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  1. masterx244

    FISD Memes

    I know which event and where that pic was taken... (was at that con. too)
  2. masterx244

    FISD Memes

    im a little bit glad that this difference exists. XX-TK-421 was taken for license plate in my area. had to use XX-TK-241 instead. (XX being the region code, redacted it to avoid a doxx)
  3. Caught up with my logs and had 2 multi-day events in short succession which brought me past #13
  4. 12: Comic Con Stuttgart Day 1 13: Comic Con Stuttgart Day 2
  5. 8: Süddeutsche Spielemesse Day 1 9: Süddeutsche Spielemesse Day 2 10: Süddeutsche Spielemesse Day 3 11: Süddeutsche Spielemesse Day 4
  6. 7: Cosplay Days Speyer (the TK with the data pad is me)
  7. 6: TECKploitation e.V.: Der Club der anonymen Filmsüchtigen Movie flea market (again no pics... )
  8. someone else solved it with a "hub topic" that contains all the links and only that hub topic gets linked in the signature.
  9. 5: Cosplay Days Speyer (Late update since Crapvid19 break stole the motivation to update the troop log) (second left of darth vader) (Rightmost TK)
  10. UK is a special case. RS can stay in the open since LucasFilm goofed up on copyright back in 1977. they forgot to register the stormtrooper design correctly. Result was that it was "industrial design" only and copyright expired 15 years after creation. Shepperton was the first one and Lucasfilm wanted to sue that one into oblivion. topic ended on supreme court which told Lucasfilm a firm "NO". thats why there is a safe harbor there.
  11. lets hope that the lawsuit can "pierce the veil" so their hiding behind a LLC doesnt help. (not sure how simila the rules are compared to germany. If you do intentionally fraudulent stuff the german equivalent to a LLC doesnt protect your private assets at all (and court-ordered de t can't get cleared by a bankruptcy, that debt sticks))
  12. First one "fizzled" out due to settlements before the class was certified. No Plaintiffs left = No CLass action.
  13. Iirc they renewed it after the issues began to start. And whennit was really obvious they should have pulled the emergency brake instead of letting them continue.
  14. Too bad that the mouse cannot be held responsible since they gave the license to them.
  15. Lawsuit that was "settled" got reopened. they didnt follow the agreement. they also lost their lawyers due to not paying them.
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