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Sharkbait's TFA Captain Phasma Build


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Time for yet another round of "What have I gotten myself into this time?" courtesy of Sharkbait (ooh ha ha!).  


After numerous people telling me I should do a Phasma, what the character could (and should) have been (don't get me started on TLJ), how awesome Gwendoline Christie is, and that Make-A-Wish troop I don't stop talking about ever where our then-Squad Leader pulled every favor he ever had and then some to get the Make-A-Wish little girl her favorite character, Phasma (at the time there were about 10 Phasmas in the entire Legion), and I got to troop my TK along side, I finally decided I was going to do Phasma.  


Armor: KB Props, in hand

Helmet: JImmi - in hand (Thorsson, in hand- being relegated to battle damage Phasma prop)

Neck seal: Geeky Pink's, in hand

Gaskets: Geeky Pink's, in hand

Fingers: Jim (Starbuckcylon) (resin), in hand

Belt: Jessica's, in hand

Undersuit: TK undersuit/Easbay compression shirt and pants, in hand

Cloth belt pouches: TrooperBay, in hand

Boots: In hand, random black boots found on clearance for $12.  Ended up using Calto lifted shoes.

Inserts: 4.4''.  I estimate with my barefoot height (5' 11''), the boot heel (1''), the inserts (4.4'') and the dome on the helmet (1''), I'll stand at about 6' 4''.  Using lifted shoes for total lift, not inserts, but height still remains the same- about 6'4'' in costume.  

Cape: Jessica's, In hand

Blaster: Heston3DSolutions F-11D in hand, chromed

Chroming: Current plan is one of two professional chromers for the armor, I will do the prop helmet and blasters myself to save on costs.

Extras: Heston 3DSolutions SE-44C, in hand and chromed and JJ Industries quicksilver baton.  Are either from TFA? No.  Do I care?  Obviously not.  Haha- hence "extras."  Majority of my events are non-canon, the public doesn't know the difference, and that baton is amazing and I knew I wanted to play with it regardless.  Toys and photo props and talking pieces.  I won't use them at every troop, just once in a while for the fun of it, and obviously they will stay at home for the few canon troops we get.  Also Heston had another 50% off sale and I had been toying with grabbing a SE-44C anyway, so just take my money already.  


Goal Timeline: Finish by the release of Episode IX - December 20, 2019, so I can troop that premiere (locally).  Well, that didn't happen.  New goal is Fresno State Men's Basketball Star Wars Night, January 4, 2020.  Submitted for the third time 09/10/20.  Third time's the charm, right?

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And here we go!


Rough trimming is mostly done- a few curves I need to use the dremel on.  Next I will fine sand the edges and then I can start assembling the armor!




Finger armor has arrived (the yellow pile), and they need sanding and polishing.  


Gaskets are on order, threw in a neck seal as well (Geeky Pink's), cape, belt and soft belt boxes will be the next purchase.  


Close up of the boots and lifts:




The CRL says no laces, but no laces are going to show, so I should be able to make it work.  I found that because of the height the lifts added, my foot wouldn't fit comfortably in most non-lace boots.  


A pair of my work heels with my lifts for scale, roughly 4''.  If I can wear those heels 4 - 5 times per week and walk comfortably, then I think I can do the same with these lifts.  I'm going to build up the base a little so that there's not such a distinct drop in slope at the arch, which should also make it more comfortable.  




And finally, the helmet thus far:




A little more fine sanding along the eyes and then I'm ready to fine sand the whole thing.  There's a lot of little extra bits that I have to remove, most of which are in tricky places.  We'll see how that goes.  I'm also going to cut out new lens material.  The helmet came with bubble, and I just can't see out of them except a tiny little spot in each eye.  Not a great combo for someone on lifts who's already kinda clumsy.  No stumbling Phasma around here!


With luck, I'll have some time between a troop, decorating for Halloween, and Book Club this weekend to get some more work done!

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Yeah that is a good start off point. Looking forward to seeing your build. I haven't followed one of these yet.

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2 hours ago, shashachu said:

Awesome! Following your build because I have a KB FOTK, so mine will be pretty similar. Looks like you have the upgraded kit with the resin TD and 2 part forearms?

Nice!  Yes, I have a resin TD (pretty light but still feels sturdy, for resin, I'm impressed and intrigued).  The forearms are two parts.  (The four bits next to each other just above the fingers).  I realized when looking at other KB builds that the kit has undergone several revisions.  Makes it hard to follow other build threads but good that they're paying attention.  

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21 hours ago, shashachu said:

@TheSwede has a newer KB kit and a great build thread: 

He made some interesting mods to the 2-part forearms so it should be a good reference.

I'm following that one, too! 

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  • 3 months later...

Hallelujah, there is movement at last!!




Yoke gluing to the inner back plate connection.  Once dry, it will be glued into the back plate and be a complete piece ready for final sanding.  


I did manage more trimming, majority of the rough trimming is done, some of the fine sanding and trimming is done- the hand guards and knee plates are finished in that regard.  I've trimmed and molded (where necessary) the boot spats, and now I'm ready to trim to make them look like the shape they do in the CRL photos (they're kinda wonky- I'll take photos later).  


But I'm not gonna lie, she sat pretty much undisturbed for a good three months before last weekend.  I went to a Mando build party and finally managed to get working again.  This kit is just a huge snot to work with.  I'm constantly frustrated as I keep running into walls where I can't figure out what to do next.  So I start on another part, and run into a wall there, then another part, another wall, repeat until so frustrated it sits for three months.  Christmas and the holidays were busy (and cold in the garage), so that did slow me down a little, but honestly I had no desire to work on it even when I had time.  It's not just the kit itself, by KB, it's FO in general- they're stupid complicated.  Though the boot spats have me a bit concerned (more later).  


I thankfully have a friend's assembled FOTK kit for reference at my disposal (it's basically a mannequin piece, so he's letting me borrow it while I build), and that has helped tremendously.  


I got a little of the desire back after working on her this weekend, so I'm hopeful I'll be able to continue the trend of at the very least chipping away at it.  


My goal is to be finished and troop her at the Episode 9 premiere (locally).  I need a firm date in my head to get me moving.  I'll only forgo that if it comes down to producing quality work that I'll be happy with in the long run or just finishing it to be finished, at diminished quality.  Realistic expectations.  I should be able to get it done by then,  provided I just keep moving.  


My Geeky Pink gaskets and neck seal came in, and they're phantastic!  I really love them, and I can actually move better than I expected.  I should be able to start assembling some of the parts, now- forearms, biceps, thighs and shins.  My gloves came in (just basic Nomex, like my TK- they'll be primarily covered anyway), and I can mod them and add in the finger tip magnets for finger armor connections.  


Ironically we've got a potential new member working on an TLJ Executioner right now, and though he started after me, he's pretty far along and I'm likely going to be hitting him up for help and tips.  


I've also officially decided I'm going to pay someone else to chrome her.  I will do the black base coat depending on cost, but I simply don't have the skill level or ability (or honestly desire) to attempt to chrome her myself.  I'm actually happier now that I don't have that hanging over my head, too.  I have two uncles who work in the auto industry (truck decals) and they have industry contacts I'm going to try and talk with.  I have options, but I'm just not quite ready to explore them fully yet because I need more done to show them what I have and what I'm after.  It will be expensive to outsource, but like this costume was gonna be cheap anyway, plus, I finally got that raise!  (I'm proud of my negotiating skills, had to pat myself on the back there).  For me, it will be worth it to avoid all the frustration and confusion.  I still think there's a fair amount of viable at-home options for other Phasmas out there, just not this one.  


So... tl;dr version: finally working on her again, hope to keep it up, more updates to follow!  Wish me luck- I need it all!

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I love the look of Captain Phasma. To semi quote Senator Paplaptine: “We shall watch this build thread with great interest.” :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey SharkBait!

I’m happy to hear you love your gaskets. That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!
You know, I wish I was closer. I’d be right over. Or we’d plan a weekend and go crazy with building.
We’d whip that thing up in NO time!

My lady is also a KB kit. And I really did hate that armor by The time I was finished building. Truly.
I wanted to light her on fire! Of course that melted away when I saw her all completed and together. Awaiting her first troop. (The first time I wore her was for Celebration Orlando. First test trial. I was terrified!)

If there is ever anything you question or need help with, please don’t hesitate. I’ll help as best as I can from afar. Pictures. Products. Methods. Info. You name it.


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Very exciting times ahead for you Rebecca, and hopefully your second Centurion honor.

Looking very much forward to watching this all come together. :popcorn:

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Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.  (Flickr is back so photos added!)


I basically have Johnny (@johnnycano) to thank for getting me started once again!  I was stuck, frustrated, and super busy for a long time.  Then I vowed that after my seven troops in four days/four on May 4th, I was again free to force myself to focus my efforts back on Phasma.  I’d also managed to complete a bunch of little projects and wrap up another (non-Star Wars) costuming project, so I had basically run out of excuses to put her off any longer. 


The back/yoke is connected!  The edge is a bit rough on the top.  I’m going to sand it some more and then make it smooth with Bondo.  Since it’s going to get painted and chromed, I’m turning to Bondo to help with minor imperfections without fear.  It smells even worse than E6000 but it does the trick.  As suggested by Johnny, since it is a flex-area, I’m going to make an ABS strip bridge to keep the movement out of that area, as Bondo is not flex-friendly. 






The pill holes in the chest really weren’t recessed enough to give them a good luck, so they have been drilled out.  Thanks again, Johnny!  I’ll put black tape or fabric behind there once chromed. 






The ab/back-kidney is together!  I’m going for a side seam, since I think it will be easier to get in and out of with a split, and it just about fits perfectly that way.  I opted for a side seam opening rather than splitting the back simply because the side was already open, while the back I would have to cut.  Why make a cut if there’s already an opening?  Plus I think side will be easier to get in and out of.  I have magnets for closure already in hand.  (Thank you Prime shipping!)




The biceps were a bit wonky.  There was a recessed strip on each, but on different halves.  So I added a corresponding inner strip on the other sides, while gluing the other halves together.  Once dry, I glued the other side to the inner strip. 






For the forearms, I probably trimmed a little more than I should have for the base plate, but it’s done and I can work with it.  Also it came pre-trimmed, and it sort of necessitated a closer shave on that.  That’s why I recommend getting a KB untrimmed, because I think sometimes they get production oriented and move a little quickly on trimming.  Probably best to just take more time yourself but save yourself potential fixes or harder assembly later.  Perhaps they’ve also already overcome this and it’s no longer an issue- this kit is from the middle/end of their rough patch some time ago, and they have proven to come back to full strength since. 


Anyway, I made inner strips and then heat-gunned them into roughly 90 degree angles using clamps, paint stir sticks and a work table.  Clamp paint stir sticks to either side at approximately half of your strip, heat gun the hell out of it, and use the table to bend it, since it’s too hot to touch. 






It was then I realized I was an idiot and needed four, not two.  So I repeated the process twice more. 


Gluing the inner strips to the forearms wasn’t overly tricky, it was gluing the inner plate to the strips that proved the challenge.






There is a seam line present in the original, so I think I might actually be okay, but I’ll take a look once it’s cured.  If need be, I’ll put a touch of Bondo in there. 


Next I turned to the ab boxes and the belt boxes.  I actually made my goal of finishing these by the end of the week.  I realized they were a lot smaller than I thought they were originally, so I had a lot of sanding down to do.  




Right now my biggest advice for this costume: invest in a belt sander.  It can be a cheap one, I got mine from Harbor Freight.  But honestly I have no idea how I would have survived this far without my belt sander.  I love my Dremel (so much I’ve worn out three cheapies and finally invested in a real Dremel), but for all the curves and lots of plastic to be removed, belt sander is where it’s at. 




Especially with the boxes.  So much easier to get even and quickly. 


And all the extra sanding I kept finding I needed to do.  Didn’t I sand this already?  How do I have this much more sanding to do?  Didn’t I do this piece twice now?  How do I still need to sand more?  Why does this still have a catch?  I swear I’ve sanded this piece at least three times now…


I invested in a curve measure tool, which I've already forgotten the proper name of.  I don't know what I would have done without it.  Probably just trace and hope for the best.  I found this one for under $10, so just buy one.  








Johnny also helped me with the shins and thighs, and the shins are ready for gluing, and the left thigh is ready for gluing.  The right thigh needs trimming, and I have the curve template he made to use, then I can glue it.  I'll post pictures of that process (unfortunately I didn't take a ton, but I also have my example suit to use as reference).  Basically I intellectually understood the process, but as to actually doing it or explaining it... not so much.  Once the shins are glued and dried, then I can finish the boot/shin spats- those are also wonky and need some heavy trimming/curving.  More in the next post when I get to them hopefully this week.  


Needing a little finishing finesse and applicable greeblies, but otherwise done for this stage (pre-chroming stage):

Chest plate




Boot spats except over-shin pieces, need finish shins to fit them over them

Shoulder bells (the first thing I finished)

Cod piece

Butt plate

Knee plates

Hand plates (main part- second wrist Phasma-specific piece coming from KB)


Up next:

Secondary hand plates (I can finish once received from KB)

Glue shins

Finish right thigh cuts and glue

Attach all greeblies/boxes (forearms, thighs, shins)

Finish off boot spats

Clean up 3D print lines from blasters (I have a new technique to try from a Mando friend- acetone and a cotton pad and q-tip, carefully and slowly, just rub away at the lines, and clean up thoroughly between to prevent too-deep editing.  He said they do on their stuff and blasters, so I figure why not?)

Helmet: sanding, prepping, finishing off for painting/chroming.  There’s still quite a lot of clean up to do on it.  

Maybe finish/assemble thermal detonator – optional for Phasma, I might have trimmed it a little close (CRL and photos I found did make it kinda similar, though), and it’d be one less thing to do, so we’ll see.  I've so far not spit back, which it would cover, and also the cape will cover the whole area for the most part, so I'm just going to see what happens and how I feel about it and what needs to be done to it.


What I’m coming to again and again is that the chroming is actually not the very last step- it’s in the second half, but it’s much earlier than I anticipated.  I’m finding that I can’t finish off pieces by adding strapping, snaps, Velcro or elastics, because I’m leaving that until it’s chromed.  (Ease for the person painting/chroming it, the inside can be black that way which I think will look better than white, etc.)  So, I want to finish off the boot spats, or put the corresponding Velcro into the biceps and forearms for the gaskets, but I can’t, because that has to wait.  Then I feel like I’m making less progress than I should.  The same with adding black behind the chest pill holes, or other black details inside of other pill holes/recesses.  I can’t put the boxes onto the belt yet.  I can’t affix the knee plates to the gaskets.  I can’t functionally do the attachments for the belt to ab, cod to ab, butt plate to kidney.  I also can’t put the magnet attachments into the fingers (I guess I can sew them into the gloves).  I also think I’ll hold off on installing the magnet closure of the ab/back side until after chroming.  The less the chromers have to work around, the better.


But I do have everything either in hand or on order that’s needed to complete her and that’s a fantastic feeling. 


I've also decided I'm going to chrome the blasters myself.  There's just so many little picky details and what stays black, what doesn't, it's going to be a fun tape job, and two, for someone who's not a) a costumer, b) a 501st costumer, or c) being paid to professionally do this for me, I think it's just a bad combo to have someone else do it.  Trying to ask a non-costumer/non-501st minded person to make sure these parts stay black (and there's a lot) but the rest gets champagne-tint chromed just doesn't sound that great.  So actually I can move forward with that part whenever.  I suppose worst case scenario and I can't get it professionally chromed, I'll have cut my teeth on the blasters before moving to the actual armor.


My current extras:




This thing is machined aluminum, it’s no joke.  It’s got some weight to it.  It breaks down into two pieces of easy storage and transport, thankfully.  I would recommend it to any TLJ Phasmas or just anyone who wants a badass Phasma baton.  My only fear is learning how to pose with it without goosing anybody or whacking them in the face.  It's by JJ Industries- I got in on their first run and I will say I am impressed.  (They're on Facebook).  








It’s also Falcon approved. 





But then again everything is a toy to her.  Everything.  Thankfully she gets just as much enjoyment out of the toy mice I bought her as she does a leaf she found in the garage.


A 3D printed SE-44C blaster pistol from Heston3DSolutions (same as my F-11D), ordered and should be here in a week or two.  These are both TLJ Phasma components, but I knew I had to have that pike from the moment I saw it on screen, and Heston had another 50% off sale and I couldn't help myself.  They can also be used as props on our tables at Cons, we pride ourselves on having great prop tables.  Plus it's a nice addition to my collection of various levels of blasters- a hyperfirm E-11 (ESB), a Jawa Ion Blaster (resin, wood, heavy, fragile, really prop only though originally for my Jawa), a painted Rubies DL-44 (for my TIE), a converted airsoft MerrSonn Power 5 (for my Officers), and a hyperfirm DLT-19 (for my Shadow Scout).  

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  • 3 weeks later...

More progress!


The shins are sized, trimmed, and final gluing!


This is where it got wonky.  I don’t have a whole lot of in-progress photos, because I was focused elsewhere.  Mainly trying to understand what was going on and what Johnny was doing when explaining how to trim and trimming.  I got to the point where I intellectually understood what was going on, but could I explain it, or write it out?  Nope. 


Basically this is a kit-specific thing.  KB’s shins and thighs are straight lines/connections, while aNOvos and the CRL aren’t a straight join, they have a curve to them. 



CRL, which matches the aNOvos FOTK I have as reference:





KB thighs (I don’t have a before picture of the shins, but it was the same thing just in a different part):







And yes, the KB back thigh is just a straight half circle/tube, with no cut down for where your butt would be.  More on that later. 


I did an image search and didn’t find any good shots of the outer thighs on any movie shots, or even any other approved 501st Phasmas.  So I just looked at my Black Series figure, because they’re known for being at least decent in accuracy, even if a toy.  There’s definitely a curve on the thigh:




The deeper shin curve is on the inside, not the outside like the thigh, so definitely no pictures of that one that were easy to find.  And the Black Series looked kinda straight.  It is basically the same curve.  The other half is then just the opposite, so they fit together nicely.  The outside seems more relaxed but I still see a curve in the CRL photos. 


What Johnny did, and then what I attempted to do based on that, was take all the measurements of different points of Izzy’s FOTK I have as reference, and then use those measurements to plot the curve on my pieces.  Johnny was the true mastermind there- I basically started and tried to understand and then used his template for the remaining thigh piece we didn’t get to that night.


I realize that helps no one without an FOTK lying around for visuals and physical measurements.  Have I told Izzy lately thank you for letting me borrow his FOTK?  I should do it again.  I will also say that his aNOvos is a first wave or maybe the first of the B wave they did, so I have no idea if they’ve changed their design since.  Oh wait no one who’s ordered has received anything so we don’t know the answer to that. 


I don’t actually know if doing a straight line would affect approval.  I’d defer to the appropriate GML, of course, but the CRL text doesn’t indicate it, but the photos clearly do.  And the approval is based on the combo of the text and photos. 


I suppose without a physical reference I’d just wing it and lightly sketch the curve on the parts until you like it and then cut.  It is a bit subtle.  I’m also not very good at winging it, but I’ve gotten better at it the more kits I build and help build.  Pretty sure we’ve winged just about everything on the WTF Inferno TIE I’m helping a friend build (don’t even get me started). 


But back to that wonky thigh back with no cut out for human butts.  I’m going to use both my OT TK and Izzy’s FOTK to get an idea of where to trim, and then hold it up to myself and see what works.  I’m really not sure what was up with that, it’s very obviously not another piece, it is the back of the thigh.  The front had the dip for the inner leg. 


I also have a V1 KB, and Johnny had a V2, and I think they’re on V3, now.  So maybe all of the above is fixed/makes more sense now. 


I sat down to do the second thigh, and just couldn’t wrap my mind around how to even use the template.  I got frustrated, and kept asking myself why every step of this was so hard.  I’ve knocked out a bunch of other projects and little things in between working on this and this kit just keeps fighting me at every turn. 


Thankfully Johnny was able to come by and help me out and it’s now done and gluing.  The first thigh is final gluing and the second will have its full closure gluing done in the next few days. 


The backs aren’t totally trimmed but will be easier to work with once assembled, so I can slip them on and adjust as necessary.




Did I mention it’s also 100+ degrees here, and we’ve been in an excessive heat warning for the last three days, though at least tomorrow?  The garage and the outside are rough to work in right now.  (Arizonans shush, I know, it could be worse, and it will get worse here, though not quite like you poor smucks). 




As far as chroming goes: I got ahold of my uncle and he has two possibilities for me, one guy who’s the best in town but pricey, and one guy who’s great and the bang-for-buck guy, but referral only.  Thankfully I have a referral.  I contacted him and he’s supposed to get back to me with some paint costs.  I have a feeling he’s not going to be the one- he’s not a cosplay guy, he doesn’t know quite what I’m asking of him.  I did end up with two extra leads, though- one is another local guy, who has (per a Yelp review I found) done Cosplay paint work before, and he’s more than happy to take a look at it and give me a quote.  We’ll be meeting sometimes next week.  A third option is Chrome Factory LV out of Las Vegas (https://www.chromefactorylv.com/), which Johnny found via Instagram.  Their work is beautiful, and I do know an approximate cost. 


Basically on cost… I’m torn, frustrated, and afraid.  I finally sat down with myself and thought it out, and I came up with this plan:


If I can get it chromed for $1k, I will be ecstatic.  I’m willing to go up to $1.5k, and still feel okay.  If that just isn’t feasible or realistic, I will consider $2k, but I will have to think long and hard about it.  But anything about that and I simply can’t justify it and can’t afford it (someday, but not in the next while, and especially not if I even want to think about Celebration Anaheim).  I’m already afraid I won’t be able to afford the $1k - $1.5k, and am working through ever scenario I can to make it work, and on the timeline I still desperately want to stick to.  The worst-case scenario is I don’t get it done in time for the premiere.  Not disastrous, I suppose, but I need to strike while the iron is hot, and I’m afraid that if she doesn’t show up in this new movie, then the public will have lost interest in her.  I am doing the costume for myself, and for my love of Gwendoline Christie, and all the character should have been, but I have trouble justifying it if the public isn’t also into it.  I’m feeling the monetary crunch and that just kills me on a good day. 


I normally don’t talk specific monetary details, unless one-to-one, and generally when someone is already started or very serious about a costume, but it’s a hang-up point for me on this one, and I do think it is important for other potential Phasmas to know the possibilities and the realities, and if they can or still want to pursue her.  I feel the need to be brutally honest about my experiances with this build because sugar coating it won’t help me and could set someone else up in the future for a real shock and I don’t want to do that.  Money is just such an awkward topic (maybe if it weren’t people would have less problems with it).  I have about $1k into her currently, so even if I dropped $1.5k on chroming, that’d still be a reasonable and even cheap Phasma.  Thankfully I only have minor expenses left other than chroming (final balance of cape, I have the misc. supplies already just in my stash), so that end is in sight.  I firmly believe she will be worth every penny. 


For my blasters, I ordered Alclad II in chrome and pale gold- I’m going to mix the two to get that champagne color for her blasters.  Or maybe I’ll get lucky and the pale gold will mimic it well and I won’t need the other.  Based on photos I think it needs a mix, but maybe in person it will be different.  We’ll see.  I did get an airbrush with compressor kit for my birthday, so we’re in good shape there!


I also did a bunch of clean up work on the helmet.  It needs quite a bit more, but it is cleaning up better than I expected. 


Tiny Dremel bits used by hand to get in those grooves, wet 1000 grit sandpaper for the ridges, more Dremel work for some of the extra mold bits, and we’re getting somewhere.


Basically, what I decided while working on it, however, is that I will never be totally happy with it.  I can’t get it out of my head I’m convinced it’s a B Grade.  I ordered a Tripon which should be here in 3 – 4 weeks.  The nose cone isn’t separate like Thorrson’s, but hell, I’m not painting the thing most likely, so it’s someone else’s problem.  I’m going to keep this one and try and clean it up the best I can, but it will be converted to the broken one from TLJ.  (Dumb, nothing made out of a spaceship should crack that easy, but hero v. villain and we all know how that ends in Hollywood).  It will be an awesome table prop and show piece.  To save on costs, I will chrome it myself with the Alclad since it’s just a prop piece and won’t have the wear-and-tear of use like the main one will. 


The 3 – 4 week plan will hopefully keep me motivated to finish everything else by then, so then I can just finish the new helmet and send it all for chroming.  If I can get this to chroming in July, then I’ll still have four and a half months before the premiere to wrap everything up.  I really do think once the chroming is done, the rest is assembly and strapping, which I can start now, but not glue in, and anyway that part is the quick easy part anyway.  I’d love to be able to have the funds to chrome her by July, but if I have to wait another month, then I’ll still have enough time to make it to the finish line before the premiere.   


Updated list of completed/nearly completed/needing to be finished:


Still needing finishing finesse and greeblies, etc.:

Chest plate




Boot spats

Shoulder bells

Cod piece

Butt plate

Knee plates

Hand plates


Up next:

Secondary hand plates- received from KB, just need some trimming

Attach all greeblies/boxes (forearms, thighs, shins)

Clean up 3D print lines from blasters

1st Helmet: more sanding and clean up

2nd Helmet: sanding and prep once received

Maybe finish/assemble thermal detonator.  Still on the fence about it.  More likely than not going to skip it to try and keep costs down as much as possible. 

Work up connections so they’re ready to install


I’m going to have to get a taped up shot of everything on and roughly in place to show off.  I'm also hopeful this will help with my motivation and my desire to keep going.  I have all the desire for a finished Phasma of my own.  I have much less desire to keep going to do the work necessary to get to that point.  

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Finally got some work done!  It was already 85 degrees by 9 am, and warmer in the garage, but we did a mini build party anyway.  I helped a friend start working on upgrading his TK strapping, and an other friend came over and we looked over some of his Clone parts.  We just had to quit by noon because it was going to be 104 that day and it was pretty close by that time.  Ah, gotta love Central Valley summers...


The shin spats were wonky and needed to be trimmed to make the V shape to the floor, so I did that by eyeballing it and just going for it.  Then I sized them.  I had to cut them down to line up and fit, but I purposefully trimmed the main shape before sizing because then I knew I was working with excess material- so if it got screwed up, I still had wiggle room.  










I forgot to take a picture of the finished piece, but I also trimmed the right inner thigh to actually have a curve shape and be wearable.  I basically lined up the other thigh against it, and slowly rolled it around to trace the curve shape.  


The guys asked me how I had the confidence to just wing it and make the cuts by eyeballing and hoping for the best.  The answer?  Basically, you just do it- you can't think too hard, you can't worry, you just have to do it.  I've officially reached the point in this build where I just can't care anymore about it, and just do stuff.  I just want it done, so I'm going to make that happen.  It's not like I recommend letting yourself get to that point, but I think it is a very real experience and possibility for long builds, might as well use it to your advantage.  I also have done a lot of work with ABS parts and had to eyeball cuts before, so I have some experience in that area.  This certainly helps, as well.  


I'm over this build- I'm not over this costume, I'm still in love with her and it.  But I am very much over the building of it.  I just want to send it off to the chromers and wear it.  


New Jimmy helmet came in!  I am in love!  It's... far superior in my opinion.  It need some basic clean up and a fine sanding and then it's ready to go out of the box.  I think I'll even paint in the inside black before I send it off to the chromers- I don't care about chrome over-spray on the inside, but I will care very much about black over-spray on the chrome.  


Finishing finesse and fine sanding needed:

Chest plate




Boot spats

Shoulder bells

Cod piece

Butt plate

Knee plates

Hand plates


Up next:

Secondary hand plates- a few minutes with the belt sander and they'll be done.

Attach all greeblies/boxes (forearms, thighs, shins) - a few more minutes with the belt sander and some E6000 fumes

Clean up 3D print lines from blasters - hoping the acetone wipe down the Mandos use will work.  More fumes!

1st Helmet/now prop- more sanding and clean up - but this is kind of last on the list, and maybe even on hold.  A prop is cool, but the costume takes precedence.  

2nd Helmet- minor sanding, clean up, spray paint inside

Finish/assemble thermal detonator - Yeah no, it's optional and I'm done.  For now.  Maybe I'll Al Clad it at a later date for the hell of it.  Or maybe it will be like my temp lens mount with velcro in my TK that's lasted almost four years, or my temp TIE bucket padding that's lasted about two years.  

Work up connections so they’re ready to install - You'd think this would be the easiest, but have I even thought about it?  Nope.  Even if I wait until she's back chromed this won't take but an afternoon, maybe two.  And I can do it indoors.  Where there's AC.


The good news, the to do list is slowly dwindling down.  The bad news, we're booked with troops for basically every weekend except two or three (so far) for the rest of 2019, and the heat will linger for a while yet.  It's not uncommon for us to have warm Halloweens.  But sometimes we get freakishly cold Halloweens, too.  Fingers crossed!

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