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  1. We really can't do that. We can describe it in words, and if you want a photo we need to have it correctly photoshopped and then i can add it in. So...both? Either way I must have the right text, and then just shoot me the image.
  2. Doh! That's me trying to combine things in to a template. I'll update this tonight along with the rivet language change once you guys figure out what you want it to say.
  3. Question was on Facebook in the Stormtrooper Playground. What I was hoping to get was a: 1. Yes/No to their questions 2. What the CRL text should be to remove the ambiguity
  4. Also, for now, we don't have enough CRL images to complete the TLJ Phasma CRL, so this is a great time to add any requirements to it before it goes up for LMO review.
  5. Thanks so much Teagan! FYI that this will get folded in to https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/44227-march-2018-request-for-crl-updates-thread/?page=2
  6. Wow - amazing images. Will be watching this thread for to see how this progresses.
  7. Check out the updated CRL! Language now clarifies that this is acceptable as L1
  8. Hey DOs - this question came in on Facebook. Any thoughts on how to best reply/re-word and clarify? @justjoseph63, @Sly11, @ukswrath Re #6, thigh rivets refers to the rivets used to attach the ammo pack to the bottom of the right thigh, right? Is there a photo? And does this mean the Anovos split rivets no longer qualify for L3?
  9. Holster is fixed. Which one has the strange colors?
  10. Hi guys - thanks for your patience. FYI that I've updated the ANH-S, ANH-H, and ESB CRLs to comply with all requests. In addition I have taken all three plus the ROTJ and templatized the common parts. Now, if we want to update a common part like the shins I only need to modify one template file, not touch 3 or 4 different places. Whew! Unless you edit CRLs, this is not a big deal. For those of us that do, it makes maintaining them much, much simpler.
  11. Hi folks - right now only Jimmi is on the list of vetted "where to buy" FOTK armor. Below is a list of other makers that we are aware of. We'd like to get your feedback on the other makers as well, so we can categorically decide whether or not to add them. Please do reply with any experience you've had - good or bad, and if there is anyone else we should add in. Thanks! Current list: ANOVOS Jimmi KB Backstage 850 FNArmor Mimic
  12. The current list of makers - reputable or not (some are bad) - include ANOVOS Jimmi KB Backstage 850 FNArmor Mimic Most kits go for something like $700. The original ANOVOS pre-movie kits were $1800, just for the kit. They are very time consuming to build, which is why a lot of finished kits in the day went for $2500 or more. Kit prices are lower now, but once you include the undersuit, blaster, etc. I'm guessing most people have hard costs of about $2000 when all is said and done. *Not* including the hours and hours it takes to put these together.
  13. And also, to match references. And yes, at some point we need a new CRL model. The one we have is outdated. (eyes @justjoseph63...)
  14. FYI, I know we are light on FOTK vendors. We should probably include even those "not quite approved", as otherwise it looks like Jimmi is the only maker non-ANOVOS. Currently we count: ANOVOS Jimmi KB Backstage 850 FNArmor Mimic Are there others on the list we should include?
  15. Looks good. Is it meant to be built in parts? I can't quite tell, but it looks like the cut-outs should be more rounded on the edges?
  16. OK, I think I added it right. Try it now and lmk what I missed for mouseover text.
  17. @Ripper_L or @Harbinger - lmk if either of you want to grab this or need help - it's a good idea.
  18. I meant if he thought we should allow it, or hold off on it for now. In the end I'm hoping to get some type of trade-off list like: Reasons to do it A B C Reasons not to do it A B C
  19. @Sly11, you've been silent on this. It would be great to hear from our other DO as well their opinion
  20. My initial thought is to simply allow weathering as a note on each item. This is what BSN does for the biker scout, e.g. "Gloss white, semi-gloss, or lightly weathered. "
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