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  1. TheSwede

    Anovos FOTK Armor Delivery Possibility

    Hang in there Eric - stay true to First Order
  2. TheSwede

    Hello from Pittsburgh

    Welcome to FISD
  3. Congratulations and welcome to the Legion Trooper
  4. TheSwede

    TheSwede’s Replica build

    Not mentioned but I tried that and the ”lumpiness” of the RS helmet made it difficult to achieve a good effect and I didn’t want to smooth it out by sanding any more. I’m going to do a dust-spray between the two and see how that works. I will test the ”dropping-method” first and if that doesen’t work I have plan B ready
  5. TheSwede

    James Whitley level 1 - Anovos

    You could try to ad some foam at the bottom of the outer left thigh, that should straighten it out
  6. TheSwede

    TheSwede’s Replica build

    Yes and I´ll have a think about it, thanks for the tip
  7. TheSwede

    TheSwede’s Replica build

    Yepp Nope - still on the fence about it (actually not that frustrated but it´s a funny emoji)
  8. TheSwede

    James Whitley level 1 - Anovos

    Hey James - looking good Suggestions: #1 Check that left shouder bell, it sticks up a bit. #2 The bigger ab button plate looks as it has return egde on it, it shouldn´t. see pic #3 Not sure but the frown appears to have some overspray, see pic (no paint between teeth) #4 Submitt application #5 Come back for EIB Good luck
  9. TheSwede

    Mayo's ANH Stunt (AP) build

    Nope, following the curve is the best way to do it - if it looks wierd laying on the table you know you´ve done it right
  10. TheSwede

    TheSwede’s Replica build

    Would you use it for the back? I´m going back and forth, having a hard time deciding Yeah this pic sure shows that as there´s no paint on the ear screws (and the helmet with no ears) Will be using that tip I think I´m going to experiment not using white primer and test "natural paint chipping" meaning dropping and scratching the helmet….atleast in my head that makes sence as there´s one less layer to go through to get to the "kakhi" and that the top-white chips easier without a primer underneath...well that´s my theory anyways
  11. TheSwede

    TheSwede’s Replica build

    I have the different paint ready, RAL 7034 and the fossil satin suggested by Paul (troopermaster) so time to paint. As Paul mentioned the RS helmet has two shades of greenish between the faceplate and cap n’ back. I decided to try the fossil for the face and the 7034 for the cap n’ back. Did I hear a ”move along” It’s way more shiny than the RS one but that helmet has a sanded surface as the white paint was removed. The satin fossil seem to be a much better match for the face than the 7034 would be so I’ll stick with that, thanks for the tip Paul The RAL 7034 could work for the rest but almost decided to use the fossil for the whole helmet...first some more thinking
  12. TheSwede

    Starting my other journey

    Welcome to FISD
  13. TheSwede

    U Trim Source Help

    Hey Eric - read the post above yours
  14. TheSwede

    Simes' ANH TK Build

    aaaahhhh, they don´t ship to Sweden....
  15. TheSwede

    Simes' ANH TK Build

    They look great, going to buy a pair for myself - nice find