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  1. Hey Shaun and apologies for not thinking to say this sooner, when trimming the bells you should idealy trim them with a curve. Perhaps not as wavy as the back of this ex. Also, to get the bells to fit right you need to keep the biceps as small as you can (not too small as they need to be proportioned to the rest of the suit) Bottom of the bicep should idealy be smaller than the elbow end of the forearm. Lastly, my advice would be to try and avoid any hot water treatment unless you really and I mean really have to! The pinching of the shoulder bell is one of the things that gives the suit an organic feel, just as it was intended by the sculptor that invisioned the armor to look as it had grown onto the body. Same as trying to make the bicep and forearms rounded, they are meant to be oval as that is the general shape of the actual limbs. TK-awesomness
  2. Hi Ardeshir could you please include a link to your 501st member page
  3. I know Brien (harbinger) reached out to those some time ago and it might me a good Idea to do a follow-up.
  4. Rattle cans for me too, with a clear coat it’s just as durable as can be
  5. I find that when the bells are trimmed they slip nicely over the biceps as they are flexible. I’m fairly built (5’10 205lbs) and they fit me fine. If trimmed correctly there’s ample space. Not trying to be smart about it but I feel the RS bells has gotten alot of complaints (I mean in general) about beeing small when, as I see it, they are not. Just saying for those looking at this thread and wondering about the bells.
  6. Anovos TK is scanned from an original suit from Lucas archives so it´s pretty close to "Movie-grade". The pulls are generally to sharp (detailed) to be totally accurate but some like that and others don´t. I personally don´t like the look of the helmet but again they did use a screen used asset to make their molds from. Alot of people complain about flimsy plastic but that is also screen accurate (1.5mm) and more flexible. Go check out some builds and the EIB/Centurion sections and there´s plenty Anovos TK:s that are Centurion. The bad rep Anovos has comes from the business practise and usually not from the quality of their products, the first gen TK:s did have some issues with the forming process which resulted in thin plastic in some areas, haven´t heard anyone mention this last several years. I bought a Torso section from Anovos for my son´s TK about a year ago and the quality was great. Good luck
  7. I always wear rubber gloves with cotton gloves and there’s no sweat pouring out, sure you get warm but that goes for the entire suit. I want to Troop as I was approved - A Centurion - This is the way, I have spoken. But...everyone do as they please of course And Justin, hoping all goes well tomorrow.
  8. Congratulations and welcome to the Legion Trooper
  9. That’s awesome! Congratulations and welcome to the Legion Trooper Don’t forgot to request access here https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/186-501st-and-detachment-access-requests/
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