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  1. Troop #153 5-01-21 Midwest Film Festival Logansport In
  2. Troop #152 4-3-21 Easter Egg-travaganza Plainfield In
  3. Troop #151 Bloodfin Garrison and Friends read ABC-3PO and Obi-123 September 2020 TK-62000 Reads the Letter "S" and makes a guest appearance for the number "15" TK-22622 Reads the number "20" and a guest appearance for the number "15"
  4. Just hit 150 It was awesome to get out and do something!!!!
  5. Troop # 150 Jaylynn Strong Fundraiser Car Show
  6. Troop #149 Virtual Troop Together We Are Lukestrong (Video to help cheer up a special young ewok fan)
  7. Troop # 148 Virtual Troop - Bloodfin Nurses appreciation Video 5-6-20 https://photos.app.goo.gl/6TwGNRSaF877TFG36
  8. Troop #146 A May the Forth Greeting https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OtDYCKHDhRUfdcbSGeusW8ScSZnKbwTY/view?usp=sharing Troop #147 501st Storytime https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LCN3EzilrSWbof5ft_joVcXZ9KazvoHh/view?usp=sharing
  9. Troop #144 Cornerstone Autism Center Greenwood In 1-24-20
  10. Greetings all!!! I am wanting to know where I could get a set of AM Arms for a kit I am building that was handed down to my sons friend? He tried to work on it and butchered the arms to the point they are way too small. Also somehow he has two completely different arms from different makers. If not, is there another maker out there who has the same color white? (I ask as I know Anovos is a yellow white compared to the AM set). Thanks!!
  11. #143 TROS @ Greenwood Corner 12-20-19 Selling tixs for the New Star Wars Movie. Imperial Credits only!!
  12. Double troop day #140 RTV6 Toy Drive **Toy sized troopers** #141 Hope Awakens event for Autism
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