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  1. Read the following 2 threads: There are enough sources that are problematic on etsy.
  2. Funny crisscross between the galaxies (wondering how those ideas are spawning...) Also: probably using a boba bucket as base, the dent is visible at top right corner of the USPS eagle square
  3. masterx244

    Boots ?

    Ask over at the special ops detachment. They are the shadow trooper experts.
  4. i can't reach a few parts on my armor on suitup. i always need someone helping at that part.. shoulder bells and TD are the 2 main trouble spots on that part
  5. Its currently the physical part that blocks everything. those distancing rules came like a well-aimed lightsaber strike (any color except red)....
  6. Damnit... unable to get in due to crapvid19. no access to someone knowledgeabe enough to help on pics and getting suitrd up....
  7. Seems like some Rebels messed with the Imperial supply lines... Imagination ran wild on that post and had to laugh (sorry)
  8. You need to post in the thread that handles the 501st access rights. a admin upgrades your group rights then to the 501st TK group and then you can post there. the member-only sections open up for you, too
  9. check one subforum above the new member introduction one. You can get your member status updated here if you are still in the UKG
  10. Instagram is technically facebook, too (F-book bought insta). I personally perma-banned anything owned by facebook from my devices with DNS blacklists.
  11. Even if they would still do it buying straight from them is a risky gamble. There is a thread in the TFA TK section about them and non-delivery
  12. Sometimes coincidences just happen. Probably the Force being at work... (had one of those funny coincidences, too last year when i met exactly that one TK that gave me a Pointer to a event where the 501st was. (there were enough TKs and visitors to lower the chances).
  13. Maybe some ROTJ memories crosscontaminated your build. (ROTJ has the plate rotated)
  14. Don't forget that a rubber trim is added over the entire opening of the helmet so that edge at the bottom won't be visible at all
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