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  1. Jonas - I would like to welcome you to the 501st Legion and the Nordic Garrison Great job on that SDS suit and I hope to Troop with you one of these days
  2. Update: your GML has the pictures and the application process has begun
  3. I belive it`s not the applicants but that of a fellow Trooper posting photos in this thread.
  4. I would use a balaclava that goes up to the upper lip and skip the mesh, helps a ton with airflow. Also, don’t forget to fix the brow.
  5. Rivet on the cod is not to be painted, it should be brass (screen accurate) or silver and 8mm However a rivet is not needed for approval, it’s a L2 requriment. As for ab button paint, humbrol nr14, french blue is a popular choice.
  6. I wouldn´t use an exacto to make the mobility cuts, a dremel would be my go-to. Not really except making sure it won´t go past the ridges. To make it more comfortable (if not cutting for mobility) and also stronger is to leave a couple of mm of the edge and glue som strips of abs on the inside and sand it smooth. That way even if there´s contact it won´t hurt and you can be more foreceful when climbing those stairs without damaging the armor. All within reason of course
  7. Well maybe if going full throttle with a tin snip there´s a risk but if beeing careful or using a dremel there´s nothing to worry about. Either way the choice is yours
  8. I use the ear screws, really easy and screen accurate. Also allows airflow.
  9. I would avoid making any cuts just yet, doesn’t look like you need them. Wait untill you have tried it fully finished. You can always make cuts later.
  10. You could try to use 5mm white elastic, that should be all that’s needed and as a bonus screen accurate.
  11. When the wife is working the husband tries on different outfits
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