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  1. Canister in the carrier, not too tight (still need to fill out the lip around the outside) Rough cutting the yoke/back, comes in 4 pieces. One piece is a reinforcement for the shoulders. The front is done like a tee-shirt, I am having difficulty getting it over my head much less trying to get my arms in there. In the picture I have already increased the size of the opening, will probably have to modify it further to be more open in the front. Chest piece has three parts, idea is you can measure and cut the return wings (more on that later)
  2. Working on the shims for the torso, this is the gap I need to close Going to start with 1.25 shims on both sides at the split and use the zipper system to help close it. Looks like enough room in the front
  3. That just looks sloppy, are there more shots of other troopers?
  4. Back to the TD. Is the black tube the same diameter, or does it step down/up at the black cap? I can either add plastic to the inside of the plexiglass tube and round over the lip, or I can add back the original top and smooth out to the exterior diameter of the long tube. Add plastic to inside and round over the lip? Use the original cap and blend to the outside diameter The blend would happen from the lip to the body if it is all one diameter Thoughts?
  5. Working on the torso, cut the kidney in the middle and gained a few inches. Still need to get a few more, thinking of adding 2 inches on each side after the last body box. Not sure on how this will affect the chest and back, will try to mock this up and use a lot of tape. You can see the zipper I will add and the TD plate. Currently the plate barely covers the gap (could always add more plastic in this area.
  6. Rough trimming on the body. This is not going to fit as-is, could not get it closed around my mid section. Not sure if you add shims to the side after the box or if you split in the back. Looking at other threads I don't see anyone needing to shim? Can someone compare their kit to the measurements I posted in the pictures above, any help appreciated. Just concerned if I modify now that I could be throwing off the back and chest plate.
  7. Work continues on the TD. Filler and first round of sanding Created the tube, just need to cap the ends Biceps are in three pieces Has some adjustment with the overlap (can make functional if preferred. Taped together Forearm is in 5 pieces
  8. Sanded both the backplate and TD back to fit a little better. I can live with this gap if it is not too large (I have not seen the gap in TLJ) Attached the TD to the backplate with screws and nylon nuts. Added a few magnets to the middle of the TD and secured with epoxy putty and fiberglass cloth (so hopefully the magnets don't come loose).
  9. Working on the TD, going to make it so that the cylinder can slide out Back plate has a curve, in this pick it is upside down (curve is at top) Hard to find the cut lines, and of course I missed it... Going to paint the armor so looks like it is putty time. Dammit With the back plate. While I can have a seam, this is too large so I will make it seamless. Look at that curve, anyone know why it changed from flat? Since I had fixes, decided to switch to making it functional and more accurate. So pull everything apart Found a poly tube at mcmaster carr, so need to remove the indents and graft the body onto the tube. Some cutting and sanding later. Still need to cut out the tube and glue the body, then fill and work on the actual TD canister.
  10. Finished printing the files (thank you Germain!) found on FISD. Printed on PETG on a Prusa MK3S Goal is to get BlastFx installed
  11. Well, looks like I need to update this build thread. Currently working on a heavy F-11D so I will post that as well.
  12. Posting the build on here?
  13. Just received my heavy vest, this well made and Carlos is a great guy throughout the purchase process. Xolo props on facebook
  14. No resin pieces yet or stickers for the build.
  15. Walt's Trooper Factory (WTF)
  16. Soft pouches from Trooperbay Anovos Helmet Pistol
  17. Undersuit Pauldron from KB Speaker from Tramp Harness from Tony Gloves and balaclava
  18. Bolts/nuts to attach the boxes to the ab plate Fabric gaskets from Theresa Resin boxes for belt Boots
  19. This is going to be a slow build, so strap in and hang on. First is the BBB day (minus the BBB). its a lot of parts Planning on L3, so rubber gaskets are in hand Lots of sourced bits/bobs, this one is for the back of the armor (goes underneath the thermal det),
  20. Well, just a few months later and the BBB day should be in the next week or so from Walt.
  21. Recommendations on plastic welder (I am sure all are not created the same)
  22. Welcome to FISD and welcome to Georgia Garrison!
  23. We can see the pics! Forearm can be tricky, I did a wedge shape cut on the sides. Page 3 of AJ's build deals with the forearms
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