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  1. Better than rest of the world... no disney+ before march next year
  2. Stupid rebels messing with the imperial IT infrastructure... Pointing finger at ---->
  3. Its not me, its the person that helped me on the pictures that got the issues so i got no handler for suiting up
  4. Got stuck on the approval process... tiny fit corrections on positioning needed (Biceps was pushed too far up by accident and a not correctly pushed in TD) and camera was a bit too high up so another round needed but the family member that helped me got struck by gall bladder issues and no other handler at hand atm.... perfect timing from a rebel sabotaging mission
  5. Probably some rebels at work throwing hydrowrenches into the system...
  6. Just spotted that the brow is going too far to the back (easy to spot if you know how the brow end relates to the ear piece and the trap over the ear)
  7. Got a few more pictures of the other stuff there, too but my personal references aren't as good for spotting errors as on the original TKs. i wonder what source was used by that shop...... Edit: All pictures here: https://nplusc.de/whitearmor/failures/
  8. Checked thru my local picture archives and stumbled over those 2 pics from 2019 gamescom that were sent to me by a friend: Both looked weird to me since important details were done wrong, (tube stripes, ridge below the eyes, other parts looking too soft)
  9. Yeah, that part looks massiely off... whoever did that design needs a trip to a imperial academy.
  10. Found this one over reddit: https://imgur.com/gallery/9SYZYLt Too many errors to count in one pic...
  11. You need to upload your images at a hoster like imgur and then paste the direct link to your picture here. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/42381-howto-post-images-in-threads-using-imgur-easy/
  12. Unfortunately not directly useful outside of the states. Anogos (typo intended) burned customers outside the US, too.
  13. Never caught that one. This forum here literally opened my eyes on those issues.
  14. Maybe you strike some luck and get a delivery thats a bit before estimated day. Mine was ready at week 6 of 8.
  15. Did you get 501 membership already? If yes you need to post in the 501st access thread for getting the right user permissions.
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