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  1. Very cool indeed, might need to get one for my TX
  2. I have never requested a center box alignment either but rather an offset If anything. On this particular app I was just surprised as I did’t mention the ammo strip at all. It would have helped if the added requriment was stated in the thread for all to see instead of sent via PM. I agree that the ammo pack should be evenly spaced and idealy at the corners. I guess I missed that so that’s on me and I’m sorry for the extra hazzle. The EIB app was also some time ago so it might very well be that additional requriments are in affect and though not mentioned in that particular EIB review still has
  3. Hej Justin, sorry to butt in but as I was the D.O in charge of Max EIB app I’m a bit confused as I didn’t mention the ammo pack in the Centurion suggestions? Mayby I’m missing something in this thread but I don’t see it beeing mentioned in here either..?
  4. The RS armor is straight from a screen used suit, and as such have the same thickness as the movie suits which were 1.5mm
  5. The black one is a two-part and you just pop the top part off and you’re all set
  6. Anytime And just to clarify, I didn’t include that larger front bump in those numbers
  7. Depends on bodytype, If you are larger you glue down less bumps in order for them to reach over the backplate. 3-5 bumps is the most common, screen suits usually had 4-5 bumps on the front.
  8. Welcome to FISD as well as Trinity Squad, it’s your friendly neighbourhood GML here
  9. Just a heads up regarding the cut outs, for approval a total of eight is present - no more, no less
  10. Great choice to make, not only investing in your health but at the same time getting the added bonus of looking and feeling just like the Troopers on screen Here’s a little something to get you going, I recommend looking up the site for more inspirational workouts
  11. Sorry to hear that Monica...but good that it was decteted at an early stage as you say, here’s to a speedy recovery and hoping all goes well for you tomorrow
  12. Congratulations Craig and welcome to the Legion
  13. And to clarify, It’s not needed to get it right to the mm as both the original suits and TD had variations in sizes. Get as close as possible to the measurements and as long as it looks like the reference it’s fine
  14. As both pics show the same TD I would go with the bottom measurement
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