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  1. Why not bring your kit to Comic Con and we can give you a hand there I’ll be there Friday and sunday.
  2. On second thought, after eye-balling the eyes (haha) you could do some light trimming to be more in line with the originals
  3. Not to worry, original bicep pieces did not have them either
  4. Just hang tight, it will be updated. Congratz on approval and welcome to the Legion and FISD
  5. I don’t think you’ll have a problem getting approved With that said, givning them a light shave wouldn’t go a miss as the movie-ears usually were a bit thinner - choice is yours (might have to zoom a bit to see though)
  6. Hi Ultimately it comes down to your GML, however you are correct and a 2”+ coverstrip is not a good look so I would go the extra mile and shim regardles if your GML allows it or not. On a sidenote, I”m a GML and I would not allow it. Sounds harsh perhaps but that’s the hard fact, then I would of course assist the member untill the armor is approvable.
  7. And If you wan’t to take a look how I do it on my builds, look at page two I followed a great Troopermaster-tutorial.
  8. Gorilla glue should work too, never used it myself though. Just remember to use tiny drops, that’s more important than any sanding. It’s always good to clean the glove Have you watched any building videos on youtube? Here’s one I watched ALOT before my first armor arrived. https://youtube.com/c/ArmorBuildingwithTK1636
  9. Hey, use loctite super glue. Use way less than you would think and those handguards are solid Here’s how I do it: Put the glove on Check the fit of the handguard Put very small amounts of glue on the glove, roughly at the center were the handguard will sit Press the handguard down for a few seconds Lift the edges on the handguard and put tiny drops of glue on the glove and press the handguard down again Repeat untill done.
  10. Great to see you back at it, never to late to build armor As for vendor I would look up Jsin props (FB and IG).
  11. Must be that new ”eggshell-color” they are talking about Kidding aside, good luck and let the sanding begin
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