triming those vents in the helmet https://imgur.com/a/kcgPQvQ
  4. So as I said I was working on a connecting piece to make the bond between both ends of the gun stronger. Steve was nice enough to model what I had in mind and here goes the result of his work : Some more pictures here : https://imgur.com/a/HrwKyX4 I used a long aluminium rod (well a tube + a rod, because there was no rod big enough to fit). And now I have primed the whole thing, it looks pretty crisp. It's not perfect I know, but it's a first for me so I am quite happy
  5. The holes aren't aligned for me. The yellow mark is where I cut my aluminium rod off (I don't want to see it inside the flash suppressor) :
  6. I am intriged : how can you add one now that everything is stuck together ?
  7. I have asked steve to model an extra supporting piece to connect the two halves of the gun. I have included an aluminium rod that goes from the stock to the "flash suppressor". The extra piece features the same hole as the rest of the pieces, so it will sit nicely at the front. https://imgur.com/a/f1Vnh5V
  8. Some pictures of the progress made, gun is still in two parts though, I am not sure how to proceed because the contact surface is limited and the gun is very front heavy. https://imgur.com/a/xwJDDGn Credits to @stevechewbacca for helping and providing emotional support
  9. @Yiyo I noticed you painted your gun with different colors for the nozzles, it looks all black to me in the reference pictures though. Where did you find about that silver part and satin black ? Also : what black did you use for the gun itself ?
  10. I thought too that it made little sense in the show to hold the zippo that way... but it's not like star wars is always perfect. I wasn't sure on how the rules would be on that part. I think I'll do the same as you and print the missing parts. I found great tubes on alieexpress, just the right size ^^ As for sanding : what grit did you stopped sanding ?
  11. I see you used the "rigid" pipes from marko's files, from the pictures of the show those pipes seem flexible though. You can see the pipes pending under the trooper's hand on this shot : Granted the shots are inconsistent because on the next shot he doesn't hold the zippo that far... But from what I could find in the reference shots those are flexible pipes, probably the same as the ones coming from the backpack. Also what was the process like, did you sand and paint each piece individually ? What grit ? I am a complete noob so I have tons of questions
  12. Ha we have the same pieces I see How do you plan on sticking together the backplates ?
  13. I am terrible at making costumes, so it will take a while For marko's work everything looks good to me, appart from the above mentionned air holes. The backpack is a great match IMO.
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