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  1. Wow perfect that is exactly the one I found at the hardware store! I guess I'll go ahead and buy it then. Thanks so much!
  2. Sounds good. I guess I will buy the 30 gal case once my armor arrives and simply test if it fits. If it doesn't I can simply return it, but I am confident. Big thanks for the helpful comments guys, you're awesome!
  3. Hey guys! My first TK armor will be arriving in a few weeks and I'm really excited to be joining the 501st! I was at my local hardware store to look for a case that I could transport my armor in. The biggest wheeled one they had was a 30 gal "Stanley Fatmax Promobile Jobchest" and I've seen a lot of guys here on the forum recommending the 37 gal chest, so I'm wondering if a TK armor would fit in this 30 gal chest if I exclude the helmet. Thanks in advance! Here's a picture of the label: https://prnt.sc/1ak059k
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