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  1. As a further note, I'd definitely check out Sabyre's NE ESB Build thread. He did fantastic work on shims, and just in building in general.
  2. AM is best suited for larger/bigger troopers, and they do sell parts. I have their full kit and highly recommend them. Also, Gary knows what he's talking about, so he'll guide you well! (We're Garrison-mates and we've also trooped together a few times. Tell him I said hi!)
  3. I'm pretty sure that's Bertha Clausse - IG-7562- she's in my Garrison. We've trooped together a couple of times. I'd recommend reaching out to her- she'd likely be able to offer assistance! She also has a Gunner, Royal Guard, and First Order TIE.
  4. Welcome aboard and good luck with your build (now that's finally here)! Check out the other build threads (any maker will do- there's a lot of crossover), EIB and Centurion approved applications for great close ups and details, and don't be afraid to ask all the questions! That's what we're here for.
  5. While I second asking on the Clone forums, as they would know best, I would be cautious because EVA foam is not an allowed material for 501st approval. So I'm not sure if that would mean that it could be used at all, even if as a base.
  6. Welcome aboard! You've come to the right place to ask questions!
  7. Honestly it depends on who's working customs that day. I've had stuff sit for hours, days, a week once.
  8. Welcome and congratulations on your BBB Day! Good choice on AM- I have it and love it. Check out build threads and the EIB/Centurion (approved) applications- great for step by step and close up shots for how things are supposed to look. And, of course, ask all the questions! That's what we're here for.
  9. Since everyone's already caught every (pretty minor) thing I caught, I will just add that your sniper plate is wanting to tuck under your thigh. This is incredibly common, and I've dealt with it myself. The fix is easy: take a cheap washcloth (like from the Dollar Store), fold it up and wrap it up in duct tape. Duct tape that package into the top front of your shin behind the sniper plate. Done. The washcloth punches out the sniper plate just that little bit needed to keep it from tucking under the thigh. It will also prevent it from catching and potentially popping off due to pressure from the thigh coming down on it when walking. Good luck! Looking good! I expect to see EIB and possibly Centurion shots from you in the future.
  10. As others have stated, your friend is, quite simply, wrong- there is no body type for a TK. (Well, a human one. Dogs and cats aren't currently approvable for membership). I'm also a 6' Jawa, and we have a whole can of them in my area. We wanted to do Jawas, they were fun, so we ran with it (sometimes literally, we steal a lot of stuff). Don't let anything other than your own desire to do a costume hold you back from doing a costume. Different body types will make for different challenges when building, but all builds will have their quirks and challenges. As @Frank75139 said, I'd also highly recommend AM. It's great armor, plus it's much more suited for larger and/or taller troopers. I have it (I'm 5'11'') and I absolutely love it. It will also fit taller people, and shorter, and smaller or larger. The trimming and potential additions of shims are really most of what's needed for height/weight adjustments.
  11. The unit maps are updated periodically, but aren't up to the minute, so it's very likely whoever updates the maps just hasn't been able to update it yet. I would reach out to whomever your local 501st members are, be it an Outpost, Garrison, or Squad- they're all official units and should be able to offer local assistance. Outposts are smaller units, Garrisons are 25+ people, Squads are subsets of Garrisons with 15+ people.
  12. I used Rustoleum 2x in glossy black. I did this before the helmet was fully assembled, and taped off the edges and eyes with green frog tape. I used a bit of Play Doh on the outside of the teeth to keep over spray from there (not needed if teeth aren't already cut out). Use more tape than that, though, I had over spray. But mineral spirits took it right off.
  13. They're selling off the last of their stock, so yes, they exist, but in limited capacity. But if you find your size, snag it! They're great stuff, I wish I had bought a second pair when I had the chance.
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