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  1. sharkbait

    James Whitley level 1 - Anovos

    Looking good! I see you've already addressed the minor tweaks mentioned above. That's all I caught. Should be easy pass for Basic! If you have issues with the sniper plate wanting to go under the thigh (incredibly common), tape up a cheap wash cloth, and tape it into the inside of the shin. It will punch it out just enough to prevent it from tucking under the thigh. Your photos don't indicate it has that tendency, but it's so common I just recommend it to everyone anyway, just in case. More of a comfort and wear-ability thing (like potential trimming of cod and ab like you mentioned) than approval.
  2. sharkbait

    Jawa costume cloth

    PM me- lol. I'm the Jawa Queen in my area- I've built and help build about 10+ including my own now. We've got it almost to a science, and we're on Jawa 5.0 at this point (my original was 1.0). Rough supply list: brown monks cloth (potting soil brown or just brown, I've found no difference in color), black speaker cloth, black canvas or other sturdy black fabric, any black gloves, vending machine capsules, Harbor Freight or like LED flashlights, yellow and orange paint, AAA battery boxes, bando(s) from eBay or Amazon, comfortable shoes/boots, E6000, plastic boning, hockey mask, velcro, and an afternoon or two.
  3. sharkbait

    kmart890 Death Trooper build

    Your cracking is very nice. I like that you didn't go crazy overboard with the exposed bits- I like more left to the imagination, personally. And your weathering is superb!
  4. sharkbait

    Hello from the North!

    Welcome to FISD! You've come to the right place. Check out the build threads for assembly tips, tricks, and known issues to be aware of. The Various Types of Armor and Where to Find Them list will guide you to the right armor for you. I do not personally recommend Anovos (or aNOvos, as we call them locally), because of a variety of issues. I have KB Props and while they had some issues with production a while ago, I've heard they're back on track. If going KB, ask for the kit untrimmed (they don't do the greatest job trimming and you'll save yourself headache later). I want to say KB is in Vegas, and I haven't heard of them not shipping to Alaska, I think they do international, so I'd assume they'd do Alaska. Just drop them a line and ask. Jimmi makes a good kit, but he's in the Philippines, so there might be shipping issues, there might not be- again, I'd just ask him. You can snag some soft parts that are "generic" (ie, not 501st specific) on various places like Amazon, eBay, etc., but only certain parts- never get armor or 501st specific stuff there. I got my undersuits from Eastbay and Amazon, for example (Eastbay always has sales, so only buy while on sale). I also highly recommend getting more than one undersuit/undersuit set- even in Alaska, you're going to get hot in the armor, and with extras you don't have to wash it every time. I also got some of my electronics on Amazon (a wireless mic, cooling fans to assembly myself). You'll want cooling fans for your helmet- the lenses can fog and it's just vastly more comfortable with airflow, hot or cold outside. I recommend a mic set up and some point, because you just end up yelling at yourself inside the bucket. And kids (and adults) get a real kick out of it when you respond to them with an actual voice. iComm for static bursts, and an Aker (get a genuine one- just shell out and do it, I had terrible luck with the cheapies and ending up buying multiples when they crapped out and should have just got the real one first and been done). For my Phasma I have Heston3DSolutions F-11D, with lights. It's 3D printed so it's on the more fragile side, but I'm not aware of any FOTK blasters in hyperfirm/rubberized yet (hint, hint makers! lol). https://www.etsy.com/listing/245791161/f-11d-blaster-11-scale Blasters aren't required for basic approval, but let's face it, if you're a TK, you more likely than not want a blaster. I've now seen Imperial Boots FOTK boots in person, and they were great- I recommend. (I've also seen their OT boots and they're great, too). They do wave ordering- meaning they open, take orders, shut down, ship out said orders, then reopen and repeat. So plan ahead. All the internal bits, like nylon webbing for strapping, elastics, etc., can be found on Amazon and local sewing/craft stores. I recommend always getting heavy-duty rated if available, especially with elastic- otherwise it will stretch out quickly and you'll end up re-doing it. I have Geeky Pink's gaskets for Phasma (same as FOTK) and they're phantastic. She also did my neck seal. (She might also do belts? Not positive, but check out her sales thread on here, it will explain everything). WhiteArmor is a fantastic resource, but nothing beats local assistance! Connect with your local Garrison members and get involved. I'm sure they can use handlers, where you can learn about how the 501st operates, how the garrison operates, meet people, get advise, there's simply no substitute for it. Good luck! And ask ALL the questions! That's what WhiteArmor is for!
  5. sharkbait

    First full dress up ANH Stunt TK

    As a counterpoint, depending on how tight and how deep your shoulder bell snap connections are, you might need/want elastic straps. Just get heavy-duty elastic. My connections are tight and fairly deep in the shoulder bell, so I went heavy-duty elastic, and am almost three full years out with no issues. I assume someday I will replace the connections.
  6. sharkbait

    Greetings from the frozen North...

    Welcome aboard! Yes, you are correct- stay far, far away from eBay for armor. It works for basic electronics and some generic (ie, non-501st specific parts, like a wireless mic is a wireless mic), but it's limited. I've known some guys who modded the Black Series helmets, but they do take some decent to significant modding to become 501st approvable, and I personally have no knowledge of what that entails. Off hand I'd say unless you had one already, it'd be easier to go for one with your armor kit, either assembled or unassembled. Check out the build threads for more on assembly. Also check out the Various Types of Armor and Where To Find Them to help you decide which maker would best suit you physical and monetarily.
  7. sharkbait

    How much is a Tie Pilot?

    I can give you recommendations on various parts- can't go wrong with PhiloProps for dosimeters, for example. (He's also a 501st Member of Italica Garrison). Also if you're not a "standard" size, a custom flight suit is an option. I got mine from Claudio (IOC boards) and love it. Also, don't forget the "gimme" costumes- a TI Reserve is the basis of a TIE Pilot, and take out the dosimeters and it's a ROTJ Crewman (IOC). You get three for the price of just over one. And then your hat and dosimeters can be applied to various Officers. The jack boots cover around 50 different costumes between the Legions (I exaggerate on purpose but they cover a whole lot of different costumes).
  8. sharkbait

    First time builder - WTFs ESB

    You're looking great! I'm always amazed at how it all comes together so fast at the end. Once you get the inner and outer strips on, then it's just strapping, and all of a sudden you have a full torso and it feels real. Keep on chugging away- you're nearly there!
  9. sharkbait


    I think you'd be okay with ATA, I don't know much personally, but I've heard good things. I do know for sure RT Mod and AM are good for taller and bigger troopers, so they are also options. Generally if you're within a few inches either way (more important when taller, rather than shorter, because you can shorten pieces, but lengthening is another story) of the original guys, then you're generally good.
  10. Nice job! Welcome to the ranks!
  11. sharkbait

    Greetings from Spain (Galicia)

    Welcome to the ranks!
  12. sharkbait

    Paint Removal Method

    Pretty sure I got mine at OSH, but since they're officially dead (boo), I'd say Home Depot or Lowes. It'd be in the area with paint/paint thinner/paint stripper, etc. I think, if not, then the glue section.
  13. Welcome and good luck! Phasma is terrifying... I'm doing one myself! I'm also doing a KB, but I have a Thorrson helmet. Best advise: one step at a time. Easier said than done, I fall into this trap all the time- but just keep taking it one step at a time, and before you know it, you've made huge progress! Can't wait to see progress pics!
  14. That's why my first question for every self-proclaimed "biggest Star Wars Fan EVAR" is "Alright, so then which version of the Stormtrooper am I?" Jokingly- I'm not trying to be a jerk, but I like to have fun with the super-nerds. I laugh it off when they get it wrong, and usually there's jokes about having a Silver Nerd Card v. a Platinum one. I've had only one guy get it right thus far. I then promptly told him he needed to join the ranks because clearly he was just as nerdy as we all are. For EIB and Centurion, I don't mind the strict requirements, because they are for us, they are not required in any way, and it's really just a matter of personal choice. Sure, we get bragging rights, but I've never run into anyone who considered themselves above anyone who wasn't EIB/Centurion. I do see your point in that high accuracy is good for the higher ranks, but we also don't want to raise the bar so high that it excludes people for factors they can't control (ie you have to be a certain height, or else nothing will fit right, regardless of what you do). So I agree generally with your point and do thank you for making it, because it is something to consider when updating CRLs.