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  1. just wondered since your "on hold" was tied to newsletter issue. and: might do a backup of all pictures once the restore is done and send those off to archive.org so future restores are easier
  2. Wording should be changed then a bit on the newsletter telling that that part requires staff intervention.
  3. Meant this (https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/43-forum-archives/ ) from the Build threads part of the newsletter
  4. The forum archives link broken? Or does it only show own threads if you got some moved to there?
  5. the Wayback Machine at archive.org is often a useful thing when you need a old page for some reason
  6. that lid looks massively off... wondering if its handmade or if some manufacturer produced that
  7. Good that that product line exists... especially for those that live in a area where the customs got a 6th sense for SW stuff (yes, some areas in germany are behind a blockade and no way to get unlicensed stuff in)
  8. You have the permissions on the link wrong. No access here
  9. As read elsewhere they luckily had their master molds offsite. That way they can at least restore their business
  10. At least they followed a well-known rule out of the IT world. Always keep a offsite backup of the important stuff
  11. That laptop at the left asks for stormtrooper aim to strike...
  12. Those electronic "gimmics" are probably just a "pro-forma" feature so they can slip under the toy license to avoid the mouse being pissed when they step on the toes of the 2 failures. I don't use any od the electronics features on my black series lids. No use when they are mainly for the collection. Edit: Posted a disassembly guide over at the RPF since someone there wanted to know how that is done. https://www.therpf.com/forums/threads/anyone-gotten-their-hands-on-the-black-series-cardinal-helmet-yet.336702/post-5156236
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