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  1. Sorry I missed you but it looks like you had a nice time...I noticed a certain ship along your photos
  2. Thanks for that boost Joseph and I sure will so just hit us up with questions I will be there on saturday afternoon/evening (Testing out my Boba Fett) and the full day on sunday as a Sandtrooper and as it happens we are going to build a Sandtrooper in our booth for all visitors to see and it’s a lovely set of TM armor, looking forward seeing you there
  3. Looks great Can’t wait to receive mine
  4. With black friday going on there’s a great opportunity to get a second set and do both TK and TD
  5. Makes perfect sense to have them in the control room in a hangar were you secure a ship that has markings that resembles a ship that blasted it’s way out of Mos Eisley
  6. Right you are, HWTs are also allowed to sport the DLT19 and of course a pauldron Has nothing to do with weather or not Han carrys one in ANH was the point I was trying to make
  7. This is for the Rebels TK and has nothing to do with ANH, with that said a DLT19 is allowed to carry both in the Hero and Stunt set-up. No pauldron though, that’s for Sandtroopers
  8. Some stick more then others but yeah it should be fairly easy.
  9. The Dave M style are separete, most ANH style should, only ESB are full decal
  10. Well then, with some patience you could try and swap places with the most forwards ones, like Dan said they seem to have been applied on the ”wrong” side.
  11. More Stormtroopers in the making - that’s great and welcome to FISD If I may I would suggest you get a build thread going so we can join in on your journey https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/80-anh-build-threads/
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