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  1. Atleast your suit looks good
  2. Hey Seth and welcome to FISD We can´t wait to see your build
  3. You could also paint the bracket screws Buttons look great but if I were to nitpick the smaller plate could be a tad smaller, could be the angel but it appears to go over the top of the mounting area.
  4. First reaction, that would be awesome! Second - I’ll look into it, thanks for the offer
  5. Awesome - welcome to the Legion Trooper
  6. Hi again, just a heads up, the TK ID and Legion ID are not the same, I took the liberty of editing that for you
  7. No worries. It’s to ensure we have quality photos on how the suits fit and the allignment of the rivets and ab/kidney. Sometimes the photos provided are of low quality that zooming doesn’t help. It been this way for quite some time, it’s always a good Idea to look at other applications and see what photos are requested, there’s also an EIB photo checklist (which is going to be updated) were one can get a good Idea on what photos to upload
  8. This is also a link to your build thread and not a previous EIB. I will also need some additional photos - with that said, I´ll bee your D.O during this endavour # Right/left side detail - arms raised. # Inside ammo pack fixings. # Hovi mic detail - both of them. # Inside pic showing the cod and posterior fixings. Thanks
  9. Hi again Simon Just wondering, your actual forum name is different from the one you added here?
  10. Unless it’s changed, KB has the same feature. KBs pic I reworked mine.
  11. Hi again Max and thank you for your EIB application. In this review I will ensure that your armor follows the requirements set out in the CRL L2 Expert Infantry Badge and also point out what I can to prepare you for Centurion, should you choose to apply. I hope you do! Let´s get started shall we! CRL and EIB Application Requirements: All required submission photos have been posted and I am very pleased to announce your armor displays all the necessary elements to qualify for ANH Stunt Expert Infantry. On behalf of myself and the entire D.O.Team, Congratulations! Other-Armor Fit/Assembly: In this section we review observations made by your fellow troopers and ourselves. Some observations may lead to suggestions to improve the overall look of your armor. As we navigate through this review we are going to start from the top and work our way down. We dive in with the helmet and the black outline on the decals AM provides tend to be a bit on the thicker side compaired to screen used helmets, those were also hand painted and as your painting on the ear bumps are flawless we suggest you consider painting the rest as well. Dropping down to the brow we just like to mention that the majority of the Stunt helmets had a slightly higher brow, just something to consider. We keep focus on the brow and the ends looks a bit forced in there, raising the brow as mentioned above would sort this to and/or snip them off a bit shorter. Although there are exeptions, for the most part the brow trim ended just at or before the end of the trap and the cuts were more othen than not straight rather than at an angle following the line of the trap. Just some nitpicking to make you look as sharp as ever. Moving on to the eyes we suggest you trim out some more at the bridge and more to a point for a more menacing apperance when staring down a crowd. Next up we have the ears and as seen below on most Stunt helmets the ears had more of an angle to them so if you feel up to it we feel it would add even more to that ANH-feeling, Another thing to consider would be to trim the left ear (as looking at the helmet) a bit thinner, it would also make the ears match a bit more. Here we suggest dropping the whole of the arms and also to have the biceps and forearms closer together as seen on the Troopers below, perhaps not so low that the bicep pop out from the shoulderbell but you get the idea. Looking at your forearms we also noticed there´s a good amount of return edge and we suggest to remove all of it on the inside part as indicated by the blue lines and most if not all on the outside were indicated by red arrows. Original armor had very minimal if any return edge and that would make it a bit more comfortable as well. As seen in the reference image the button plates themselves reside within the mounting area so to be more in keeping with the original armor we suggest some minor trimming (Pardon the not so great lines on the smaller one). As we´re not sure which photo is the latter showing the rivets you might already touched them up so we figured mention it as a "just in case" The posterior plate seem to have gone Rogue on you so here we advise you to thighten the strapping. As seen in the reference image the cod rivet is usually placed closer to the edge and an easy fix would be to trim the rather long end of the cod. Last on our suggestion-list is to do some trimming on the sniperknee, just to tidy things up. That´s it for EIB Let´s move on to the next step! Centurion Requirements: In this section we prepare you for Centurion. More photos may be requested in the future that allow us to make better decisions on possible adjustment etc. If there are any areas of concern they will be discussed here. Because Centurion photos show much more detail than EIB, items pertaining to Centurion might be seen there and not here. We try to point out all we can from what is seen but the final accuracy is the responsibility of the trooper. Below you will find areas that will need to be adressed for a future succesfull Centurion Application. As per L3 there should be a minimal gap between the shoulder armor and the chest and back plate so we need you to close that gap some more. The original bells were not trimmed straight but with a curve to follow the chest and back plates so that might also be worth looking into apart from the usuall adjustments of thighter strapping/undersuit issue etc. The AM back plate holds some challenges but every problem has a solution so look at this thread to see how a fellow AM Trooper fixed his overlap https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/47357-how-to-fixing-the-am-armor-back-plate-overlap-issue/ The sides should be together nice and thight and some tighter strapping should have this sorted. Moving on we see that the dropbox need some sorting so it stays put at the very end of the of the ammobelt with no to minimal gap in order to comply with L3. It looks like it just got stuck but needs sorting none the less. Beeing mindful when taking the submission photos might be all that´s needed. When out Trooping it´s always a good idea to check the boxes from time to time - we all want to look sharp and not have a dropbox sneek into the thigh Another challenge on your road to Centurion would be the forearms, as they stand now they don´t fit you properly as they are too big. Hopefully E-6000 was used and it´s a matter of popping off the back coverstrip and rezise them to fit you better, a good rule of thumb is to just barely getting your hand through the wrist openings and as seen in the the reference image the thighter the better. You might already be aware but as a heads-up, per L3 the handgurds are latex or latex-like with no visible strapping. Final item in the review is the blaster and it could be the photo but as per CRL L3 the grip can´t have any metallic damage/weathering showing so if it does it needs to be removed/painted for Centurion. We also suggest to give the entire blaster some adding of black paint , we do understand wanting to the blaster to look real but the blasters in the movie were more of an all-black piece. Last part is a suggestion only. There we have it! Again congratulations on your Expert Infantry title and we hope to see your Centrurion application in the future
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