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TK-90277 Requesting First Order TFA EIB Status. (Anovos)(999)

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First Order ( The Force Awakens) 


Armor- Anovos beta kit. 

Helmet- Anovos 

Blasters- printed by Gerry Budde and assembled and painted by myself using accurate torx screws and rubber for the grips. 

profile - https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=20568


William Glasgow TK-90277

5'11"/ 163lbs.

boots- Imperial Boots

gloves- Endorfinders

gaskets - Sister Margarets 

undersuit - extreme racing

neck seal- extreme racing

belt - belts of the FO

holster- r2 Dan


Thank you for your consideration. I will keep an eye out for your response. 

Will G. TK-90277 Surfintrooper 

































































































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Nice work trooper, good luck with approval


Just watch your knee plate placement as they are facing inwards ;) 



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Hi Will, and thank you for your EIB application! 


CRL and EIB Application Requirements:

All required photos have been submitted, and on behalf of the entire D.O. staff we are pleased to welcome you to the rank of Expert Infantry.  Congratulations!  :salute:


Other-Armor Fit/Assembly;

In this area we review observations made by your fellow troopers and the DO team. Some observations may lead to suggestions to improve the overall look of your armour. 




Let's start :

Looking at the reference images , your shoulder bells can rotate inward a bit to get a better look. 


                                                                                                                                                                           Reference Images


WRJRqwK.jpg                              theCnUc.jpg?1       




Your left biceps alignment is perfect, the right one should be turn a bit to center the seam line.


                                                                                                                                                                            Reference Images


cR4h0cz.jpg?1          lKwIhs3.jpg?1         9ghMcTu.png?1                                                    


We are suggesting to trim your Inner yokes a bit to avoid the  excess showing in both sides



                                                                                                                                                                                                Reference Images


NqvOf5r.jpg  hKiMItm.jpg                                Tvvm550.png 




There's a noticeable gap between your TD and the backplate  that you  may want to make some adjustment to reduce it.


                                                                                                                                                                                 Reference Images


QDfNrGm.jpg?1  8vEsrWj.jpg?2            ji4MuEI.png?1   6mop6dT.png?1





Also  with your TD, for more screen accuracy it should have a separation between mount and plate


                                                                                                                                                               Reference Images


                      kn7ikMb.jpg?1                                       bpu03ak.png?1




May be this should not be noticeable, but you could give a hand to smooth out the rim on the TD end-cap, as you can see it has a couple of rough areas


                                                                                                                                                        Reference Images


                     2mJK0Vd.jpg?1                                YkkicjH.jpg?1       ji4MuEI.png?1 



Most of the time this is a dressing issue, but your belt could be raised a bit closer to the ab section.

                                                                                                                                                                       Reference Images


B3u8AFe.jpg?1   vv vuTMqw8.jpg?1      SipvOo7.jpg?1




We noticed that your black pouch is a bit angled downwards, could use some stiffening and straightening...  easy fix!


                                                                                                                                                                 Reference Images


CR3tlVc.jpg?1                                         x2UgCoS.jpg?1    MwLYMRF.jpg?1





Your right thigh is touching the cod section and both are a bit close to the cod area.  We suggest moving them down a bit. This will give you some more movement and more accuracy too.


                                                                                                                                                                          Reference Images


2NdShV3.jpg?1             6Q84IVb.png?1           cQgYl1x.png?1 




Another dressing issue we noticed and easy to take care of is to center the knee plates as per the reference images below.


                                                                                                                                                                        Reference Images



PCtMxxt.jpg?1                               i7FYHJM.jpg   1ofhfo1.png?1




You will need to move your spats just below the black ankle rectangles.  Something to consider each time you put on your armor. 


                                                                                                                                                                                           Reference Images


JrxNRFE.jpg?1 BhJrblo.jpg?1   nwnN1hd.jpg?1   0Hq4m6q.jpg?1




Looking more in detail, there is some excess material (mold lines) on a few of your armor pieces which could be trimmed off.



                           xLCMXWj.jpg?1  0ZpkW8A.jpg?1





Moving on with your blaster and pistol, there are some small details that can be improved to give your weapons a better look :


F-11D screw could be painted black and recessed also white circle paint black


                                                                                                                                                   Reference Images


                      5u9MXyP.jpg                                       Zz9OCec.png


The front emblem is not complete and too large


                                                                                                                                               Reference Images


                       45siUJi.jpg                                                    Ji8OEJI.png       



One last detail to give your Blaster a very great look is to add some Texture to your grip and de front handle. One possible solution would be using some Rubber Textured Gun Grips Material Sheet .


                                                                                                                                                                   Reference Images



 jNquHsW.jpg?2    Xh5ONw3.jpg?1                                 KLbgqHn.png?1         hUVpeJ2.png?1











Centurion Requirements;

In this section we prepare you for Centurion.  Because Centurion photos show more detail than EIB, items pertaining to Centurion might be seen there and not here and additional photos may be required. We try to point out all that we can from what we see, but the final accuracy is the responsibility of the trooper.


If you decide to go up (as we hope you will),for Centurion level there are just a few adjustment you will need to do :


CRL L3 :Ideally, the neckseal shall have 11 ribs. The neckseal has a glossy finish.


This will need to replace the neck seal for a more accurate one.

                                                                                                                                                                       Reference Images


v91CHQO.jpg?1                Z2knLnb.jpg?1        





CRL L3: A support tab extending from the outside top arch of the yoke shall be present. The support tab should be of a sturdy material, white in color


This is possibly a challenging improvement, but we are sure you can deal with and go on .


TfqxXDg.jpg?1              0eFIovN.jpg?1                7VnJT4d.png?1



CRL L3: Gaskets shall be made of rubber. Fabric gaskets are not acceptable.


Yours appear to be fabric gaskets, so they will need to be replaced for the next level ones.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Reference Images


 LKlksSk.jpg?2  BH4uM2Q.jpg?2                 S7BhGQs.jpg?1      RpRS132.jpg?1





CRL L3: Working lights and working front torch are required.


For level 3, your E11 blaster will need to be upgraded or replaced for one with working lights.

                                                                                                                                                                              Reference Images


sqdjCy6.jpg?1    FLnUZeM.jpg?2         oSbT1i0.jpg?1                     


And finally, for Centurion Level,  it will be needed to smooth the print lines that are not permitted.


 o3NYMbE.jpg?1          P5Wxfvm.jpg?5   RudR1sq.jpg?1  mhtvrL5.jpg?1



That's all Trooper, Welcome to the EIB 1000, and keep on Being a Bad Guy Doing Good!!   Congratulations !  :salute:


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  • TKSpartan changed the title to TK-90277 Requesting First Order TFA EIB Status. (Anovos)(999)

Congratulations trooper and welcome to the EI ranks, great effort on the build and well presented  :th_AnimatedBravoSmiley:

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Thank you. Thank you. 
I am sooo happy to have made it. I’ll be dancing on clouds all weekend. 
I will take all the recommendations and fixes to task for a centurion submission. Some of them I haven’t noticed so I’m glad they were pointed out. And I’ve had the rubber gaskets but haven’t assembled them. Lol 

Thank you for recognizing some of the issues as minor dressing concerns, I had my teenager help me with the photos And she doesn’t always recognize an issue even though she has helped me as a Galactic Accademy member suit up during the three years I’ve trooped in the armor. 
Again, thank you for the EI Distinction. I will represent the FISD with it proudly. 
Will G . TK-90277

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3 minutes ago, Sly11 said:

Congratulations Will, great  looking application and armour. EI 999, that's pretty darn cool :salute:

Right !  I’m really digging that. 
And Thank you. Very much. 

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6 minutes ago, ukswrath said:

Fantastic job Will, welcome to EI brother :jc_doublethumbup:

Thank you sir.
I refer to your anh build thread All the time when mentoring new members joining my  Garrison. Not to mention using your available parts. I have had the FO speaker system in this armors helmet for 3 years and love it. 
 To have your blessing is an honor. 

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1 hour ago, GoofTrooper said:

Congratulation on EI #999! That's very exciting! You've got a great looking set of armor!

Thank you very much. I’m very excited to have made the 1000

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