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  1. Wow, better than the ones I do!! You can tell you couldn't have squeezed anymore time and care into this. Well done. Sent from my SM-G991B using Tapatalk
  2. Well I did it, will still need some work but its very close.
  3. It's close, but I feel off with the eyes still and can't figure it out. The brow is still a little low I know, the construction leaves a gap in the top that doesn't hold the trim as tight as the stunt I've noticed? Sent from my SM-G991B using Tapatalk
  4. Yeah I figured the cap is a little low. There's defos a 4th tooth on the right but mine is still too noticeable so I will have to tone it down a bit more so. The width of the teeth might be due to me using 2mm plastic. Thanks for the overlay though. I'll probably finish this one off and do another comparison. Sent from my SM-G991B using Tapatalk
  5. Most if not all stunt helmets had the bump including the one this was derived from. Not exclusive to the rs helmet. Sent from my SM-G991B using Tapatalk
  6. Ok here is the mock up, would have likes to do ears too but I havent pulled any yet. Its just taped together so I think the brow is a little low. Makde with 2mm ABS as I like how it excentuates the softness in areas.
  7. I think this will be a big help! I actually have an old folarno helmet on hand but Im pretty sure that was fan sculpted so not keen to draw comparison from that. If you can help me pinpoint the differences that would be awesome as Im having a hard time getting all of them. I missed a couple of these so big thanks!! I think Ive got the frown right but Ill test the waters with the proto, that eye one is really good!
  8. I might take you up on that but weary to copy how another maker has converted it. I managed to get a pull done so will do a proto mock up and maybe we can take it from there to see what looks off.
  9. So Ive finally remoulded my faceplate to make a stunt variant. Im aware of the major overhauls that were done like teeth filling and the stunt bump removed but I am aware that there are some other details that are not present/modified. I have reached out to many to try give me a clear cut answer but most are gate keeping exact differences or tell me its entirely different, however there are still many similarities between the two face plates. Currently I have the following list of changes but want to know if I missed any: - Fill side teeth - lessen undercut where teetch meets chin area - lessen undercut around tusks and where tusks meet cheeks - Fill and lessen undercut in tears so tear detail is no longer shown - round off inside top corner or right eye - round of outside corner of right eye (towards bottom where it meets the tear) - smooth surface - Make dip under left eye more shallow (Im unsure if I sand the eye down or fill the cheek but signs point to former) Please let me know if you have any info. Im pretty sick of being told look at them side by side because its very difficult to overlay them and find differences when pictures are fairly scarce and not taken from the same angle. Also difficult to tell if something was actually modified or is a variation due to abs material or how it was put together. @Sly11 @wook1138@TheSwede @gmrhodes13 any of you guys know someone who might be able to help?
  10. Thanks for the detailed response Glen! Lucky enough I seem to have gotten over the line, I will defos keep these in mind for future builds. Thanks for everyone whos been reading along, hoping to bring some more content this year.
  11. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=28185&costumeID=49 Tk-33625 requesting detachment access
  12. As promised better pics, you guys are the first to see. As you can see the details really speak for themselves! These ones are prototypes as I’m still learning how to use the material and these paints, so they aren’t 100%. It’s very delicate and precise work. These ones are for sale minus the ABS version as that is serial #1. If you are interested in picking up one of these first edition PP's shoot me a PM on here or FB. These won’t go into production till next year however the line-up we will be offering will be as follows: Black/Khaki PP Kits PP Finished Helmets (any variation you like) ABS 1.5mm Helmets ABS 2mm Helmets Full kit with PP Helmet Full kit with ABS Helmet Lots to choose from! Excited to make some more of these and continue to offer Anons great work. ANH PP Stunt ANH ABS Stunt ANH PP HWT/ST ESB PP Stunt
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