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  1. I haven't checked all the references. In *theory* it would be the Phase III, TKC, ICN for sure, so likely the Shocktrooper too.
  2. Hey Randy - thanks for all the leg work. Since this is pretty much the same as the ICN, I presume we should make the same changes to that one as well?
  3. Actually this section may get hot. If you think about it, this and the Phase III TK are super easy these days to do, especially if you are an ROTJ and just want to swap out a few parts. About as easy as it can get for someone who wants to live forever by pioneering a CRL and being the first model.
  4. Sweeeeet! Thanks for posting Brian!
  5. As March is over so am locking. The April thread is here:
  6. OK, I'm trying to centralize CRL change requests, as I'm aiming to update some items this month. There have been a lot so I'm sure I'm missing some. This will be the one place to suggest and discuss CRL changes that I'll process in April. After that the goal is to leave them alone for a bit. Legacy Era * Boots - make it simpler for L1 approval History: March's thread is here:
  7. So here is what people are seeing. Please READ and follow the instructions if you see this issue: Problem: You go to a topic and create a reply. You click "Submit Reply", but nothing seems to happen. Reason: the server is just running a little slow. Normally it takes a second before it "posts" your reply, but with so much load on the server it is just taking a bit. What to do: Wait. It may take 5-10 seconds to fully commit, but please just let it do it's job. What to do if that doesn't work: if after 30 seconds (clock seconds, not perceived "seconds") it's still not working, or times out, you can try using Tapatalk if you are on mobile. You can also email the admins as it may be that we are just spiking the sever. Why? Because traffic on FISD continues to grow, and like a crab we are outgrowing our "shell". Yes, we will move to the Legion servers later this year, but you may notice that FISD (and also IOC which is on the same server) are slow at certain peak times of the day.
  8. FISD went down yesterday (along with IOC) and the admins did a repair of the database to get us back up. Many people are reporting that they cannot post via the web, but they can via Tapatalk. @Locitus and @Darth Aloha are on it and are troubleshooting. We tried clearing the cache and running diagnostics, but so far no smoking gun. Our apologies while this is ongoing.
  9. Good luck. I'm in a similar boat, and my wife still hates this hobby. At the least she tolerates it now, but if I ever walked away she would be very happy indeed. Alas, too bad we weren't in when we met our wives, eh?
  10. Where exactly are you? Most Garrison Titan members are further inland, but there are some folks on the peninsula and down in Portland. Also, have you registered on the Garrison Titan boards yet?
  11. Hard to spot/build items should always start at L3. We have so few R1s as it is, so don't want to discourage any new troopers with overly stringent requirements at L1.
  12. No worries - I see where you are going. I put the silk/satin in L2 for consistency, since that is how it's called out in the hand plates. Could it move from L2 to L3? Yup, I'd have no issues with this to relax it if the DO's agree too.
  13. Is there any reason for the ESB gloves to be L3 when the hand plates are L2? BTW, I updated the gloves to allow for silk gloves for ESB.
  14. Updated. We really need something of the holster though. FWIW, I had to tweak the wording a bit.
  15. Hey Reese - I'm tight for time and need your help. Can you please write it up and post the *exact* text you think should be on the CRL?
  16. It would start as a must have for L3 if it's film canon. We should let the PI garrison know, so they can advise appropriately.
  17. Correct. If you've been watching the program from the start, those L3/L2 requirements actually do get the makers to change their kits. FX and RT changed their kits to make them easier to go Expert Infantry out of the box, e.g. replacing large black ab plate buttons, splitting the butt/back plate, offering raised bumps on the ears, etc. That is part of the advantage of an L3 program - armor vendors can see changes that aren't required but optional, and they can take that feedback and improve their kits. In the meantime, regular members can get in with as-is kits. The 501st base requirements today exceed the EI requirements when I get in, and in fact many of the original L3 requirements are now L2 or even L1 as makers have tweaked their molds over the years.
  18. Thanks - not sure how that happened. Fixed. All changes updated on first post.
  19. 1. Fixed - we can adjust if anyone tries to get in with modified AM armor. 2. Not sure this is worth mentioning? You can do an OT TK using Velcro in the backs too. 3. We did, but I need the exact text you want used. This is the same deal with the baton. Please propose exact text.
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