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  1. Welcome! You've come to the right place. I recommend the build threads, not just for your armor maker or your version, as majority of them are the same for a lot of the basic build, and the EIB and Centurion threads for great close up photos of various parts.
  2. Hello and welcome aboard! You've come to the right place to get started!
  3. I can't jump like that OUT of armor!
  4. Welcome aboard and congrats on approval! Good luck on your first troop!
  5. I was going to recommend the same @repentance3232 did. Are you in need of the other soft parts (undersuit, gloves, neckseal) as well? I can recommend various sources for those as well, if needed. Good luck on your build!
  6. Fantastic job! Easy basic pass! I also spy some Centurion elements in there- are you going for it? I have just a few totally nit-picky notes, which undoubtedly they will catch if you go Centurion (because that's just what we do). I would move the dome/black strip down just a smidge on the face. There's a bit more of a gap that we see in the CRL reference photos. It appears your belt box on the left could be pushed over just a smidge as well, to completely line up with the end of the belt, like the right side does. It could also be the angle of the photo. I'd also recommend reinforcing the bracket strapping system- not for accuracy but for longevity. You can do this on the inside so you preserve the bracket look, but add strength and support. I'd do a nylon webbing and Tandy (or equivalent) snaps, as I've seen the brackets just rip through the armor and require repairs quite quickly.
  7. WTF does it, but I'm dealing with it now, and I do not recommend it at all. Or WTF in it's current state. Radu Plucinsky would be the top choice, and Jim Tripton is also a viable option. Both can be found on Facebook. Also, JRS might be able to help you out a bit more for Iden and Hask,, and Del Meeko in Spec Ops. I'd also recommend the JRS Inferno Facebook group- I've found a lot of into and photos there.
  8. Welcome to WhiteArmor! Ask all the questions and dig through the forums- there's a huge wealth of information here, for newbies and veterans alike.
  9. 76. Valley Animal Center Super Adoption, Fresno - 5/4 Holding the black kitten on the right. My goal at this troop was to hold animals. I accomplished it. I started holding the little white one (it had a gray tail), but it blended in too well with my armor so I passed her off to our Officer and took the black one (long haired and beautiful markings around her eyes!) instead. And a group shot because we had such a fine group of TKs out! We had a great group because we're all animal lovers. I adopted my cat (Falcon) from this shelter, too.
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