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  1. Welcome, David! You've come to the right place.
  2. Congratulations to Mario on the promotion! He was instrumental with suggestions throughout my build that aided me in achieving EIB right out of the gate! He's such a great asset to this community!
  3. It's been a very busy couple of weeks for me, so I haven't had an opportunity to work on the belt and suit up again. I'm hoping to be able to do that within the next few days.
  4. That is the USB adapter that allows you to plug your fan bracket into a USB power supply rather than the battery box.
  5. Thanks Sha Sha. I have a piece of ABS plastic in that area on the belt for reinforcement for the holster. It looked great until I ran the iron over it. I may be able to remove it and iron it back out. I’ll also see what I can do with the shoulder bells. I was more concerned with the front gaps than the back, based off the CRL photo.
  6. Congratulations on receiving your helmet and good luck on your build. You may find Eric Dyke's video series on assembling the AM 4.5 helmet helpful. I know I did.
  7. Looking good! Your attention to detail is remarkable. I can tell you are as OCD as I am, although I feel as much as I try, I am never pleased with my attempts at perfection. That’s my character flaw.
  8. Big Brown Box...or Christmas morning, they are interchangeable.
  9. Welcome, Michael! Vive les Empire!!!!
  10. 09/27/2020 - Impromptu birthday party for a friend of the Parjai Squad. It was good to finally get to wear this suit outside of my home and the small event was a great way to get my feet wet a little and meet some of the squad for the first time.
  11. Name: Shawn Williams Garrison/Squad: Florida Garrison/Parjai Squad TK ID: TK-12399 Armor Maker: AM 4.5 (Dave's Darkside Depot) Helmet Maker: AM 4.5 (Dave's Darkside Depot) Cloth Belt Maker: Self made Neck Seal Maker: Darman's Props Boot Maker: Imperial Boots Handguard supplier: JustJoseph Blaster Maker: Quest Design Canada Height: 6' 3" Weight: 205 lbs TK Type: ANH Stunt Received Help From: TKSpartan, Gmrhodes13, LTM, JustJoseph EIB Approval: Here's to hoping I didn't forget anything!
  12. Thanks! I’ll check that out. I preordered a Mando from them a couple weeks ago.
  13. I went to Hasbro Pulse almost immediately after receiving the email announcement for preorder. I added the Boba Fett to my cart and by the time I completed my checkout, it was listed as out of stock.
  14. Definitely locate your local garrison website and sign up on the forums. You won't have access to their 501st members area until you complete your armor and are approved, but you should have access to announcements about build parties and other social events, although during this time it may be quite limited. There may even be members nearby that can lend assistance if need be. Its a good way to get to know some of the folks you will be trooping with.
  15. I believe it doesn't show up on your own post until someone has liked it. At least, this is my experience.
  16. Regarding the Velcro, it depends on where you are using it. I only used Velcro on my armor for shin closure and to mount padding and electronics in my bucket. In these cases, they were self-adhesive. I used a 3" Velcro when I sewed my belt and it was non-adhesive, as the sewing machine needle can gum up while sewing on adhesive backed Velcro. The small plastic containers will be for sorting small bits and materials as well as small tools.
  17. Welcome back! I look forward to following your build thread.
  18. Welcome, Jessica and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  19. Congrats and welcome, JP!
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