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  1. Still easier to sue from inside the US than outside. Stupidly a UK news site (jedinews) still posted the Anogos press releases even though the lawsuit was already started. Thats why those arses managed to suckle money out of me (you don't expect a Disney Licensee to be that much of a a very impolite person at all).
  2. ... and as always anyone outside the US is podoo-ed. especially since the lawsuit was US-only and getting something started from outside is impossible.
  3. Book also received I wonder how many RS flyers are wasted by going to RS armor owners (like me :P) or other TK armor owners
  4. You need to open that link in desktop mode on your phone or on a real computer since the page tries to trigger the app when in mobile and that fails without it.
  5. Facebook: i refuse to touch that with a 10 mile pole...
  6. Case id and court? Time to track that one, too (got enough unused pacer credits due to the an0gos one being settled)
  7. You need to upload them to a picture hoster (for example imgur, you use the direct link for pasting here) to embed the pictures
  8. 4: Internal Meetup of part of the garrison:
  9. The elastic loop at the shoe top is hidden by your shin pieces. (some TKs here add velcro to them to "pin" the shin down by connecting them
  10. That "weathering" was some leftover from troop #3. didnt notice that before the meetup where i took the pics. had no cleaning supplies at hand there. Mud drops are removed now though (removed em when i took the 3 detail pics you requested at tuesday)
  11. Tom Görner TK 22443 EIB A4 Sha Sha http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/22443-eib.png 294
  12. Now the waiting game starts. I'm sure you scratch each passed day off your calendar until the BBB is enroute via UPS. Tip: register for UPS MyChoice so you can reroute the parcel to a pickup store if you aren't at home at the delivery day.
  13. Thigh ammo connector: Han Snap (whats the reason for that name btw? ) Cod & Butt plate snaps:
  14. FInally a troop lining up conveniently for help getting the pics done. Wall of pics posted
  15. Tom Armor maker RS Props Helmet maker RS Props Blaster maker RS Props Cloth belt maker RS Props Neck seal maker RS Props Boot maker Imperial Boots via RS Props Hand Plates RS Props, rubberized Electronics: None Holster: RS Props Armor was ordered as a Commission by RS Armor Photos Full Body Front Full Body Back Full Body Right Full Body Left Helmet Details: Belt Details: Neckseal: Blaster: TD: Interior strapping Abdomen Detail: Boots: Other pix: Action shot: End of picture wall Transmission end
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