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  1. My apologies, I tried to keep it spoiler free. I haven't seen the first episode either, the above clip and all the footage released was pinpointing to the above TK ensemble.
  2. Fellow brothers of the 501st Legion! The Mandalorian first episode has been dropped today, and in all of the footage, it appears that the Anthology TK's are almost always wearing ANH lids. This is the standard TK in the show, with R1TK's serving more as backround. Therefore, I would like to propose a new CRL specifically for the Mandalorian TK. I understand it's the same as an R1TK, but this is literally the same thing as having an ANH CRL and an ESB CRL. They are such minute differences. But never the less, they are seperate CRL's. So we need to make a new one for this TK. Check out the clip below. (Also note the missing TD's in the shot: That should also be an option, as R1 did this in the Chirrut Imwe scene as well).
  3. Looks like a new trailer dropped today. If you look closely, it looks like they used a handful of Black Series helmets for the piked helmets in the opening shot. Unlike in the R1TK helmets which have the assymetrical eyes (this was confirmed by Glen Dillon on his TWITTER, designer/modeler of the R1TK), the impaled helmets are 100% symmetrical, have the high brows, and the teeth have no mesh. It's also worth mentioning that the Anthology TK's now have ANH helmet's combined with their R1TK suits.
  4. This is in fact false. The shore trooper biceps have been found to contain velcro strips underneath the rear trim, just below the complex elastic string system. There are plenty of closeups of this. Same would most likely go for the stormtroopers, as they have the same undercuts (just different color) and aside from the addition of the thighs, should be no difference.
  5. That is gorgeous!!! Imagine what the rest of the armor will look like :O
  6. Just use a polish sponge to rub it in, then use any towel (I honestly prefer to use an old shirt) to buff it out. Just anything that has a good grip and won't slip on the surface.
  7. Beautiful work! I've found using Automotive Polishing compound works a treat when getting a smooth, reflective finish on spray paint. I actually used it for my R1TK Bucket and it truly makes it look like a production piece. Just make sure to buff it really good. This is the brand I use: Meguiars Polishing Compound. Fun fact: I got this idea from my dad (who by no means is a project guy), having a boatload of car experience. "Why don't you polish it?" "Ah dad, that won't work." "Just let me see." He rubs it super hard, then buffs it. Looks absolutely beautiful, especially after wet sanding any orange peel, just smooths it right out. "See, dad isn't so dumb after all."
  8. My apologies to everyone: I no longer have the pictures of the process. Maybe somewhere down the road I'll be able to have another crack at the BS helmet: but that'll have to wait. Currently at college and poor xD Thanks to everyone for understanding!!!
  9. Parquette


    What will these be prices as?
  10. How much will you be selling your helmets for?
  11. Im trying to follow your tutorial on how to make a black series stormtrooper helmet  more accurate. but none of the pictures are showing up.  do you still happen to have these photos?

    1. Parquette


      Unfortunately I don't. Maybe at some point in the future I'll do another bucket with proper photos. Sorry man! 

  12. I had these exact same problems with the cracks on my chest/back armor. I ultimately gave up and purchased some Inferno Squad Vac formed armor in white from WTF Factory. Excellent stuff. Fiberglass in the long run is not a fan of flexing. It's ultimately supposed to remain stiff and never budge, but this flexible fiberglass presents many cracking problems, not to mention all the right angles in the sculpt that cause this to happen more.
  13. Parquette

    What is this?

    They're the secondary straps for the thighs. If you look in the CRL thread, there's talk about it
  14. Thank you very much Pretzal Couldn't have done it without members of our Garrison
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