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  1. I have Rob's belt and I love it- I second the recommendation. And congratulations!
  2. sharkbait

    Painted and modified Rubies E-11 Blaster?

    If you want a non-toy version (for EIB/Centurion or just because), I highly recommend Hyperfirm. They're drop-proof, and I'm klutzy. Resin are nice but are much more fragile. I had a resin kit originally but knew when I was just prepping it it was going to be too fragile for me to ever feel comfortable trooping with it. It really comes down to personal preference. If you're going with a plastic/toy version- Hasbro is the way to go. Re-painting a blaster is actually pretty easy. I like Rustoleum 2x because it sticks to plastic. Black primer layer, then use a sponge (such as a makeup sponge like these: https://www.amazon.com/Cala-Professional-Quality-Non-Latex-Resistant/dp/B00B9RMLAK/) to dab on silver paint for weathering in the appropriate places. If you screw up, spray it with black again and start over. You'll have to touch it up every now and again, but little touch ups can be done with a Sharpie, major with paint via the sponge technique.
  3. I gave up on white elastic connections between the chest/back- it stretched out way too fast and would never sit right, much like what you're experiencing. I switched to white nylon- no problems since! (White elastic is listed as preferred per the CRL, but not required.) That could be an option for you. The shoulder bell to the nylon connection is black elastic, though, and so far so good.
  4. A jar is a fantastic idea... why didn't I think of that before? Definitely will be doing that every time I need ABS paste from now on. I do know if you use a jar with a metal lid, the acetone will eventually eat away at the metal and destroy it, but that's over time- so I wouldn't store it like that, but otherwise I doubt it would be an issue.
  5. Very sharp! Everyone else beat to me it, so just echoing above minor details. Definitely should be an easy Basic pass. With those little fixes, you should be well on your way to Centurion. Getting the sniper plate caught under the thigh is very common- I put a folded up dollar store wash cloth wrapped in duct tape inside my shin- punches it out just that little bit and it doesn't catch anymore.
  6. sharkbait

    Site Slow Loading

    Slow for me too, on home and work computers, and phone WiFi and data. I checked them all, lol.
  7. Time for yet another round of "What have I gotten myself into this time?" courtesy of Sharkbait (ooh ha ha!). After numerous people telling me I should do a Phasma, what the character could (and should) have been (don't get me started on TLJ), how awesome Gwendoline Christie is, and that Make-A-Wish troop I don't stop talking about ever where our then-Squad Leader pulled every favor he ever had and then some to get the Make-A-Wish little girl her favorite character, Phasma (at the time there were about 10 Phasmas in the entire Legion), and I got to troop my TK along side, I finally decided I was going to do Phasma. Armor: KB Props (in hand) Helmet: Thorsson (in hand) Neck seal: Trooperbay (either use my TK one or buy a second one) Gaskets: Likley going with Geeky Pink's, need to order Fingers: Jim (Starbuckcylon) (were supposed to come with kit, but they didn't, supposedly 3D printed ones are coming, but I'm not holding my breath) Belt: Likely going with Jessica's, need to order Undersuit: TK undersuit/Easbay compression shirt and pants Boots: In hand, random black boots found on clearance for $12. Inserts: 4.4''. I estimate with my barefoot height (5' 11''), the boot heel (1''), the inserts (4.4'') and the dome on the helmet (1''), I'll stand at about 6' 4''. Cape: Going with Jessica's, need to order Blaster: Heston3DSolutions (in hand, will need to be chromed) Chroming: ??? Current contenders are Spaxtix, Al Clad, semi-professional auto body paint, or sending it off for pseudo-metalization. Sending it off for chroming would be optimal, but the budget will determine which route I go. She's going to be expensive, and I'm okay with that, but I can only justify spending up to a certain point before I have to be realistic. I have connections to auto body painters via family, so sending it to one of their contacts for at minimum clear coating is a possibility. Goal Timeline: Finish by the release of Episode IX - December 20, 2019, so I can troop that premiere (locally). Time to finish from actual start of project: approximately 15 months. Technically I started before this month, but it was so minimal I'm not counting it. (Drilled the eyes out of the helmet, received the big brown box of armor, started at it in huge white piles thinking "Oh god what have I gotten myself into... again?" for several months). Photos coming soon!
  8. Looking forward to your build! Something different to watch for.
  9. sharkbait

    TK 72715 Checking In

    Welcome to the ranks!
  10. Sounds like you need the industrial strength 100% acetone, like others mentioned. Available at pretty much all hardware stores. Use a non-plastic bowl, such as coated ceramic, because a plastic one will melt along with the ABS. The smaller your ABS pieces, the easier it is. Pour way more acetone than you think you need, let it sit for a minute or so and then stir. Continually agitating will help the bigger chunks melt down. Add more acetone as needed. It will evaporate quickly, so if your paste is too runny, just let it sit and it will thicken up. You may also have to add more acetone as you work, depending on how long you take. I like using popsicle sticks because they're disposable and can spread paste well.
  11. sharkbait

    To chatter or not to chatter

    I personally like chatter, because it helps create an ambiance around you. This is more important when you have only a few people at a troop, or it's not an already "Star Warsy" location. We can sometimes look like overgrown action figures wandering around a local park with no other Star Wars or sci fi anything around. I've noticed kids pick up on the chatter- one pointed out that'd he'd heard that line already (I have it on a loop so it just cycles through several times during long troops). Adults that are really into us seem to like it, and think it's neat. Eventually our Squad is going to get together and record our own- put some Squad-related jokes, some area-specific ones, our TKIDs checking in, our voices, etc. That makes it fun for us. I think a large component of chatter is for us, as troopers. The most popular though is the iComm static bursts- so if you're not a fan of chatter for whatever reason, then I'd highly recommend static bursts (iComm or otherwise). People's jaws drop when you talk, and they really drop to the floor when there's static.
  12. Congratulations! Welcome aboard!
  13. sharkbait

    TK-14056 Reporting for Duty

    Looking sharp, trooper! Welcome to the ranks!
  14. AM and RT-Mod are well suited to larger/taller troopers, just like TM, RS and Anovos are best suited for smaller (thinner/leaner) troopers (especially Anovos in my experience). AM shins can be tricky, but there's a very good tutorial on here as to how to get them right. Your armor maker choice is really based on two things: your body type and budget. I really don't know enough to comment about specifics of other armor makers, but others on here certainly do. I would agree that while they all have their quirks, they're basically all at the same level of difficulty in assembling. Though I will say two piece (dome/back and face, plus ears) helmets are easier than three piece (dome, back, face, plus ears). But again- that's my own experience and preference.