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  1. Hey man! Can't wait to see this! Some recommendations/tips: -Undersuit: I'm assuming you mean the ribbed sweater/gaskets? Jim Tripon makes them, hit him up on facebook or TheRPF (his products are under Jimmoroqui) -Brow: I've searched top and bottom for rubber brow material at local stores... NEVER came up with anything. I ordered it off of Trooperbay.com. Fantastic stuff. -Headware: There is no "right" balaclava, it all comes down to comfort. It tucks underneath a ribbed neck seal, so keep that in mind. ------------------------------------------------------------- In regards to everything else, unless you have the money for it, don't buy everything at once. Get the armor, harness that up, size it to your undersuit, THEN worry about technical stuff like mic and ac. It's much easier knowing EVERYTHING fits before hitting 2 birds with one stone. Best of luck man! From one R1TK to soon another!
  2. No worries man, your stuff is awesome and I love how in depth it is! Actually, I need to show my BS (lol) mods on my HOWTO thread, I just need a proper way to post the pics without them dying. Last time I copied/pasted them from Facebook, but after a while the links break and are forever lost. Would you by chance be willing to have my send you the pictures to upload to Photobucket or Imger (or whatever site you use), so I could attach it all to a post? I don't have either of those, and already have a whole lot of accounts on my computer xD
  3. I appreciate the gif there, no need to be harsh about it. I'll try to attach that to the original post. I'm not sure what the argument is about, the point is that something is being pointed out that was hard to show in the past, but now am able to bring it to light.
  4. That's why I propose that we apply it to only EIB or Centurion, as it's too subtle for basic, but incredibly crucial to the accuracy of higher ups. However, I have applied bondo and sanded it to a perfect finish on my bucket for very cheap, and it works wonders. I'll update my HOWTO thread this weekend showcasing this.
  5. It is indeed old knowledge, but no one believed me when I first noticed it in the early CRL pages. There was no way to actually prove it on my end, as I'm technologically impaired xD But the mirror images helpe clearly see that 1 eye is off, while the other is regular. The above images to me at very first glance looked like you copied/pasted the same image twice, so it didn't exactly help. Anyways, I disagree and your images are less informative as people don't really notice it unless you flip the WHOLE helmet. Your mirrored version at first glance doesn't look any different. The BASIC laws of reflection work to highlight asymmetry in ANYTHING you hold in front of it, which in this case when you've seen something normally for a long time, then hold it up in front of a mirror anything off about it becomes very noticeable. That's how it works.
  6. I now have definitive PROOF the helmets are asymmetrical!!! Below is my thread breaking down (with photos) how they are actually assymetrical, confirmed by Ian Reach who found out that Glyn Dillon STATED he did this intentionally. I would like to propose that we make this EIB and/or Centurion, for the most accurate details possible.
  7. Hey all! As everyone knows, I've argued for a long time that the R1TK helmets were indeed asymmetrical. However, I wasn't able to develop a way to actually proof this outside of describing where to look. However, Sam Williams (one of the 3d designers) who worked with Glyn Dillon (the official costume designer for the Antholoy TK's) confirmed that the eyes were made to be "off," to pay tribute to the original sculptors. He even went so far as to share what the 3d render files for the helmet were when he was working on Solo designing the Mimban TK's. Observe: Original file shared via Twitter. Then I reversed the image to show how the eyes are off. Flipped: Screen used costumes: Original shot: Original: Flipped: Final shot: This is form the LFL BTS archival footage recently released last year. Original: Flipped:
  8. You can see the brow goes from angled down (above) to perfectly straight (bottom). Angled down. Straight. Also in this picture, notice how on the eyes are assymetrical, with the helmet's right eye having a "bump" on the bottom, close to the nose. You can see it protrude, and it is indeed very key aspect of the R1TK. However I believe this to be of higher tier in either EIB or Centurion, but that's not needed for basic. Glen Dillon, the designer of the R1TK helmet models, confirmed this assymetry. As noted by Paul Prentice and Ian Reach (the experts on the Crystal packs): "and most notably the slight squint in the right eye - that Glyn Dillon has confirmed they deliberately added as an homage to Liz Moore (the sculptor of the original ANH TK helmet) - is not present in The Mando opening scene buckets" - Ian Reach BTS Pic, you can see it more clearly in this shot from the LFL archives. Below is the bucket 3d model Glyn Dillon made himself for the Mimban TK's, which deliberately show the assymetry of the eyes. I took the liberty to flip the image to see the assymetry better.
  9. nicely done, but I must point out a few errors: The brow is indeed a separate part. Every R1TK's brow varies in height, shape, and length. I'll post some pics when I have access to a computer. Another note: I don't mean to sound very harsh, and am hesitant to say this, but imho I don't believe the Jim Tripon helmet is a good source for this comparison thread, as beginners researching the actual R1TK helmet's might be thrown off by a few of the inaccurate sculpt features. I think we should use some reference pics from the screen used costumes, as the OTTK helmet you included in the post is a screen used helmet. It only makes sense to compare a SU bucket to a SU bucket. In regards to the Tripon sculpt, the brow on the Tripon helmet is way too thick and the brows should NOT be molded into the actual sculpt. This results in a very 2d look to the helmet. The eyes are too symmetrical, and the vocoder and mouth regions are off. That's just my personal belief though. On the plus side, I'll be making an update to my Black Series helmet thread, as some very massive updates have been done to the helmet to make it as close to SA as possible. Again, if that sounds real harsh, tis not my intention to bash anyone.
  10. Could my armor status be changed to "ensemble"? My armor isn't Jimmoroqui's, but multiple sources.
  11. I'm looking at the eye in particular, notice the massive bump.
  12. My apologies, I tried to keep it spoiler free. I haven't seen the first episode either, the above clip and all the footage released was pinpointing to the above TK ensemble.
  13. Fellow brothers of the 501st Legion! The Mandalorian first episode has been dropped today, and in all of the footage, it appears that the Anthology TK's are almost always wearing ANH lids. This is the standard TK in the show, with R1TK's serving more as backround. Therefore, I would like to propose a new CRL specifically for the Mandalorian TK. I understand it's the same as an R1TK, but this is literally the same thing as having an ANH CRL and an ESB CRL. They are such minute differences. But never the less, they are seperate CRL's. So we need to make a new one for this TK. Check out the clip below. (Also note the missing TD's in the shot: That should also be an option, as R1 did this in the Chirrut Imwe scene as well).
  14. Looks like a new trailer dropped today. If you look closely, it looks like they used a handful of Black Series helmets for the piked helmets in the opening shot. Unlike in the R1TK helmets which have the assymetrical eyes (this was confirmed by Glen Dillon on his TWITTER, designer/modeler of the R1TK), the impaled helmets are 100% symmetrical, have the high brows, and the teeth have no mesh. It's also worth mentioning that the Anthology TK's now have ANH helmet's combined with their R1TK suits.
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