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  1. I do not think it should be changed for either parts of the crl. The back / yoke seam is completely different than the shoulder seam that you see in the Disney suits and in the cartoon. In fact the back/ yoke seam on the Disney suits is closed. Also the back / yoke seam is not a place of stress. In the 5 years I have owned and trooped in a beta anovos kit and a kb that part of the armor has not been a stress point as you say. The shoulder area where the Disney parks kit has a seam is a place of stress while getting in and out of the armor. But it is easily reinforced with resin or epoxy, and if done at first build there is never been a problem on the several other kits I’ve built. Also the Disney park kits are of a completely different construct materials, and under that shoulder seam especially as it can be completely flexed backwards for them to gain entry by different people sometimes multiple times daily. But I will restate the back / yolk seam is not a stress point. As for the side abdomen having a seam. I think it would be the same as letting there be a visible seam when people add shims to an original trilogy anh etc armor. It visually is different than screen armor. And also this isn’t a place of stress that needs a seam. When building a FO armor it can be easily sealed with abs paste or a bondo. And the construction of a FO armor allows for the back to be opened with either velcro w elastic or a zippered piece for those that need this to get into it. First order kits to begin with, especially the first anovos and now the new denovo kits, don’t allow for a lot of deviance to the deigns. The way the pieces join have tapered grooved seams, so much of it is a one size fits unless you want to do a lot of mods which will require more abs paste or bondo anyway. I say leave the crl as is.
  2. Thank you sir. I refer to your anh build thread All the time when mentoring new members joining my Garrison. Not to mention using your available parts. I have had the FO speaker system in this armors helmet for 3 years and love it. To have your blessing is an honor.
  3. Thank you. Thank you. I am sooo happy to have made it. I’ll be dancing on clouds all weekend. I will take all the recommendations and fixes to task for a centurion submission. Some of them I haven’t noticed so I’m glad they were pointed out. And I’ve had the rubber gaskets but haven’t assembled them. Lol Thank you for recognizing some of the issues as minor dressing concerns, I had my teenager help me with the photos And she doesn’t always recognize an issue even though she has helped me as a Galactic Accademy member suit up during the three years I’ve trooped in the armor. Again, thank you for the EI Distinction. I will represent the FISD with it proudly. Will G . TK-90277 Surfintrooper
  4. Fingers crossed on my submission and checking my email on the hour.
  5. First Order ( The Force Awakens) Armor- Anovos beta kit. Helmet- Anovos Blasters- printed by Gerry Budde and assembled and painted by myself using accurate torx screws and rubber for the grips. profile - https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=20568 William Glasgow TK-90277 5'11"/ 163lbs. boots- Imperial Boots gloves- Endorfinders gaskets - Sister Margarets undersuit - extreme racing neck seal- extreme racing belt - belts of the FO holster- r2 Dan Thank you for your consideration. I will keep an eye out for your response. Will G. TK-90277 Surfintrooper
  6. Very good idea Paul. I did my first BSP v1 by glueing snaps to the inside of the helmet. So the strap could be removed also. But that is great for the anovos so not to have to alter the liner. Cheers
  7. Hi bud, Check out "shoretrooper Fam" on Facebook . On the pinned post there is a list of vendors that do kits and helmets. bsp ( backstage props) and sgb ( Sky gun bro) are a couple that have helmets that have good accuracy and should fit in your budget. But there are a couple others also. Only people wanting the highest accuracy are using the anovos and repainting it.
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