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    New TK reporting in!

    Congratulations and welcome!
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    Hello from Seattle

    Welcome aboard!
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    Executioner Build

    Hello and welcome! I have heard good things about Jim Tripon. I haven't seen his FOTK in person, but he's vetted and all clear. I don't know anything about ArmoryShop. The fact that it's on Etsy and is armor is a red flag. Not necessarily dead in the water but a red flag to heed none the less. Perhaps someone else can chime in on that one. You should also be leery of "one stop shops" and too-completed armor- it's very rare for us to have a one stop shop, with vendors usually specializing in hard or soft parts, but not both. Having said that, at first glance I don't see any glaring issues. I'm also not an authority on FOTKs. Just stay far, far away from eBay for armor and anything non-generic (ie, Nomex flight gloves are Nomex flight gloves, but 501st specific stuff is different). I have KB Props' Phasma, and have seen their FOTK kit (they're much the same). As long as you ask for it untrimmed, you should be fine. They had some production issues previously, but last I heard they were getting it under control. I'm happy with my kit, I'd recommend them based on that. There's really no others, unfortunately- FOs are still pretty new and in significantly lesser demand than OTs. You should check out Various Type of Armor and Where to Find Them and Where, What and Whom To Avoid When Buying to help you further in your search- it's kept pretty updated on who's vetted, who's not, and what to watch out for. You're actually a very good size for an FOTK- they just don't work well on most bigger people (I've seen it in person, and I've duct-taped a friend into his to prove it!) The Executioner is primarily the paint job that's different, but check out my spreadsheet on the differences for additional details- I made it for this very purpose: First Order TKs - What's the Difference?
  4. sharkbait

    Boot Option

    Totally agreed- I miss TK Boots, but at least we have IB, because they're quite good. Realistically hard to beat the gold standard set by TK Boots, regardless. Seconding asking your GML- it will ultimately be up to him, though asking here for pre-approval is also advised.
  5. Time for yet another round of "What have I gotten myself into this time?" courtesy of Sharkbait (ooh ha ha!). After numerous people telling me I should do a Phasma, what the character could (and should) have been (don't get me started on TLJ), how awesome Gwendoline Christie is, and that Make-A-Wish troop I don't stop talking about ever where our then-Squad Leader pulled every favor he ever had and then some to get the Make-A-Wish little girl her favorite character, Phasma (at the time there were about 10 Phasmas in the entire Legion), and I got to troop my TK along side, I finally decided I was going to do Phasma. Armor: KB Props (in hand) Helmet: Thorsson (in hand) Neck seal: Trooperbay (either use my TK one or buy a second one) Gaskets: Likley going with Geeky Pink's, need to order Fingers: Jim (Starbuckcylon) (were supposed to come with kit, but they didn't, supposedly 3D printed ones are coming, but I'm not holding my breath) Belt: Likely going with Jessica's, need to order Undersuit: TK undersuit/Easbay compression shirt and pants Boots: In hand, random black boots found on clearance for $12. Inserts: 4.4''. I estimate with my barefoot height (5' 11''), the boot heel (1''), the inserts (4.4'') and the dome on the helmet (1''), I'll stand at about 6' 4''. Cape: Going with Jessica's, need to order Blaster: Heston3DSolutions (in hand, will need to be chromed) Chroming: ??? Current contenders are Spaxtix, Al Clad, semi-professional auto body paint, or sending it off for pseudo-metalization. Sending it off for chroming would be optimal, but the budget will determine which route I go. She's going to be expensive, and I'm okay with that, but I can only justify spending up to a certain point before I have to be realistic. I have connections to auto body painters via family, so sending it to one of their contacts for at minimum clear coating is a possibility. Goal Timeline: Finish by the release of Episode IX - December 20, 2019, so I can troop that premiere (locally). Time to finish from actual start of project: approximately 15 months. Technically I started before this month, but it was so minimal I'm not counting it. (Drilled the eyes out of the helmet, received the big brown box of armor, started at it in huge white piles thinking "Oh god what have I gotten myself into... again?" for several months). Photos coming soon!
  6. We do have to thank them for this, though, because now we know how that suit was constructed for our CRL.
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    Scout's ANH TK (Different armor makers)

    Congratulations and welcome!
  8. I don't have a picture of it, but my favorite is in ANH when the TKs are marching down a hall and half their shins are flapping open and closed in the back. (Pretty sure it's ANH...). Somebody didn't velcro correctly!
  9. I have a wireless mic and everything else is connected inside the armor. Before I had the wireless mic, I had a wired mic mounted in the helmet with hovi mic speakers (ended up being too quiet, otherwise fantastic on all levels). Our guys that have cords generally have one audio cord running up the neck seal to the helmet. I really love just taking my helmet off and being done. And putting it on and being done, too.
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    Boot Option

    You can't go wrong with TK Boots!
  11. sharkbait

    voice amp system

    My issue with the hovi mics was nothing to do with quality or how it worked, as both were fantastic, it just turned out to be far too quiet for the atmospheres I was in. I'm not a particularly loud person anyway, and with the rest of the guys having loud akers and/or just being louder in general, I was only heard about half the time. Plus I think my local area is just a louder group of people, especially when in groups.
  12. sharkbait

    Who made this helmet?

    I want to say it looks RS Props- it's really giving me those vibes. But, honestly, I'm really not sure. https://www.rspropmasters.com/store/stormtrooper/stormtrooper-helmets/stormtrooper-anh-helmet/ - I was comparing it to this one. I see several similarities. Add some weathering to these photos and I think they're pretty similar. RS is cast from original ANH screen-used props.
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    Greetings from Hamburg, Germany

    Welcome to FISD! Glad to see you aboard.
  14. sharkbait

    Is this glue acceptable?

    If you have access/they'll ship to you, Amazon usually has good prices on the real stuff. (At least, I've never got a fake tube from them, before. I am US, though.) I generally buy it there instead of locally (Home Depot) because it's always cheaper, sometimes significantly.
  15. sharkbait

    Boot Option

    I can't see the heel, but based on the sole I can see, they don't appear too far off. I would check with your GML to be certain, though. (And if the heel is a normal minimal boot heel).
  16. sharkbait

    Boot Option

    The U's a bit weird, but it would end up being your GML's call- I suggest reaching out to them and asking directly. They should let you know and explain why/why not.
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    Could *my height* be a distraction???

    As @gmrhodes13 said, as long as you're okay with hearing "Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?" then there's no issue. And to be totally fair, I get that a fair amount too, and I'm 5'11'', probably 6'' with the boots on, maybe a little more with the helmet dome. Some people fully admit they just don't know what else to say. Check out the Various Types of Armor and Where to Find Them if you haven't already, it's not only a great resource for trusted and vetted vendors, but it details which armors are best for which body type. You aren't prohibited from doing a kit that will fit a super tall person, you just might need more trimming, but it can be done. (For example, the AM was the prefect length for me in all places at 5'11'', but it would easily fit someone slightly shorter or taller before shims/additions would be needed. There's a lot of build threads from people of various heights, including trimming for height, so check those out for an idea of what you might need to tackle. If you really want additional height, there are internal lifts available. Don't forget the boots add a little and the helmet dome adds maybe another inch. I'm going to use these internal lifts for my Phasma (because I want to be REALLY tall when I wear her, up there with my tall Vaders). They come in 3 mm, 5 mm, 8 mm and 11 mm. I recommend gluing the wedges to each other and to the main sole because they don't stay together super well. Also, the more you add, the more your foot is pushed upwards, which can mean that boots might not fit anymore. (I'm using lace up boots for Phasma to combat that- since you won't see the laces at all once the spats are on). Honestly, for a TK, I wouldn't bother, though- there's TKs of all heights across the Legion. We're all brothers and sisters in white armor, regardless. Good luck with your research and build! And welcome to WhiteArmor!
  18. sharkbait

    Hello from the North!

    Yes, thank you! I realized over the weekend when talking with another potential FOTK that I was mixing up vendors. Oops!
  19. From "Where, What and Whom to Avoid When Buying": By RogueTrooper Unscrupulous Individuals and Websites to avoid: MIMIC TK Armour UK (see link) Star Fortress A.K.A. Nexus_enterprising A.K.A. Starbays (on etsy) Matt Gauthier (TE) www.stormtroopershop.com A.K.A. Jedi-Robe lowcost-armors.com All the names to avoid may not be listed above. But, when in doubt, seek advice by posting before purchasing or bidding. Remember, the best advice is always deal with vendors that have a good reputation and are on the vetted list. It will save you a lot of headaches and money. ---- Unfortunately, TKArmour is not on the vetted sellers list, and therefore should be avoided. Also, to clarify, is it $700 for TWO kits? Because that's a HUGE red flag right there. The average OT TK kit is in the $600 - $800 range per single kit. The armor is not easy to produce and is also a niche market, which is in turn reflected in the price. I am very suspicious of any vendor selling a kit for under the above range, let alone two for that range. (An exception would be an individual offloading their singular kit and putting it at a priced-to-sell point.) Check out "The various types of armor and where to find them" for further information on vetted vendors, styles, which works best for which body type/height, budget, etc. I have a few that I always recommend- RT-Mod and AM. I have AM and love it- going strong for three years and counting! While they are perfect for taller and/or larger troopers, they can be trimmed to fit any size trooper. I do not recommend Anovos (aNOvos) due to their serious customer service and quality control issues (and I think they're overpriced). I'm also not a huge fan of RS Props, because I find them overpriced and I've seen issues with the chest plates due to the thickness (or thinness) of the plastic. Another option is WTF: Walt's Trooper Factory. He makes a wide variety of kits, including a TK. I've not seen any of his work in person, but many people have it and are happy. If you'd like to talk more specifics, feel free to ask more questions here or drop me a line!
  20. sharkbait

    Boot protection?

    Yeah I thought of that about five minutes after I posted, then got distracted. Ha!
  21. sharkbait

    Boot protection?

    Because I'm ESB, the CRL specified mine to be "lightly weathered," so I didn't try to protect them too much. (Specified at the time I was approved, it's since been updated). I also think, as do many others, that a light weathering and not shockingly white looks best regardless of ANH/ESB/ROTJ. I would recommend basic care and maintenance- wipe off any obvious mud or dirt, get anything out of the treads, that kind of stuff. You don't have to polish them, but give them a wipe down and a chance to dry if they've gotten wet. The boot will last longer that way, but you will still have the look of trooped in but not beat up boots.
  22. sharkbait

    voice amp system

    If you run out of room in your chest plate/don't have room to begin with, then you can also put stuff in the OII part of the back plate. I don't have any extra room in the chest plate (a common issue for women, less so for most men), so I did helmet for everything originally, with speaker hovi tips. The tips were great but just weren't loud enough in the end. I then switched to everything in helmet except the aker, which I slipped into the extra space I had between my waist and hips at the kidney/ab area (another part women might have space at while most men don't). When I re-work it again to re-introduce the iComm, it will end up in the back plate, most likely.
  23. sharkbait

    New Member from Austin,TX

    If you're doing an R2, you know what your up against potential budget wise! You know your way around our territory, so you should be fine.
  24. sharkbait

    New Member from Austin,TX

    Welcome! I have a KB Props Phasma, which is basically a FOTK with extra bits and a few changed out parts. I would recommend them- I like the quality of their kit. I would ask for it untrimmed, because while it means more work for you, I've now seen two trimmed (mine and an another FOTK who's going TLJ Executioner with it), and I think they were in a bit of a hurry and went a little close on some parts. It could save you some headache and fixes down the line. I totally forgot what I paid for her, but it wasn't outrageous and was within reason not a lot over a traditional TK. This hobby is not cheap, armored costumes are more than soft, this is one of the higher end ones, but nowhere near a Vader, Boba, or Boushh. A friend of mine built his Anovos first-wave FOTK and he said it was a righteous pain in the behind. I ended up duct-taping him into it (he's simply too big of a guy for the Anovos kits; but the whole experience makes a great story now) a few times for the TFA premiere, so I agreed with him there. Now, having been working on Phasma... yeah, there's no way around it- the FOTK is just a... snot... of a kit to build. Please don't let this discourage you, though! If you want to do it, then you should do it. There's plenty of help here, build threads, and hopefully your Garrison mates can at least offer support and basic guidance even if they're not FOTK know-it-alls (and I mean that as a compliment). The TLJ Execution builder I mentioned is a first time 501st builder and potential member- he's doing great at it; where as I've build my TK, TIE, Shadow Scout, and several soft costumes and I'm having to work at it. So it is possible you'll just be better at it than me. The FOTK kit is perhaps among the most complex armor kits out there. So, it will take time and patience, but is by no means unattainable, even for a first timer. Definitely check out the build threads, they will give you a great idea of what you're up against and how to tackle it. You'll also feel more comfortable when you dive into your own armor after reviewing others' builds. I have Geeky Pink's gaskets and I love them- highly recommend. Good quality and she's great on customer service. I'm not aware of other boot options than IB, but I've seen them in person and they seem to be fine. They work in waves (open to take order, shut down to fill them, open again for new orders), so do plan ahead there. (Phasma wears different boots so I have a total different approach for myself). Regardless, good luck! Feel free to PM me if you want to talk more in depth about KB. I can send you pictures of my kit, too, if you'd like.
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    voice amp system

    I have a 10 watt aker (I recommend real Akers, I've had terrible luck with knockoffs and now just shell out and buy real ones), an iComm (gone through a few batteries, but otherwise fine) and a wireless mic (random generic brand from Amazon). I also plug in an old iPod shuffle with TK chatter on it in a loop. I wanted the crackle in addition to the chatter in the background, changing my voice wasn't something I happened to be interested in. (I still really get a kick out of it when little girls are enthralled because I'm a girl, too, and the look on little boys' faces when they hear me talk). While expensive, I highly recommend the iComm. And tip: buy the batteries for it in bulk, team up with other TKs with it and buy together to save on shipping. They last for about 6 - 8 months of heavy trooping, longer if you troop less than every weekend. I've never heard of anyone having much luck with TrooperTalk, but I haven't played with it myself, so I really don't know. I see a lot of "love it or hate it." The 10 watt is plenty loud- the 12 watt is just obnoxious. I use the 10 for my Jawa, too, and I can still crank it up if needed. It does add a bit of distortion and therefore voice changing, but it's not a voice changer and it's not dramatic, more electronic-sounding. I highly recommend a wireless mic set up, because you can wear it or mount it in your helmet, and either way, the helmet is free of connections. No trying to get connected with a bucket on, no not being able to take off your bucket without messing with it, just pull it off/put it on and done.