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  1. Gloves received too No mistake this time it seems. They feel perfect !
  2. Got my boots today, they look fantastic Also updated 1st message with euro prices (once paypal has scammed me with it's USD / EUR rates :D). EDIT : After checking with @stevechewbacca (and taking my morning coffee) it seems there has been a mistake in the order, I got good old TK boots, not R1 Ones. Messaged Vincent at once to see what can be done.
  3. My first armor was from a guy costume junkie, how appropriate Email sent to Jim !
  4. Thanks for the help, I guess it's settled then. Now I gotta find how to contact that guy, he is everywhere and nowhere at the same time it seems ^^ he has an etsy but with decals only, RPF profile but no R1TK thread... hum. Jim where are you ? EDIT : silly me, there is his email adress in the "where to get stuff" topic. NVM I am tired ^^
  5. I went through your thread and I commend your dedication. The amount of work is a bit daunting I gotta admit. Another issue is that the products you use are not readily available in France, that's a big concern for me to figure out what to use to paint.
  6. Thanks for the reminder, yes I did go through this. So it basically boils down to jimmy or 850AW. I am a little scared about the painting involved, hence my renewed asking for guidance
  7. Gloves on their way, they just left miami still unsure about what amor kit to pick; if you have ideas / suggestions they are more than welcome !
  8. This is how I flew to america for 3 celebrations and the Rose Parade. 80 liters metal hardcase with TSA approved locker. I also usually include a "content description" for when they open the box so that they know it's a costume replica. Now obviously not all armors can be nested as easily as an FX armor. In my case everything fits with the chestpiece being nested in the dorsal part, same for ab plate and backplate. Shinguards are inside the tights and the forearms are inside the shins. As for shoulder bell + biceps : biceps are put into each other and nested into the co
  9. Gloves ordered as well, I'll wait a bit for the bodysuit, I could use to lose a bit of weight after all that confinement (and end of year celebrations )
  10. Boots ordered at Imperial boots that's $154.90 so far (I'll keep the budget updated as I go along, might be useful for others).
  11. Thanks for the support ! Much appreciated. I got a bunch of 4K screens taken from mandalorian (not that many angles to work with through), I would have taken some from Rogue One but given how thorough the CRL is, I am not sure it's needed. Plus nicker build is pretty advanced and obviously on it's path to set the standard so... I asked him about the pauldron, because his looks just perfect. Steve mentionned the etsy shop you linked, seems like the man knows everything
  12. Hey nicker, great work so far ! I have a question for you : where did you get that sweet looking pauldron ? I searched the topic but you don't seem to have mentionned anything about it.
  13. Hi gang ! So my good pal @stevechewbacca finaly pushed me over the edge and I am starting to get things in order to make a mando episode 8 incinerator trooper. I am not the crafty type, so I will need a lot of help. EDIT : I have added a bit of formating and color coding so that it may be of some help for others (also helps me keep track of stuff). On to the parts : Imperial boots - boots : ordered 09 january 2021 (154.90 USD / 130.69€) Added to production backlog by IB on January 10th Received Januar
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