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  1. So wonderful. You look amazing Silver Sister. Great job[emoji175] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. HA! Hahahahaha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Just wishing to share my Pride weekend with any of you that may appreciate it. (As always, there’s no room for hatred or unacceptance in my thread. These are my thoughts and experiences in my armor.) As I’ve posted before for the past few years, In our Rural Albertan area, we have a Pride weekend. Where we celebrate love and acceptance. As Family and friends. It’s a Family affair which involves all members of ones families in the Peace Country Region to come and support one another, their loved ones, and be together in a healthy, accepting, inclusive way. Celebrate whom we are as individuals. I always am honoured to be there. Love is love. We all deserve to be loved and cherished. Free of abuse and condemnation. By our choice of partners, our friends, family of choice and family of origin. Treated with kindness and equality. Whether we are straight or gay. If you are fortunate enough to have found your one true love, in anyone, you are lucky. Cherish it. Fight for it. Celebrate it. Hold onto it. Support it. I’m always happy to see love. And offer support. This event troop, 4 years ago that directly followed the Orlando shooting, was the first ever Pride event to be an official recognized troop by the Legion. As well, was the first for the community of Grande Prairie. My heart was full of love and pride to be there at the very beginning, and I experienced it with several of my Garrison mates I love dearly. This Family event is unique for a pride event, and it holds a very special, meaningful place in my heart. Many incredible things I experienced this weekend 4 prides ago. On a personal note, I struggled to attend this year and felt like a piece of my heart was missing. But I went. I supported. I hugged families there supporting their sons and daughters. Husbands walking hand in hand with their children. Wives with their children. Surrounded by their straight family and friends. People being together feeling safe to be who they really are. Youth being able to be who they are with no fear. I’m glad I was there. The masses that stopped by our booth were so grateful we were there. The hugs were real. The love I witnessed was real. It was so beautiful to witness, it was actually heart wrenching. Life is so strange. I’m grateful I shared this day with those in our garrison that also wished to experience the day together. I know it touched their hearts. It’s amazing what you can experience and create in and through our armor. Sharing with you the love of our Squadron, Garrison, Legion, community members and myself. Happy Pride weekend. With a grateful heart, Teresa. TK 41307. SoulArt. Geeky Pink. [emoji3590][emoji3448][emoji169][emoji172][emoji170][emoji171][emoji175] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Yes. I do have sexy shiny biker shorts for the shiny groin look Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Did you meet Nick The Guy??? The Outer Rims CO??? He is a dear friend of mine and a wonderful man. Heck! They all are spectacular there! I must get there to troop with them. [emoji175] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hey!!!!! You found me! I’m also an AP Stunt Centurion with a Quest Canada blaster. I will happily sew you your seal. Shipping is $2.10 Canadian I think. I’ll message you privately for details. Good luck with your build... (from what I have seen, you don’t need luck. You are doing quite well!) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. (You aren’t cheesy. It is special. I believe all things we do is special. The interaction. The fellowship. Friendships. Love of costuming. Giving of ourselves. Passion of the hobby. Making people happy. Especially being that special character for a sick or struggling youngling or grown up. It IS special!!! And I’m so happy you are embarking on this journey with the rest of us!) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hello future Silver Sister!!! My lady is a KB Props and he indeed is all caught up from the past back order nightmare and making armor again for sale for new customers. I will personally vouch for this as I moderate Kevin’s KB Props sales page alongside him. I help Kevin and Jsin the best I can and see every message going in and out. They’ve done amazing and did not give up. EVERYONE that remained on that list DID get their armor. It’s very exciting to see that happen. We are trying to get him organized and premaking kits up for sale so he can join the vetted armorer list. You’ll not have any issue getting a set of armor if KB is where you hope to purchase from. As for your build, if you need any help or info, please do not hesitate to ask or message me. I will certainly do my best for you. If I can’t help you, I’ll find you someone that can. Good luck!!! Welcome to the forum! Build Sister build!!!! [emoji175] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Happy St. Phasma’s/Patrick’s Day You fierce Lads and Lasses! ~May the sun shine warm on your bucket! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Who doubted??? Not any of us that’s for sure... just don’t crack your armor. Again. [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I traveled 5.5 hours one-way to participate in this troop. For many reasons. First off, it was an annual event in honor of a sweet little boy taken way too early from Leukaemia. That used to love to ride his bike. This is one way his family has honoured his life. Second, because it was a fundraiser put on by teenagers aged 15-18 in grades 10-12 (my sons age group) not only did they raise money for Spenser’s Fund, but were encouraged to choose the charity of their choice, and support that. Thirdly, one of our Garrison members teaches at this high school, and has been on a trooping hiatus for a good many year due to severe health issues and life. It was a last minute request, and I wanted him to know that he was an important part of our Garrison and I went to support his return to trooping. Fourthly, I missed my TK Twin, Brother, and other Garrison Family I’m just so far away from. Fifth, I was asked to do temporary body tattooing on the children while they weren’t currently on their bikes. I volunteered my time. (In my free time, when I’m not sewing, I do body art) I stayed after our nights troop and did art in the wee hours of the am. I can’t even begin to imagine the kilometres I’ve put on my vehicle to troop! Every mile worth it. Smiles For Spenser is a 24 hour Bike A Thon where teams must keep their bike in motion at all times. It was created in honor of the youngling and his battle through his illness. Countless moments spent in a chemo therapy room. The funds generated go to purchasing a gift package for every child as they begin their horrifying journey in that room. It’s full of presents. Activities. Books. Blankets. Toys. You name it, it’s in there. Given in the hopes to lift their spirits and keep their thoughts occupied during treatment. I can identify with this, having been my younger Sisters chemo partner during each of her treatments over the 2.5 years she fought for her life. I know how important it is to keep those you love uplifted. And focused elsewhere during those times. I’ve volunteered many many hours to strangers in those chemo rooms. Both my Sister, and Spenser lost their fight against the cancer that ravaged their bodies. What these teenagers were doing for others was important to me. Well worth the 11 hours of driving to support them as they biked through the night. I appreciated the ability for the teens to also choose a charity that meant something to them personally. I strongly believe in teaching our youth the value and power of giving of yourself for no other reason than love or compassion. Unconditionally. From the heart. There were 200 children there at this event giving of themselves in the hopes to make a difference. I really wanted this event to be supported. So before it even came across our forum boards, I personally messaged members. Asking them if they could be free and join the few of us already committed to being there. We trooped in 2 shifts with a break in between while a band played. Where we snacked, visited, laughed. 14 of us made it out that night on only 3 days notice. To support Teacher/member Greg, and the children. And the event. These teens raised $25,000 this year. I commend their efforts. I can’t state this enough- I love my Garrison Family with all my heart. They really are a great group of individuals full of compassion and caring. Moments like this make me want to shout out loud how special these moments are, how great these humans are, and how grateful I am to have experienced and shared this with others. Why I’ve chosen the 501st Legion as the Organization I give my spare time to, as well as the nerdy family known as the Badlands Garrison of which I’m proud to belong to. With a happy heart, Teresa/TK 41307/ SoulArt Geeky Pink [emoji175] TK Twin and I battling it out with the kids! Officer Sal helping a team out. Henry’s R2 was a hit! Lord Damon and I at the photo booth. Peggy the Jawa Oh the irony.... My Twin relaxing and helping a team. Look closely... you can see Vader photo bombing my pic! HA!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Don’t get excited Dear Twin.... it still could be sporadic rare moments in the dead of night..... [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Yes. Indeed we do! I have another to post too! Imagine! 2 within days apart! HA!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. What a glorious way to spend our Canadian Family Day! Traveling to Edmonton for armor party and visiting with Garrison Family. Spending time with our youngling Declan/TK 11, more armor building, to be followed up with a massive troop at Edmonton’s WHL Oil Kings team. Member from each of our areas Sister groups were in attendance together to make this event memorable for all attendees. Mandalorian Mercs-Hett’ciri Clan, Rebel Legion-Outrider Base , Saber Guild- Echo Base Temple and 501st- Badlands Garrison infiltrated Rogers Place for an afternoon of Imperial Galactic proportions! Besides there being close to 40 of us there, and it was epic awesomeness at its finest, I was acutely aware that each of us were giving up our Family Day with our biological families, to share it with our Legion and Star Wars Family that we volunteer with, and others there to watch hockey as families. It really was a beautiful troop. We had downtime between each period where we could visit, laugh, change costume, share space and stories. I trooped with my Brother. And we commented on how special this Family Day was. To see all the groups out together at this big event, and how wonderful to see everyone missing one another. Hugging. Laughing. We really are a close garrison, and closely linked to the members in our Sister clubs. For that, I’m so grateful. I like that we each have our individual clubs we choose to be a part of, but cherish the fact that we really are close. And happy to troop together. Happy to be together! My Star Wars Family. Is like the houses of Hogwarts. You belong to your house yes. You attend the school together. But stay in separate areas when it’s time for bed or quidditch. You respect one another. All magical and amazing. And can function as a united entity, while maintaining individuality. Mmmm Star Wars magic. We make it everywhere we go. I see it daily and am in awe of its sheer power... All of us together on Family Day truly was a perfect way to spend the day. No more rambling. Glen, here’s that report I promised! With a happy heart, Teresa/SoulArt/GeekyPink TK~41307 Badlands Garrison [emoji175] Holy TKs Batman! Ladies! Husband and wife TKs out on their first troop with the Garrison Our Saber Guild Family Our lone Mando Open the Blast Doors! Younglings! Snacking HA! Will Pretty serious business! Such a big elevator! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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