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  1. Thigs have a loop preinstalled and a belt is included, too. Issue for me is on the positioning with that method. That has to wait until friday though. No chance for another suitup earlier (evenings blocked)
  2. Hello Finally had my BBB Day today. On the first test fit of the Armor i had 2 spots causing troubles: 1) With positioning the Thigs in a way that they don't slip too far down 2) Getting the Biceps pieces to stay where they should. Thanks for some Pointers
  3. Funny how we both managed to find the same trooper. Also: Waiting for the BBB day when your armor arrives sucks since those days like to stretch like bubblegum.
  4. Hello and welcome. Try to read this thread: It should give you many useful Pointers. Btw: I only learned of the Speyer meetup due to getting a hint on this forum and then managed to find that one Trooper that gave me the hint without even searching for him.
  5. RS estimate was off by 2 weeks but luckily on the good side (unlike that one company starting with A). BBB arriving soon
  6. Relayed a link to this thread over to a german shop so that shop knows what Anovos is doing on shady behavior
  7. Hello there Snagged a set of autographs at a local SciFi convention (thanks to @T-Jay for that pointer) and got troubles ID-ing most autographs. The one i got ID'd is Brian Muir's. Thanks for more IDing pointers
  8. 4 weeks to go. Hoping no delay happens (allowing the parcels to get in before brexit) or that the law forces johnson to delay brexit. Otherwise 300 euros extra-cost due to import tax biting when GB leaves the EU.
  9. Somehow you never got the Detachment access rights added. Only the general 501st member clearance was given. Poke someone from the staff on that issue by posting in the access rights thread again
  10. Carrots would have been a funny nod over to the "Lego star wars the complete saga" game since the "Disarm stormtroopers" cheat gives them carrots instead.
  11. Yeah, Especially the live music at the evening. Imperial march literally caused goosebumps for me which never happened before. Earmarked the next year event for me already. (hopefully as 501st member then). Those low chances reminded me of the well known quote from Han to C-3PO with never tell me the odds after a calculation of C-3PO in the Falcon.
  12. Thanks for the Pointer.... That event flew under my radar.... ticket booked.
  13. Same. Wish those weeks until BBB day would go faster. They seem to stretch like bubblegum or like Jar-Jars tongue...
  14. Hi After research (a link from reddit led me straight to the commonly linked armor sources thread) and reading the forums i decided to work towards getting into the FISD. Decided to go for a RS commission since i got not much time at hand for a build. Weeks are going to stretch unfortunately until BBB day (hoping for end of october so it slips thru before brexit)
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