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  1. Hi Eddie We do need you to do some additional cleaning of the teeth as there`s still some paint in the gum area. Great job on the other fixes - almost there
  2. Hi Laura and thank you for applying for Expert Infantry. You´re looking great Trooper but we do need additional photos and they are: # Thigh ammo pack - inside fixings. # Sniper knee - straight on front pic. # Mic tips - straight on front pic. # Helmet left side - straight on pic. # Helmet back - straight on pic. # Lens color - backlit # Abdomen detail - without belt. # Left and right side detail - arms raised. # Interior strapping. # Neck seal. # You will also need a blaster - left/right/ D-ring # Action shot with blaster. You also appear to have a slightly larger gap then the allowed 1/2" (12.5mm) on the left side between the ab and kidney and it gradualy gets bigger towards the belt. However you seem to have an overlap on the right so is should just be a matter of adjusting the strapping and take a new pic. You got this Trooper
  3. Woah!! That’s one sweet ride You should paint it white though
  4. Hey Rob As of now I would go with KB props and you find them on FB
  5. Hey Pablo There are different options out there but Imperial Warfighters (FB) is a good option and for the boots I would go with imperialboots.com. You can also check the weapons locker section for more options on the E-11 https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/132-weapons-locker/
  6. They are Local crafts store, ebay, amazon to name a few. The more the merrierKidding aside, a good base would be around 50 of 20x3mm.
  7. There´s no such thing as TK overkill - it look awesome!
  8. Well...changed my mind. The Skull feels more ”at home” with Sandtrooper armor. The Tatooine sun has taken it’s toll so to speak so weathered it
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