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  1. sharkbait


    First, as said above, I'd recommend reaching out to your local Garrison/Squad. Then, start a build thread on here. Check out others' build threads (does't have to be your same maker- they're all much the same during basic construction), and check out the approved EIB and Centurion threads for great close ups of parts.
  2. sharkbait

    Double D Re-approval review (FX suit!!)

    The main thing I see is the gaps between the thighs and cod are pretty significant. From the front it looks like the shoulder bells should be pulled forward a bit, because the gap jumps out, but form the side they appear lined up. Could be the way you're standing/holding yourself, too. Bicep could be pulled up a tiny bit, like an inch- not a whole lot to spare there without making the elbow gap too big. Otherwise, looks pretty good to me!
  3. sharkbait

    Missing Snap/Rivets on RS Armor

    A couple of common issues I've seen with RS commissions. I would highly recommend ditching those snaps all together and going for Tandy Line 24s- the ones from hobby and craft stores just don't hold up to our use and abuse. As to the holster, it looks like the rivet just failed. Per the CRL, the holster should be attached via rivets, snaps, or Chicago screws, so you really have options. A larger rivet might work, a snap would but because it's not really meant to come off I'd skip it, so I personally think Chicago screws would be your best bet. Another issue I've seen repeatedly with RS is their strapping system- it's the screen accurate brackets, which is cool if you're dead into total screen accurate, but they just end up ripping through the plastic and breaking. I recommend adding support strapping with nylon webbing and Tandy snaps, and you can leave the screen accurate brackets in place for looks (the support strapping is entirely internal). If that's all that needed to be fixed after your first troop, you're doing pretty good! It's really an ongoing thing- there's always going to be something you want to tweak or mess with or fix. It's part of the fun!
  4. sharkbait

    Got My TK in!

    Welcome and congratulations on your Big Brown Box day! So exciting! Your first step would be go to over to the Build Threads section- you can go by those using your kit, but you can also use most of build threads from other kits, as a lot of the assembly is basically identical. Also check out the appropriate CRL- it will show you pictures of what the parts should ultimately end up looking like, such as return edges, etc. I would recommend leaving the thighs until last- they're kinda tricky and do best when done to be proportionate with the rest of the armor. Shins can also be tricky, depending on what kit you have. General rule, if the plastic is wonky and thin on the edges, it's probably part of the overreach from the mold and will likely be trimmed. But, always confirm via photos in the CRL or other build threads, or on screen, before you do so. So much easier to trim more than it is to add it back on!
  5. A note on FOTKs from KB Props- they seem to be back in the swing, had some kits and sent them out as promised. A local prospect got his in about a week from payment (shocking, I know, I didn't believe it until I saw it). We've now seen two KB FO kits in person (a TK and a Phasma), and we came to the conclusion that it's far better to ask them for an untrimmed kit. They default to trimmed, but their cut lines are bit sloppy and too close in areas; it could save a lot of headache later if you just get untrimmed and deal with the extra work yourself. Otherwise, I still think it's a solid kit, and hopefully they'll continue on a good path after their issues.
  6. sharkbait

    Starting a build at long last in Portland, OR

    Welcome and can't wait to see another ESB!
  7. sharkbait


    Welcome and good luck on your build!
  8. sharkbait

    Star Wars Resistance

    I actually like anime, and the style doesn't bother me. I would say I like the more "mainstream" animes, though (Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist, Escaflowne, Helsing, Outlaw Star, Witch Hunter Robin). Maybe because I've never seen those characters in anything but anime style, but here we have live action, semi-realistic computer generated animation, etc. I also didn't much like the style of the Clone Wars movie that much, but I still like it better than this. I guess if it's not the animation I used to watch on Saturday mornings when I was a kid then it's this newfangled stuff and y'all can get off my lawn.
  9. sharkbait

    Any info on this?

    I think FX, too. Helmet is wonky, chest plate has that "space boobs" look, the ab buttons look a lot like those I've seen on our OG guys still rocking the FX armor.
  10. Easy Basic pass! Very nice job. I guess there are shims- I honestly can't see them in the photos, so great job there! The only thing I notice right off the bat for EIB/Centurion would be the overlap of the back/kidney, which should be an easy fix. Helmet looks clean, shoulders bells fit right, gaps look pretty good. Probably something I've missed, but definitely on that road. Putting a foam piece or a folded up wash cloth behind the shin will keep the sniper plate from tucking under the thigh when you move. Very, very common issue- just about every TK I've ever talked to or seen photos of has that issue (myself included).
  11. sharkbait

    Star Wars Resistance

    I can't get past the animation style. It just looks... terrible, honestly. And those weird proportions bother me. Cartoon proportions, fine, but Clone Wars did a great job and it was animated. Also, the story line from what I've heard is more geared toward kids (nothing wrong with that, but I am in fact 32 and not 10 anymore).
  12. sharkbait

    Officialy Hello from VA

    Welcome to the white armor ranks! I have AM 2, and I love it. Check out the build threads- it doesn't need to be AM, because a lot of it is the same across the board (little details come later), and also doesn't have to be ANH-S, because for e base, they also all assemble much the same. Also check out the EIB and Centurion request threads- great close ups, different shots, and quality building. If you shoot for that, you'll have no issues for basic, and if you're so inclined, EIB and Centurion yourself.
  13. sharkbait

    TK-16818 Reporting for Duty!

    Congratulations and welcome! "If Only You Knew"- so accurate!
  14. sharkbait

    Phasma 3d print stl.

    I didn't even know there was a file for the helmet. Neat! How is it going to be to sand it smooth for chroming, though? Most 3D prints I've seen have pretty significant ribbing.
  15. sharkbait

    TK armor for freaks?

    RT Mod or AM. They're both good for 6' and above, and larger body types. AM especially- they have two sizes, their regular and their large. You might very well end up with shims in areas regardless, but at least those will get you as close as possible. Just don't do RS Props (armor is well made, but made for 6' max, really more like 5' 10'' and pretty thin/slim) or Anovos (I just don't recommend Anovos period, but especially not for larger troopers).