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  1. Wrong topic by accident? Wasn't that intended for the don't run in armor thread?
  2. Clonetrooper business is at those hyperspace coords: https://501stclonetroopers.com/ Here is only the Stormtrooper business. And the ARC is clone wars stuff iirc
  3. Its disney money on the armor damage. for us 501st members its more expensive since we have to pay the armor from own money
  4. I also ordered a commission. RS for example doesn't use "fixed" sizes but asks for measurements of various spots to get the sizing correct. Sizing up proactive doesn't work that easy due to that
  5. a while ago they were on the "page 1"-list, too. Thanks god i stayed to OTTK armor and was able to use RS which was a bit faster than their estimate, too (got the "ready for shiping, pay last part of payment plan" mail out of the blue since i expected 2 more weeks of wait.
  6. HeadshotProps got a blacklist entry here (read the who to avoid topic here ==> )
  7. We probably need to save important threads to archive.org via "save page now" so the pics are mirrored to avoid future issues like this one
  8. Photofailcket wasn't helpful, too by messing up around the new year time.... some threads might have worked before but got zapped then...
  9. If you get glasses on with a BS Tk bucket you should be able to get them on on most OTTK lids, too. BS one doesnt fit my head (just a little bit too small) while i can wear my glasses below my RS lid. BS lids are sort of the "gateway drug" towards the accurate stuff btw
  10. Seems like the force wanted to prevent that delay by getting that offer onto your radar
  11. Avoid buying the FOTK kit from anovos direct. They delayed it endlessly so far and even got a lawsuit ongoing atm.
  12. Snafu at garrison end for me then.... time to poke the gml with a mail then
  13. Back when i ordered from RS (september 2019) they accepted UK and US sizes (Quickly checked the old mails for that). Probably easiest to tell your size as US one and labeling it as us size
  14. Scouts also don't have the issue of being unable to bend down since they got less plastic below the waist
  15. What does it mean if Detachment affiliation shows "None" instead of FISD?
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