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  1. Like Glen I have converted to snaps. My TK will eventually pull double duty as a HWT and so I made the decision to switch to snaps. They work out pretty good.
  2. Hey Joseph how deep are those grooves in the butt stock? I've been slowly scratch building one and need to figure that out.
  3. Coming along nicely Garrett. I'm making headway on that pike you delivered to me as well.
  4. Nothing wrong with painting the whole thing, but keep in mind you'll have to paint the bucket also. Now I've heard that WTF! is pretty a close color match.
  5. I won't try to say which armor is the best choice for anyone. But there are many good kits out there I have an Anovos stunt kit and a WTF Crimson kit both are decent enough for me and I've had no issues with either so far. When I built my Anovos kit I literally only had access to sandpaper, utility knife, dremel and some kitchen shears. So you can manage with minimal tools. Don't think or feel you need a lot of tools basic tools like a hammer, screwdriver, utility knife, x-acto knife and sandpaper and a snap setting tool is all you really need everything else is just to make it easier. Good luck with whatever armor you choose and I look forward to your build.
  6. No matter if you made it or not Garrett. It looks good. Also you know where to find me if you have questions.
  7. Lots of broken photos and no text at all. But it does have measurements.
  8. Looks better Garrett and glad I could help. Shoot me a message through FB if you have any questions.
  9. Hit up the folks at WTF they do them as well. Sent from my VK815 using Tapatalk
  10. Hey Dan I'm not familiar with printed armor or processes of it. I can tell you that if you're in TK armor it is typical to lose some of your mobility and sitting is not an easy task if you can manage it.
  11. Welcome Paige! It's always nice to see a partner step up to be a spotter for their trooper and be involved in the actual build process. Remember pictures are your best friend and no question is dumb or stupid.
  12. Somehow I just realized that adding costumes was exempt from the election lock out.
  13. Yeah from the photos I'm pretty sure you'll be okay once you get some mock strapping and your belt on.
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